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Paris International Agriculture Show

Press Conference-The fresh take on Agri-Food Industry trends
Saadia Farrukh
To Saadia FarrukhMe
May 21 at 12:28 PM

I am writing on behalf of my client Promosalons India.

Despite the high economy growth witnessed during the last decade, India continues to remain agriculture dominated country. On the one hand, small farmers are taking bigger risks and experimenting with diverse cash crops, and on the other, large corporate houses are taking to horticulture as a profitable business opportunity by bringing in investments and latest technologies. 

With a huge agriculture sector, abundant livestock, and cost competitiveness, India is fast emerging as a sourcing hub for processed food. The Indian food processing industry accounts for 32 per cent of the country’s total food market.

The food industry in India has been attracting a lot of attention from foreign investors as the country is close to the markets of Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI) is making all efforts to encourage investments in the sector, incentives for cold chain development and also grant-in-aid for setting up laboratories that are equipped for testing food products.

The agricultural sector will witness the mega trade show ever-SIMA, which will be held in Paris from 20th to 26th February. With 1,700 companies participating and representation from 145 countries, SIMA is the trade show for the whole world of agriculture, providing the perfect platform to do business and gain an international experience.

The next SIAL edition, which will take place in Paris from 19 to 23 October, is sure to be an exceptional year.

Please be a part of for the premier panel discussion on issues in the Agri-Food sectors with representatives from:

Salon International de l’Agriculture - Paris International Agriculture Show
SIMA - Paris International Agribusiness Show
SIAL - The Global Food Market Place
Emballage – Packaging Exhibition-Paris

Please find attached the invite for your kind perusal.


Bechanlal Shah still in jail Brikesh Singh, Greenpeace India

Bechanlal Shah still in jail
Brikesh Singh, Greenpeace India
To Me
May 22 at 7:14 PM
Hi Naresh,

Bechanlal Shah has 7 children. He runs a little corner shop in Mahan. And all he is guilty of is trying to save Asia’s oldest sal forest in Mahan from Essar’s upcoming coal mine.
Bechanlal has been in jail for over two weeks now. The cops are using cheap tactics to delay his bail hearing for charges that are not even true. Three other activists who were arrested with him have been released on bail [1].
As he awaits his hearing, the people of Mahan are protesting against Bechanlal’s imprisonment. The Superintendent of Police (SP), Singrauli dist. has the power to withdraw these charges against Bechanlalji. Let’s ask him to do so immediately.
Ask SP D. Kalyan Chakravarty to drop the charges against Bechanlalji and close this case.

The SP needs to see the support behind Bechanlal and the forests he stands for. On May 18, over a 100 cities around the world rose to show their support for the movement in Mahan and it was unforgettable [2]Junglistan, a pan-India movement of over a million people who want to save forests, also supports this struggle.
These arrests are a tactic to stub the growing movement in Mahan. In the past, Essar, the lead partner in this company, has made severalattempts to gag support for Mahan’s forests in the past [3]. But it hasn’t worked.
Right now there are hundreds of people from the villages participating in a peaceful Van Satyagraha. They are protesting peacefully just like Bechanlal, to protect the forests, their livelihoods and their rights.
Peaceful protest is not a crime. Ask the SP to drop charges against Bechanlal now!

Thanks a billion!
Picture of Brikesh Singh
Junglistan HQ


Environmental Expert

UK Resource Efficiency & Waste Management Market Report Highlights Opportunities in Growing Waste Sector (May 22, 2014)
Environmental Expert
To Naresh Kumar Sagar
May 22 at 8:13 PM
Waste & Recycling
May 22, 2014
 This Week´s Featured News Stories
UK Resource Efficiency & Waste Management Market Report Highlights Opportunities in Growing Waste Sector
The report recaps findings of the UK Trade and Investment that waste management sector was expected to grow 3.1% in 2013-14 with recovery and recycling seeing a 4% increase. Sectors such as electric and electronic waste recycling are reported to see more growth than average. Financial incentives such … » read more
California Approves Expansion of Toxic Waste Site
Residents of a small California farming community who have worried for years about the health effects of a hazardous waste landfill learned Wednesday that the state has cleared the way for it to expand. Rather than scaling back the Kettleman Hills landfill, as residents had demanded, state officials … » read more
ECO Green Equipment
ECO Green Equipment is an emerging leader in the design and construction of cost effective turnkey tire recycling systems. Our focus is to provide custom designed tire recycling systems that deliver optimum production for a variety of applications such as TDF (Tire Derived Fuel), wire-free rubber mulch, crumb rubber, and rubber powder. We have manufactured and installed recycling systems in countries all over the world, including the USA, Europe, Mexico, South America, South Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. ECO systems are specifically designed to fit the diverse needs of our global customers.Our headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 
ECO Green Equipment Completes New ECO Krumbuster® System
ECO Green Equipment announced the recent completion and shipment of a new integrated ECO Krumbuster® rubber powder system for a customer in Croatia. The … » read more
UNTHA Launches New Waste Shredder App
Hot on the heels of the launch of the new UNTHA XR shredder, we are delighted to also reveal our new waste shredding app. You may have … » read more
Anaerobic Digestion Success for a UK Food Waste Plant
KIRK ENVIRONMENTAL, part of KIRK GROUP, was awarded a contract back in 2008 for one of the first commercial biogas plants in the UK which was the start … » read more
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U.S. restaurant industry has more than ten million workers,


Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank
To Me
May 22 at 6:07 PM
 Dear Naresh,
Greetings from Washington, DC!
The U.S. restaurant industry has more than ten million workers, sales revenues of US$683.4 billion annually, and a growth rate of 3.6 percent per year. But despite its monumental size and profitability,the restaurant industry still contains six of the ten lowest paying jobs in the United States.
And the industry’s impressive growth goes unseen by people at the ground level of the industry – the millions of Americans who work to prepare and serve food. Low wages, an absence of basic benefits, discriminatory treatment, and few career advancement opportunities make working in this sector a dead-end for most workers.
“It feels like this industry is one of the last places in the workforce where discrimination continues so blatantly,” says Andrea Lemoins, a fine-dining restaurant worker and co-coordinator at Restaurant Opportunities Center United-Philadelphia.
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Spurred by stories of mistreatment and discrimination, theRestaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United) is determined to fight for the rights of restaurant workers. This non-profit organization has rallied 13,000 restaurant workers, 100 influential employers, and thousands of consumers across the United States to focus on raising restaurant industry standards.
In five short years, ROC United has led 13 workplace campaigns against high-profile restaurants, including The Capital Grille, Red Lobster and Olive Garden, which were charged with exploitative work practices. These campaigns have resulted in over US$7 million for restaurant workers as well as improved workplace policies. Most recently, ROC United marched to the Capitol as part of their Week of Action campaign.
ROC is also combatting the National Restaurant Association in an effort to increase minimum wages for tipped employees. The fight, as part of their #LivingOffTips campaign, is an important one; in 1991, the minimum wage for tipped employees was US$2.13. More than two decades later, this amount has not increased, even when indexed against inflation. 
Granetta Gorden, of ROC-Chicago has been working in the restaurant industry for five decades. After suffering an accident at her recent place of employment, Granetta asked for time off, but was subsequently fired. Based on her own experience, she joined ROC United to help restaurant workers who feel helpless and alienated by their employers.
ROC United finds that up to 90 per cent of all restaurants workers don’t have a single paid sick day, and countless stories like Granetta’s keep ROC motivated to secure paid sick days for restaurant employees. Lemoins believes forcing unwell workers to work is not just a form of injustice, but a public health issue: “Restaurants are vectors for whatever virus is going around in a given season…everyone in this business has a story of going to work sick.”
ROC United has a three-pronged strategic model. They aim to ‘surround the industry’ through simultaneous actions of:
1. Organization of workplace justice campaigns: these campaigns seek to illuminate the consequences for employers who violate workers legal rights and those restaurants that ROC United believes “take the ‘low-road’ to profitability.”
2. ROC United activity promotes the ‘high road’ to profitability. ROC United partners with employers to engage in cooperative restaurant development, and assists low-income workers transition into higher wage jobs through a workforce development program.
3. The final prong is ROC United’s work in participatory research and policy with the aim of lifting standards industry-wide.
Earlier this year, ROC United released its Diners’ Guide to Ethical Eating. The guide outlines the Top 100 revenue-grossing restaurants in the U.S. and their performance in regards to wages, benefits, and workplace practices. Rather than a tool to boycott certain restaurants, the guide highlights “high road” restaurants that “prove another world is possible and profitable.” If a restaurant does not fare well in the scoring, ROC United urges consumers to have a conversation with restaurant management, leave behind a note, or send a constructive tweet or Facebook comment.
COLORS is another of ROC-United’s initiatives. Located in New York and Detroit, COLORS restaurants are worker-owned cooperative restaurants. “Just. Good. Food.” is the claim of the COLORS, who commit to sourcing local ingredients and exemplary employee practices as well as training and work experience for those seeking a career in the business.
ROC United provides a platform for workers to voice their concerns and get the resources they need to do their jobs better and have the ability to move up in their careers. 

All the Best,

Danielle Nierenberg
President, Food Tank
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Africa Rail


Dear Bianca,
So you would like to attend the VIP Africa Rail conference but do you qualify to attend as a VIP?
So what is it about?
This conference is the brainchild of African railway professionals with the theme to bring together key stakeholders of the sector to discuss the future of the African railway sector. The conference is formatted to keep debate lively, topical and interesting. The agenda includes keynote addresses, case studies and focused high-level expertly moderated discussions. These will be interspersed with focused networking sessions. Africa Rail is a unique experience that provides a platform to challenge conventional thinking and exploring new ideas. 
What does a VIP pass entail?
  • FREE ALL ACCESS to the Africa Rail, Signalling and Train control , Ports and Harbours, Transport and Security and the Cargo show 2 day VIP Conference 
  • FREE ALL ACCESS to the Africa Rail, Signalling and Train control , Ports and Harbours, Transport and Security and the Cargo show 2 day Exhibition 
  • FREE ALL ACCESS to the Africa Rail, Signalling and Train control , Ports and Harbours,  Transport and Security and the Cargo show On-floor conferences  
As a VIP guest you will be afforded the following privileges and benefits;
  • 5 complimentary all access conference tickets for SENIOR level executives
  • An exclusive invitation to attend the Africa Transport Awards on the evening of the 1st of July
  • A dedicated Networking Manager to co-ordinate onsite meetings on your behalf with delegates, sponsors and speakers
  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments
Please note flights and accommodation is unfortunately not part of this offer
To find out more information email Tanja Du Plessis>
The Africa Rail VIP conference has something for everyone:
Global transport trends driving reliability for the end-user Examining the case for low cost freight models to boost business How vertical travel could transform your commute How to make capital investment work- case study on the biggest capital programme investment in history A nexus for enforcing regulations & safety standards, engineering improvements & education Challenges in signal connectivity in rural areas Creating an integrated African railway network
Come meet the decision makers you want to meet:
Bonang Mohale, Chairman, Shell, South Africa, Lucas Mazarrasa & Christopher Christophi, winners of the e-Volo Skyscraper Award, United Kingdom David Waboso, Director of Capital Programmes, London Underground, United Kingdom Michael Teke, President, Chamber of Mines, South Africa Adeseyi Sijuade, Managing Director, Nigerian Railways Corporation, Nigeria Prof. Muyenga Atanga, Chief Executive Officer, Zambia Railways Limited, Zambia Dominic Ntwaagae, Chief Executive Officer, Botswana Railways, Botswana Sara Naanda, Chief Executive Officer, TransNamib Holdings Ltd, Namibia Mosenngwa Mofi, CEO: PRASA Rail, PRASA, South Africa
To view the agenda and see more, head to our website: Africa Rail
We wouldn’t want you to miss out, so, if you are a senior level executive within your organisation, contact me before the 30th of May so I can send you a few complimentary VIP passes.
You’d be silly not to take up this offer, see you there!
Tanja du Plessis
Conference Manager- Africa Rail
+27 011 516 4019


RBI relaxes gold import norms


Reserve Bank of India (RBI), in A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No.133 dated 21st May,2014 permitted the  Star Trading Houses / Premier Trading Houses (STH/PTH) which are registered as nominated agencies by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to import gold under 20:80 scheme subject to the following conditions:
  1. The STH/PTH should have imported gold prior to the introduction of 20:80 scheme. STH / PTH should get the required verification done by the Department of Customs at any port where they have imported gold consignment in the past.
  2. The first lot of gold under this scheme would be based on the highest monthly import during any of the last 24 months prior to the RBI’s notification dated August 14, 2013, subject to a maximum of 2000 Kgs.
  3. As in the case of other nominated agencies, the eligible quantity may be imported by STH / PTHs from any port, subject to their eligibility limit / maximum quantity allowed to them.
  4.  For proper compliance, before import, they must submit the import plan, port-wise and quantity-wise, to the concerned Customs office, where the verification of the figures of past performance was done. This information will be sent to all the other ports from which imports are permitted. The overall discipline of exporting 20% of each imported consignment before the next consignment is imported will be equally applicable to such STH/PTH importers.
Further, it has been decided to permit the nominated banks, to give Gold Metal Loans (GML) to domestic jewellery manufacturers out of the eligible domestic import quota of 80% to the extent of GML outstanding in their books as on March 31, 2013.
Warm regards,

Dr. S P Sharma
Chief Economist


A Letter to the Prime Minister requesting him to provide clean and exemplary governance


National Election Watch (NEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have written a letter to the Prime Minister designate, Shri Narendra Modi, bringing to his notice the disturbing fact that the newly formed 16th Lok Sabha has a sizeable number of MPs (112 i.e. 21%) facing serious criminal charges and requesting him to include only clean representatives in his Cabinet.

The steady increase in the number of MPs facing criminal charges over the years is a matter of grave concern to the country. While in Lok Sabha 2004,​ the number of MPs facing criminal charges was 24 per cent, in Lok Sabha 2009 it had increased to 30 per cent, and in the newly elected Lok Sabha 2014, the number has reached the mark of 34 per cent, which is 186 MPs.

In BJP alone, 98 (35%) out of 281 MPs analysed by NEW & ADR have self-declared criminal cases, while​ 63 (22%) have self-declared serious criminal cases like murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, dacoity etc (Click here for Detailed Report)​.

Given Shri Modi’s commitment to critically examine MPs with self-declared criminal cases and fast tracking cases against them, which he reiterated during the recent Lok Sabha campaign saying, “the next Parliament would be cleaned by punishing the guilty,”(Reference Links Below) civil society organizations are expecting that the 14th Prime Minister will provide clean and exemplary governance.  

In the letter sent to the PM-designate (dated 20-05-15), NEW and ADR have made the following requests​​:
  1. That MPs with serious criminal cases should not be made Ministers or given chairs of responsibilities in the Parliament such as in Standing Committees, Financial committees etc.
  2. That any MP should not be assigned a portfolio in the Cabinet that poses a conflict of interest with his/her business interests.​
​Please find the following documents attached with this mail;
  1. Letter sent to the PM designate.
  2. List of newly elected MPs who have declared criminal cases against them.​
  3. Details of criminal cases declared by newly elected MPs 
Reference Links:

Link for the TOI report where Shri Modi’s statement on decriminalization of politics is quoted
Video link for the interview where Shri Modi vowed to fast track the cases against newly elected MPs and MLAs
Video link for Shri Modi’s election rally where he expressed his view on criminalization of politics.
Media and Journalist Helpline

+91 80103 94248
Mr Anil Verma
National Election Watch,
Association for Democratic Reforms
011 4165 4200,
+91 88264 79910,
Prof Jagdeep Chhokar
IIM Ahmedabad (Retd.)
Founder Member,
National Election Watch, Association for Democratic
+91 99996 20944

Prof Trilochan Sastry
IIM Bangalore
Founder Member,
National Election Watch,
Association for Democratic Reforms
+91 94483 53285

Association for Democratic Reforms
“Kiwanis Centre”, 4th Floor,
B-35, Qutub Institutional Area
(Near Rockland Hospital)
New Delhi-110 016

M: +91 8010394248 
T: +91 11 41654200/01/02/03
F: 011 4609 4248


Alcatel-Lucent to sell cyber-security services

AT&T, Verizon, NTT, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Vodafone, Comcast, America Movil and SoftBank top telecoms
From: Telecomlead  Fri, 23 May ’14 1:10p


Two events not to be missed.

Two events not to be missed.
Jean-Philippe Bottin
To Jean-Philippe BottinMe
 Today at 5:02 PM
Dear friends,
First of all, don’t forget the Lalit Verma pictures exhibition opening this evening.
Moreover, we are proposing our 31st Writing Etc on Wednesday, May 28 at 6.30pm in AFD Delhi campus, with French writer, journalist and award winner Florence Noiville in conversation with photographer Naveen Kishore. 
We are also opening a fantastic exhibition called Métiers du Monde (Professions of the world)  consisting in the best pictures of the worldwide competition organized by Alliance Française Foundation in Paris. The opening will take place in our gallery of our Gurgaon chapter.
All details are attached.
I see you all very soon.
Warmest regards,
Jean-Philippe Bottin
Directeur, Alliance Française Delhi
Délégué Général Inde Népal, Fondation Alliance Française
72 Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110 003, India
Indian mob: (91) 9560004641 (also reachable on Whatsapp and Viber)
French mob: (33) 618593520 (also reachable on Whatsapp and Viber)
Skype: jeanphilippebottin
Twitter: @JPBottin


Bollywood Bad Boy Nikitin Dheer replaces Tanushree Dutta

Bollywood Bad Boy Nikitin Dheer replaces Tanushree Dutta  
as the host of ‘Best of Fear Files’

With a height of 6’4”, a powerful physique and an intimidating aura, Nikitin Dheer created quite a wave as Thangaballi amongst other villainous avatars on the big screen … The hulk is all set to make his small screen debut as a host with Zee TV’s ‘Best of Fear Files’ from 31st MayHaving won critical appreciation and box office success as an antagonist, Nikitin is excited to explore the world of television as a narrator of the show which revisits the eerie, mysterious world of the supernatural and unexplained!
Interestingly, the show is directed by his father – the renowned actor-producerPankaj Dheer which makes a perfect opportunity for the father-son duo to work together on small screen for the first time. With an intense brooding on screen persona, Nikitin was chosen as an  apt choice as the narrator of the show, which keeps the entire nation on the edge of their seats with its spine-chilling episodes. The show’s previous anchor was Tanushree Dutta, whose contract was up for renewal but the makers believed in the need for a male anchor with an imposing, mysterious aura.
Nikitin will take the audience through some of the most compelling true life accounts of spooky events depicted in the show. As the narrator of Fear Files, Nikitin will be sharing exciting tidbits about the supernatural elements. These best episodes will unveil dark, intriguing truths from a world that we know little about… chapters from the lives of those who have experienced the other side!
Said an excited Nikitin, “The reason I accepted to host Fear Files was that it is completely different from my previous work in Bollywood so far. Till now I have mostly done characters with a negative streak so I felt it was a good opportunity to connect with my audience through a different genre. I was instantly drawn towards the show owing to its gritty content as this show does not sensationalize the scary element and that’s what differentiates Fear Files. Most importantly I am really excited to be directed by my father as it is the first time we are working together. Hope the viewers will enjoy the thrills and chills both on Fear Files and appreciate my role as the new narrator of the show”
‘Fear Files’focuses on the realm of the supernatural, events that are experienced by those who have lived to tell their story. It is a journey of ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences.
Watch the best spine-chilling episodes of Fear Files with Nikitin Dheer on every Saturday & Sunday at 10:30pm only on ZEE TV.


Gurpurab – Parkash Diwas of 3rd Guru Sri Guru Amardas Ji

Gurpurab – Parkash Diwas of 3rd Guru Sri Guru Amardas Ji
Sikhs Helping Sikhs
To Me
Today at 4:56 PM

Parkash Diwas of 3rd Guru
Sri Guru Amardas Ji

Sri Guru Amardas Ji, were born at village Basarke Gillan in Sri Amritsar district on Vaisakh Sudi 14th, (8th Jeth), Samvat 1536 (5th May 1479). Their father Tej Bhan Bhalla ji and mother Bakht Kaur ji (also referred as Sulakhani ji and Lakhmi Devi ji) were orthodox Hindus and used to pay annual visits to the Ganges river at Haridwar. Sri Guru Amardas Ji were married to Mata Mansa Devi ji and had four children: two daughters; Bibi Dani ji and Bibi Bhani ji (she was married to Sri Guru Ramdass Ji), and two sons; Baba Mohan ji and Baba Mohri ji. 

Once Sri Guru Amardas Ji heard some shabads & Japji Sahib path of Sri Guru Nanak Dev JI from Bibi Amro Ji, the daughter of Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji. They became so impressed and immediately went to see Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji at Khadur Sahib. Under the impact of the teachings of Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji, Sri Guru Amardas Ji adopted them as their spiritual guide (Guru). They then started living at Khadur Sahib. They used to rise early in the morning, bring water from the Beas River for Guru’s bath and fetch wood from the forest for ‘Guru Ka Langar’. 
Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji appointed Sri Guru Amardas Ji as third Guruji in March 1552 at the age of 73. This was a result of their sewa and devotion to Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji and their teachings. They established their headquarters at newly built town Goindwal Sahib. There they propagated the Sikh faith in a very planned manner.
They strengthened the tradition of ‘Guru Ka Langar’ and made it compulsory for the visitor to the Guruji saying that ‘Pehle Pangat Phir Sangat’. Once the emperor Akbar came to see Guruji and he had to eat the coarse rice in the Langar before he could have an interview with Guruji. He was so impressed with this system and expressed his desire to grant some royal property for ‘Guru Ka Langar’, but Guruji declined it with respect. Sri Guru Amardas Ji persuaded Akbar to waive off toll-tax (pilgrim’s tax) for non-Muslims while crossing Yamuna and Ganga, Akbar did so.
They supported remarriage for widows and denounced the practice of sati, a Hindu custom compelling a widow to be burnt alive on her husband’s funeral pyre.
Sri Guru Amardas Ji constructed a Baoli at Goindwal Sahib having eighty-four steps and made it a Sikh pilgrimage centre for the first time in the history of Sikhism. They reproduced more copies of shabads of Sri Guru Nanak Dev JI and Sri Guru Angad Dev JI. 
At age 95, Sri Guru Amardas Ji departed for heaven and appointed their son-in-law Sri Guru Ramdas Ji as the 4th Guru.
ਘਨਹਰ ਬੂੰਦ ਬਸੁਅ ਰੋਮਾਵਲਿ ਕੁਸਮ ਬਸੰਤ ਗਨੰਤ ਨ ਆਵੈ ॥
ghanhar boond basu-a romaaval kusam basant ganant na aavai.
The raindrops of the clouds, the plants of the earth, and the flowers of the spring cannot be counted.
ਰਵਿ ਸਸਿ ਕਿਰਣਿ ਉਦਰੁ ਸਾਗਰ ਕੋ ਗੰਗ ਤਰੰਗ ਅੰਤੁ ਕੋ ਪਾਵੈ ॥
rav sas kiran udar saagar ko gang tarang ant ko paavai.
Who can know the limits of the rays of the sun and the moon, the waves of the ocean and the Ganges?
ਰੁਦ੍ਰ ਧਿਆਨ ਗਿਆਨ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਕੇ ਕਬਿ ਜਨ ਭਲ੍ਯ੍ਯ ਉਨਹ ਜ  ਗਾਵੈ ॥ 
rudr Dhi-aan gi-aan satgur kay kab jan bhal-y unah jo gaavai.
With Shiva’s meditation and the spiritual wisdom of the True Guru, says BHALL the poet, these may be counted.
ਭਲੇ ਅਮਰਦਾਸ ਗੁਣ ਤੇਰੇ ਤੇਰੀ ਉਪਮਾ ਤੋਹਿ ਬਨਿ ਆਵੈ  ॥
bhalay amardaas gun tayray tayree upmaa tohi ban aavai. ||1||22||
O Guru Amar Daas, Your Glorious Virtues are so sublime; Your Praises belong only to You. 

Aap sabh nu Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj de Parkash Gurpurb Di Lakh-Lakh vaadhaai hove ji.

Please watch video below,


HP to slash 50,000 jobs after Q2 FY 2014 revenue declines

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CMAI & ET Telecom .com

ETTelecom – RCom likely to sell 50% in undersea cable business to Citic Telecom II Vodafone India may overtake UK by revenues in next few years
To Me
Today at 12:00 PM

Friday, May 23, 2014 
Top Stories
RCom likely to sell 50% in undersea cable business to Citic Telecom
Vodafone India may overtake UK by revenues in next few years
Loop Mobile CEO quits as axe hangs on employees
Inside Reliance Jios plans for telecom, information, entertainment
Broadcom, Qualcomm, MediaTek see India 4G boom pushing chipsets
Handset makers hope new govt rationalises local tax structures
COAI writes to DoT for initiating dialogue with Defence Min
Infosys wins $50 million deal from AT&T
ZTE, Huawei win bulk of China Mobile’s second batch of 4G contracts: sources
Bank slapped with Rs 3 lakh fine for unsolicited calls to customer
Pakistan to award 3G, 4G licenses to bidders on May 23
COAI backs demand to boost local telecom manufacturing
Google wins consumer trust, overtakes Apple to become most valuable brand
HP may cut up to 16,000 more jobs as results disappoint
Micromax takes on Moto E with Unite 2, prices it at Rs 6999
Flipkart to resume Moto E sale from today
Telecom department seeks regulators suggestions on MVNO policy
Home ministry opposes foreign cos setting up telecom gear testing labs
DoT lists wifi services in urban area as key plan for new government
CBI seeks time to file reply on Shahid Usman Balwa’s plea in 2G case
CAGs 2G figure haunts Sibal, he gets 1.76 lakh votes in Chandni Chowk
Nokia bags 5-year radio deal from Telenor
Alcatel-Lucent in talks to sell cybersecurity unit to Thales
BlackBerry making a home for the ‘Internet of Things’
CMAI Insightslogo
CMAI Insights 2G Auctions
CMAI Insights
Recent 2G Auctions are good for Finance Minister. What about customer or country. we have to wait and watch.. Read more
Welcome to CMAI
CMAI Insights
CMAI Association of India is a professional registered association for promotion of Indian IT and Telecom Sector. CMAI is the only Integrated Association in India for IT and Telecom Sector having all stake holders as its members . It is an apex premier body with MOU partners and representatives all .. Read more
Top Stories

RCom likely to sell 50% in undersea cable business to Citic Telecom
IRG, a Hong Kong-based investment bank, is advising RCOM while Standard Chartered is advising Citic Telecom on the deal.  Read more

Vodafone India may overtake UK by revenues in next few years
A 100 per cent subsidiary of the Group, Vodafone India is also fifth largest contributor to Group EBITDA (after Germany, Italy, SA and UK).  Read more

Loop Mobile CEO quits as axe hangs on employees
Loop Mobile CEO quits as axe hangs on employees – Sandip Basu, managing director and chief executive officer of Loop Mobile, is said to have quit following Airtel’s deal to take over the company, though he continues to attend office, according to sources.When contacted, Basu in a text message denied he has quit, but did not take calls made to his cellphone.  Read more

Inside Reliance Jios plans for telecom, information, entertainment
Live Mint
RILs launch of 4G services will challenge telecom firms, DTH companies, and will seek to change dynamics of education, entertainment  Read more

Broadcom, Qualcomm, MediaTek see India 4G boom pushing chipsets
International mobile chip makers Broadcom Corp, Qualcomm Inc and MediaTek Inc aim to make an early move into India with the market expected to boom in a few years from now thanks to affordable, LTE-ready 4G handsets fitted with their mid-tier chipsets.  Read more

Handset makers hope new govt rationalises local tax structures
Most device makers want the new govt to implement a semiconductor policy that can help in creating an ecosystem for local manufacturing of handsets.  Read more
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COAI writes to DoT for initiating dialogue with Defence Min
COAI has written to the Department of Telecom (DoT) for initiating dialogue with Defence Ministry to sort out spectrum-related issues for ensuring adequate availability in the next round of auctions.  Read more

Infosys wins $50 million deal from AT&T
Infosys has won a $50-mn deal from AT&T and the co expects the telecom player to become its first $100-mn customer from Europe and the US in the coming years.  Read more

ZTE, Huawei win bulk of China Mobile’s second batch of 4G contracts: sources
The batch represents 40 per cent of China Mobile’s quota of 4G contracts to be sold this year, the sources added.  Read more

Bank slapped with Rs 3 lakh fine for unsolicited calls to customer
Annoying a customer through unsolicited promotional phone calls, text messages and emails has cost HDFC Bank Rs 3 lakh.  Read more

Pakistan to award 3G, 4G licenses to bidders on May 23
Cash-strapped Pakistan will award 3G & 4G mobile spectrum licenses to successful bidders tomorrow.  Read more

COAI backs demand to boost local telecom manufacturing
COAI supports the appeal of the academicians to set up TRDF and TEDF to encourage research and entrepreneurship in the Indian Telecom industry.  Read more

Google wins consumer trust, overtakes Apple to become most valuable brand
Google has been named as the most valuable brand in the world, global market research agency Millward Brown said in its 2014 100 Top Brandz report.  Read more

HP may cut up to 16,000 more jobs as results disappoint
Hewlett-Packard Co plans to cut as many as 16,000 more jobs in a major ramp-up of CEO Meg Whitman’s years-long effort to turn around the personal computer maker.  Read more
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Micromax takes on Moto E with Unite 2, prices it at Rs 6999
Micromax Thursday expanded its low-end smartphone range with the launch of Unite 2 and priced it at Rs6,999, pegging it directly against Motorolas similarly priced new model Moto E which has been a sell out.  Read more

Flipkart to resume Moto E sale from today
Flipkart Thursday said it will resume shipping the Moto E smartphones from Friday morning, following replenishment of stock from Motorola Mobility, after the popular device was sold out within two days of launch last week.  Read more
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Telecom department seeks regulators suggestions on MVNO policy
An MVNO buys bulk talk-time and bandwidth from an operator and then sells it to end users, thus helping an operator sell services.  Read more

Home ministry opposes foreign cos setting up telecom gear testing labs
The home ministry and Indias apex security agency, the National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) are averse to foreign companies establishing telecom gear test labs in India, fearing cartelization by the worlds top networks vendors to fund such mutually beneficial certification activity and, in the process, compromise national security.  Read more

DoT lists wifi services in urban area as key plan for new government
DoT has included providing wi-fi services in urban areas in the action plan being prepared for the next government headed by Modi.  Read more

CBI seeks time to file reply on Shahid Usman Balwa’s plea in 2G case
The agency, which was scheduled to file its reply today, told special CBI judge O P Saini that it was not ready with the response and would file it soon.  Read more

CAGs 2G figure haunts Sibal, he gets 1.76 lakh votes in Chandni Chowk
Its an eerie coincidence. Outgoing telecom minister Kapil Sibal had rubbished CAGs top estimate that the 2G scam cost the exchequer Rs 1.76 lakh crore with the controversial “zero loss” remark.  Read more
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Nokia bags 5-year radio deal from Telenor
Telenor Group Thursday selected Nokia as a supplier for radio access equipment and professional services over a period of five years.  Read more

Alcatel-Lucent in talks to sell cybersecurity unit to Thales
ALCATEL-LUCENT-THALES/ (URGENT)Alcatel-Lucent in talks to sell cybersecurity unit to Thales  Read more
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BlackBerry making a home for the ‘Internet of Things’
BlackBerry said Wednesday it was building a system to make sense of the maelstrom of information from the “Internet of Things” ranging from cars to appliances and watches.  Read more
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Gfilesindia Monthly Magazine May Issue


gfiles Magazine – May Issue

To Me
Today at 12:47 PM
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VOL. 8 | ISSUE 2 | MAY | 2014
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EDITORIAL / by Anil Tyagi 
What should be the responsibility of an outgoing government when the Lok Sabha elections are announced? Is the outgoing government correct in undertaking appointments in different departments and ministries? If these appointments are not done, will the government stop functioning? …
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COVER STORY / army / by mg devasahayam 
THE impending appointment of the next Army chief to fill the vacancy arising on July 31, 2014, has raised a raging controversy. As the Ministry of Defence (MoD) commenced the selection process, General VK Singh, former Army chief, and his party, the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP), made this an issue…
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COVER STORY /government / by neeraj mahajan 
The moment the elections are announced and the code of conduct is in place, governments in power usually desist from taking important policy decisions. This is an age-old tradition based on ethics, morality, propriety and respect for the opponent. But, today, who cares?…
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GOVERNANCE / development / by mg devasahayam 
SRIPERUMBUDUR Parliamen-tary constituency, adjoining Chennai in Tamil Nadu, is a ‘developed’ one if the neo-liberal ‘development’ criteria are adopted. This is the home of some state-of-the -art ‘infrastructure’ projects, special economic zones and giant MNCs-Motorola, Samsung, Dell, Ford, Hyundai, BMW, Nokia, Saint Gobain…
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BOOKS / controversy / memoirs / by neeraj mahajan 
A few years back Vajai Vardhan, Principal Secretary and Financial Commissioner of Haryana, released Ibadat-the breath of my soul, a collection of 120 haikus, or short poems. His earlier book, Beyond the Great Beyond was based on research…
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BOOKS / controversy / memoirs / by gs chawla 
PRIME Minister Manmohan Singh’s former Media Adviser Sanjaya Baru’s book, The Accidental Prime Minister-The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh, has created a lot of controversies, not only about the timing of the release of the book…
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TALKTIME / Syeda Saiyidain Hameed / by Kumkum Chadha 
Dr Syeda Saiyidain Hameed figures in Sanjaya Baru’s controversial book The Accidental Prime Minister. Baru, who has kicked up a political storm as an author, mentions Dr Hameed as someone who pipped Anu Aga, Chairperson of Thermax, as Member…
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MANDARIN MATTERS / fiji / by tp sreenivasan 
THE assignment to Fiji has been hazardous to Indian envoys at the best of times. For historical reasons, the envoys are looked upon by the Fiji Indians as their mentors. At the same time, the Indian envoys are expected to promote multiracialism and multiculturalism and maintain…
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INITIATIVE / workplace / dalip singh 
The management is locked up in various courts for the last two decades over personnel issues. There appears to be no end to litigation. Every second employee is in the habit of moving the courts against the management or peer group. All senior posts are lying vacant and people are retiring…
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MY CORNER / justice / amitabh thakur 
WE often read newspaper reports of judges allegedly commenting on the work and conduct of the executive and its members. Very recently, my wife, Nutan, and I found ourselves in a somewhat similar situation when…
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SILLY POINT / humour / mk kaw 
THE elections that we saw this time around were one long laugh. Even those of us who are born sour pusses and cannot see the humour in a situation despite packaging by Raju Srivastava or Kapil Sharma and loud canned laughter will also agree that we have been witnesses to the…
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PERSPECTIVE / detachment / sadhguru 
THE 14th of May is Buddha Poornima. Although the term ‘Buddha’ is usually synonymous with Gautama Buddha, there have been thousands of Buddhas on the planet and there still are. The word ‘Buddha’ literally means one who is above the intellect…
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THE market may not be able to post any major gains post-May 16 since it has already factored in the formation of an NDA government though it may still have some upside if the NDA gets a clear majority. But a knee-jerk steep correction is waiting to happen if the NDA gets barely past…
gfiles is the country’s first independent magazine written, designed and produced for India’s civil services -the vast and formidable network of bureaucracies and public sector organisations that provides continuity and stability to this nation’s governance.


Proyección de cine: “El abuelo” / Cinema Screening: “Th3 Grandfather”

Instituto Cervantes de Nueva Delhi
To Me
Today at 3:32 PM


Ciclo de cine Asuntos de familia: “El abuelo”

“Family Matters” Film Series: “The Grandfather”
25/05/2014Auditorio. Instituto Cervantes, a las 4:30 p.m. 

Ciclo de cine “Asuntos de familia”:
 “El abuelo”
Sinopsis: Basada en la novela de Benito Pérez-Galdós. Don  Rodrigo de Arista-Potestad, Conde de Albrit, símbolo de una familia aristocrática, tras una larga estancia en América regresa a su pueblo dispuesto a desvelar un gran secreto. Pronto descubrirá el resentimiento de un pueblo desagradecido, el poder del honor de los Arista-Potestad y el auténtico valor de su verdadera familia.
Entrada libre. Ver trailer.

“Family Matters” Film Series:“The Grandfather”

Synopsis: Based on a novel by Benito Pérez-Galdós. Mister Rodrigo de Arista-Potestad, Count of Albrit, symbol of an aristocratic family, comes backs to his village after a long stay in America willing to uncover a great secret. Soon he will discover the resentment of an ungratefull folk, the honor and the power of the Arista-Potestad lineage and the real value of his true family.
In Spanish with English subtitles. Free entry.

1/06/2014Auditorio. Instituto Cervantes, a las 4:30 p.m. 
Ciclo de cine Días de fútbol”: “El sueño de Iván” 
Sinópsis: En “El sueño de Iván” veremos por primera vez en la historia a una selección mundial de estrellas del fútbol, un equipo que congrega a millones de personas delante de la televisión, jugar contra una selección mundial de… ¡niños! ¿Por qué? Para recaudar fondos y ayudar a las víctimas de un terrible terremoto ocurrido en África. Esto ocurre muchas veces:que equipos profesionales, o estrellas de fútbol, organizan partidos benéficos. Lo que nunca
había ocurrido antes es que un partido así lo jueguen niños. La propuesta ha sido de UNICEF y FIFA. El seísmo ha provocado cientos de miles de niños desplazados, heridos y refugiados. Ha
llegado la hora de dar una llamada de atención a todo el mundo. La crisis mundial exige reclamos drásticos. Y ahí empieza la película: Iván, un niño de once años, es elegido para participar en la Selección Mundial Infantil.

Entrada libre.

“Football and Cinema” Film Series: “Iván’s Dream”

Synopsis: Iván is an eleven years old child who is going to play against the football world’s champions and live his first love story. For the first time in History, a world selection of stars, a team followed by millions of people in tv, is going to play against a world selection of children. The point is gathering money and help the victims of a terrible earthquake in Africa. Iván ischoosen for the children selecction, besides he wil l have to conquer Paula and compete with Morenilla, a child from his school that is after the same girl, taller than him, and much better playing football. A tale of adventures and football for all the family.
 In Spanish with English subtitles. Free entry.
5/06/2014 – 27/06/2014Auditorio. Instituto Cervantes, de 5:30 a 7:00 p.m. 
Taller: “Tango”El tango es un género musical tradicional de Argentina y Uruguay, nacido de la fusión cultural entre inmigrantes europeos (españoles e italianos, principalmente), descendientes de esclavos africanos, y nativos de la región del Río de la Plata. Musicalmente suele tener forma binaria (tema y estribillo) o ternaria (dos partes a las que se agrega un trío). Muchas de las letras de sus canciones están compuestas basándose en un argot local llamado lunfardo, letras que suelen expresar las tristezas, especialmente «en las cosas del amor», que sienten los hombres y las mujeres de pueblo, sin que ello sea obstáculo a la inclusión de otras, incluso humorísticas y políticas. Desde 2009 forma parte de la lista de Patrimonio Inmaterial de la Humanidad aprobado por UNESCO.
- Fechas: 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26 y 29 de junio, 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24 y 27 de julio
- Horario: 5:30 a 7:00 p.m.
- El taller se impartirá en inglés y español.
- Matrícula: 3.600 INR
- Periodo de matrícula: Hasta el 5 de junio

Workshop: “Tango

Synopsis: Based on a novel by Benito Pérez-Galdós. Mister Rodrigo de Arista-Potestad, Count of Albrit, symbol of an aristocratic family, coTango is a traditional dance of Argentina and Uruguay, born of cultural fusion between European immigrants (Spanish and Italian, mainly), descendants of African slaves, and natives of the region of the Rio de la Plata. Musically is mainly binary (theme and chorus) or ternary (two parts to which is added a trio). Many of the lyrics of their songs are written on a local slang called lunfardo, and the lyrics often express sadness, especially regarding of the matter of love felt by men and women, without that hindering the treatment of other issues, even humorous and political. Since 2009, tango has been recognize d as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
- Dates: 5th, 8th, 12th, 15th, 19th, 22nd, 26th, and 29th June, 3rd, 6th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 20th, 24th and 27th July
- Time: 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
- No previous knowledge of Spanish is needed. Lessons will be taught in English and Spanish
- Enrollment fee: 3.600 INR
- Enrollment: Till 5th

Del 1 al 21/06/2014
Auditorio. Instituto Cervantes
Ciclo de cine y fútbol
Footbal and Cinema Film Series
Instituto Cervantes
Día E 
E Day 
Auditorio. Instituto Cervantes
Teatro: Ciclo “Mujer X Mujer” 
Theater: Women x Women Series
Madrid: Encuentro con Emilio Aragón (+)
Madrid: Meet the film director, actor, musician and producer Emilio Aragón (+)
foto cervantes mundo
Paris: Exposición “Juan Gris. Dibujos satíricos” (+)
Paris: Exhibition “Juan Gris. Satirical drawings” (+)
INSTITUTO CERVANTES DE NUEVA DELHI  |© Instituto Cervantes, 2013. Reservados todos los derechos
NOTA LEGAL: Sus datos forman parte del fichero denominado «Eventos y actividades / Gestión cultural», del que es responsable el Instituto Cervantes, con la finalidad de proporcionarle información sobre el Instituto Cervantes y sus actividades.
Puede usted ejercitar los derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición dirigiendo su solicitud por correo electrónico a la direcció , por correo postal al Instituto Cervantes (C/ Alcalá, n.º 49, Madrid 28014) o presencialmente ante el Registro del Instituto Cervantes en Madrid en la dirección indicada.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...