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MAGGI : 'Taste Bhi Health Bhi'

02.10.2010 16:08:11 Nksagar Sagar Media -New Delhi Gurgaon 2 Oct 2010 : MAGGI Strengthens Leadership Launches More Products to celebrate 'Taste Bhi Health Bhi' Maggi is Nestle considered the most relevant, trusted and valuable food brand in India

( - Gurgaon 2 October 2010 : MAGGI is today considered the most relevant, trusted and valuable food brand in India. Over the years, it has developed a very strong portfolio of products because it has evolved in synch with generations of consumers, understanding their changing lifestyles, evolving needs and preferences, and focused on strong and continuing Innovation and Renovation.

Commenting on this very strong competitive advantage, Shivani Hegde, General Manager [Foods] says " MAGGI is like our Mothers! Constantly understanding our lifestyles as we grow, anticipating our needs, preparing for them and nurturing them, sensing the change in our personalities and speaking our language. Our mothers adapt to our changing needs but remain steadfast on the family values. In the same way MAGGI has immersed itself in the lives of the entire family to see how it can provide what they want and in the way that they want it. It is a provider of Taste, Health and Happiness. And just like our mothers, the love can only grow."

MAGGI has recently launched an innovative range of 'Me & Meri MAGGI' tastes in Noodles. These tastes are inspired by consumers' deep emotional connect with MAGGI. These are innovations that have their core in the 'Me & Meri MAGGI' campaign started last year that celebrated the emotional relationship MAGGI has with consumers. The insight for the new range emerged from the overwhelming response to the campaign, that brought out some very distinct moods, experiences and emotions that consumers' associate with MAGGI. Our culinary experts worked extensively on concepts that could capture these experiences in the taste of the Noodles themselves, and have developed a unique range. Two innovative tastes from this series - 'Me & Meri THRILLIN CURRY' and 'Me & Meri TRICKY TOMATO' - are in the market. Me & Meri THRILLIN CURRY, for instance, has a thrilling spicy taste that captures the mood of innumerable thrilling experiences received from consumers. More will be rolled out soon!

Continuing to add to its range of tasty and wholesome Noodles, MAGGI had been working rigourously to develop a product that is a unique combination of a delicious taste and the multi-benefits of traditional ingredients such as Ragi, Corn, Jowar and Wheat, along with real vegetables. Millets like Ragi and Jowar are rich in minerals and fibre and are known to be healthy. Based on very positive feedback from consumers at every stage, it has recently rolled out ' MAGGI Vegetable Multigrainz ' Noodles that use a combination of these traditional ingredients and are a source of fibre, calcium and protein. MAGGI Vegetable Multigrainz Noodles is another wholesome choice for the entire family.

MAGGI Multigrainz Noodles is being launched with new advertising that is engaging and extremely innovative. The Television Commercial brings alive the strong emotional bonds within the family, and talks about how the multi-benefits of MAGGI Multigrainz Noodles are like the multi-qualities in every mother ! This will soon be followed up with an unique engagement campaign - an invitation to consumers to tell us about the multi-qualities of their mother :

" Just like MAGGI Multigrainz Noodles- Tell us about your Mother's Multi-Qualities
And stand a chance to win !!"

The MAGGI philosophy is that everyday meals should be a celebration of taste, nutrition and happiness, and has always reinforced this message with its pioneering innovations and path breaking advertising.

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Wales ‘delighted’ with CWG facilities

Wales ‘delighted’ with CWG facilities
Nksagar-Sagar Media - New Delhi, 2 October 2010: Wales Chef de Mission Chris Jenkins is very impressed with the ‘fantastic timing’ of getting the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi Village ready to welcome the international athletes.“I am really quite impressed with the transition,” Jenkins said. “I had come here two weeks ago and thing were really quite chaotic. But the athletes who came here three days ago are absolutely delighted with the residential wings and also the training facilities. The food is also quite good.”

( - Wales Chef de Mission Chris Jenkins added “The venues are outstanding and we are really looking forward to competing there,” he added.The team is hoping to double their gold count at Delhi 2010. According to team manager Brian Davies, Wales would look to at least double their haul of three gold medals won at the previous Games at Melbourne.

Wales has come in with about 150 athletes who will participate in archery, badminton, lawn bowls, wrestling, women’s hockey, shooting and table tennis.

Wales first took part in the Commonwealth Games (then the British Empire Games) in the inaugural 1930 edition and has since taken part in all of them. Their best showing came in the Auckland Games in 1990 where they finished with a haul of 25 medals including 10 gold. In Melbourne, Wales bagged 19 medals but only three of them gold.

One of those hoping to add to this tally is David Phelps, Melbourne CWG gold medallist. According to him, representing Wales in the Commonwealth Games was always preferable to representing Britain since the Commonwealth Games is the only competition where Wales represents itself as a country. Team Wales therefore never contemplated a pull out or even a readjusting of travel plans.

Asked about the top medal prospects, Davies, Wales, apart from defending champions Michaela Breeze (women’s weightlifting), long distance swimming great David Davies who will compete in 400m and 1500m freestyle and Phelps, also picked rising 21-year-old discus star Bratt Morse and athlete Christian Malcolm (men’s 200m) as probable contenders.

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