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TARAgram Yatra-2016 concludes with emphasis on equity, inclusion and governance for achieving SDGs
New Delhi: September 22, 2016:   The annual sustainability event organised by global think tank – Development Alternatives concluded today with policy makers and experts emphasising that equity, inclusion and governance is very important to achieve SDGs.  The three-day sustainability event, TARAgram Yatra (TGY) was organized from September 20 – 22, with thematic yatras and consultations in New Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Telengana.
The theme for this year was “Policy Shifts for Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in India”. The event culminated with a Plenary held on 22nd September, 2016 at Development Alternatives Headquarters in New Delhi. The two sessions in the Plenary were on ‘Policy Transitions for SDG Implementation in India’ and ‘Priorities for India within the SDG Framework’, which brought together perspectives of investments required for India to meet its SDGs commitments.
Dr. Ashok Khosla, Chairman, Development Alternatives, said that “What is relevant for India is what is relevant for the poorest “.
The Plenary started with the inaugural session of Ms. Zeenat Niazi, Vice President, Development Alternatives. Other key Speakers in the Plenary were Dr. Rajesh Tandon, Founder-President, Participatory Research in Asia, Shri P.K. Anand, Senior Consultant (PEO), NITI Aayog, Shri Krishna Kumar, Deputy Director General, Central Statistical Office, Mr. Rajib Kumar Debnath, Independent Expert, Shri Mangesh Tyagi, Principal Advisor, MP State Planning Commission, Dr. Parth J Shah, President, Centre for Civil Society, Mr. Mukesh Gulati, ED, Foundation for MSME Clusters, Mr. Tushar Pandey, Senior President and Distinguished Fellow, Yes Bank, Mr. Rijit Sengupta, COO, Centre for Responsible Business, Mr. George C Varughese, President, Development Alternatives and Ms. Seema Arora, ED, CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development.
An overview of TGY-2016
The day 1 started with a trialogue discussion on the issue of “Economic Transitions as a means to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”. The day 2 spreaded its wings travelling to five different places/institutions for thematic Round Table Consultations on:
·         Food, Resources and Livelihoods
·         Sustainable Social Housing
·         Integrated Village Development
·         Climate Change and WASH
·   Drivers for Employment and Entrepreneurship Yatra on Resource efficiency for an urbanising India, Delhi/NCR
The day 3 concluded with the Plenary session.
Background- TARAgram Yatra:
TARAgram Yatra (TGY) is an annual event led by the global think tank – Development Alternatives in partnership with international thinking–learning organisations, designed to deliberate on issues of development with the mission of inspiring sustainability in policy and practice. The Yatra – a journey of knowledge and learning to attain higher goals – brings together top-level practitioners and policy makers from across the world. Such an approach offers the potential to identify and build upon spaces of hope for transformation.
About Development Alternatives:
Development Alternatives (DA) is a premier social enterprise with a global presence in the fields of green economic development, social empowerment and environmental management. It is credited with numerous innovations in clean technology and delivery systems that help create sustainable livelihoods in the developing world. DA focuses on empowering communities through strengthening people’s institutions and facilitating their access to basic needs; enabling economic opportunities through skill development for green jobs and enterprise creation; and promoting low carbon pathways for development through natural resource management models and clean technology solutions. (

Kriti Sanon gets Ms.Taken with USPL

September 22, 2016, New Delhi / Mumbai: Kriti Sanon, the talented film actor has made a foray into the world of fashion. The actor has collaborated with Sachin Tendulkar-backed celebrity fashion company Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd. (USPL) to launchMs.Taken, a signature western wear line. The collection sports casual and semi-formal garments with categories including Tops, Tunics, Dresses, Trousers, Jackets, Denims and so on.  Ms.Taken epitomizes the young, confident and independent Indian woman who expresses her individuality and walks her own path. The brand was launched with an offbeat fashion walk showcasing the fall-winter 2016 collection with Kriti Sanon being the showstopper.
Speaking on the occasion Kriti Sanon said, ‘’An Indian woman’s demeanour is often misconstrued when she expresses herself. Ms.Taken asserts the young woman’s aspirations and confidence. My aim is to provide affordable western wear attuned to our Indian sensibilities. Ms.Taken is also a reflection of my own sense of style and allows me to connect with people beyond my films. I am delighted to collaborate with Anjana and her team to bring to life our vision of launching a stylish range of clothing in India.’’
Anjana Reddy, Founder and CEO of Universal Sportsbiz said, ‘’Ms.Taken collection embodies the progressive, carefree and graceful young Indian woman with its cuts, styles, silhouettes, fits and colours. The extensive range of casual and semi-formal wear is eclectic and vibrant. Ms.Taken will help recreate a woman’s wardrobe for everyday as well as special occasions. Kriti’s style quotient is exemplified through this collection.’’
‘’As most modern Indian women are now shifting to adorn western wear, Ms.Taken is likely to put an end to their search with a comprehensive collection of more than 400 options. With the segment growing at more than 20% annually we are confident that Ms.Taken will offer a strong and compelling proposition in the western wear segment.’’ Reddy added.
Salil Nair, Customer Care Associate & CEO, Shoppers Stop Ltd commented that,In line with our brand philosophy of ‘Start Something New’, we are excited to launch Ms.Taken, a signature women’s western wear line by Kriti Sanon from the house of USPL. With Ms.Taken on board, we continue to build and expand our partnership with USPL. This collaboration is testimony to our joint commitment to offer customers the best in class encompassing international designs, differentiated silhouettes, unique color palette and fashionable styling. The premium, progressive and carefree positioning of Ms.Taken fits seamlessly into our diverse portfolio of fun and chic women’s wear brands. We are confident Ms.Taken will find a multitude of takers in Shoppers Stop customers.”
Ananth Narayanan, CEO, Myntra said, “We have been working successfully with USPL to retail their youth focused brands Wrogn and Imara which are poised for 3x growth on Myntra in FY17. The launch of Ms. Taken exclusively online on Myntra will help drive this growth further. We are confident that USPL’s focus on long term brand building and our cutting edge consumer insights will continue to strengthen our partnership, and will make Ms.Taken a leader in the women’s western wear segment.”

BOOK LAUNCH “Awakening the Thinking Mind –An Inward Journey”

BOOK LAUNCH  “Awakening the Thinking Mind –An Inward Journey”
NewDelhi, 22 September 2016: The Ministerof Rural Deveopment, Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water &Sanitation, ShriNarendra Singh Tomar and the Minister of State (Independent Charge)for Power, Coal, Mines & MNRE, Shri Piyush Goyal togetherreleased the book titled, “Awakening the Thinking Mind –An Inward Journey” authored by the Secretary of Mines, ShriBalvinder Kumar, IAS at the Constitutional Club, New Delhi, today.The Cabinet Secretary, Shri P.K. Sinha was also present at the event.
AppreciatingBalvinder Kumar for his creative writing, Shri Narendra Tomar, theChief Guest said that in the contemporary world when there is so muchhostility and aggression, it is very necessary that we should payattention to our mental health. This book will prove to be a veryuseful guide for common man in achieving inner peace.
Speakingon the occasion, Shri Piyush Goyal remarked that the world ofbureaucracy is very onerous and challenging and the world ofspirituality is equally demanding and Balvinder Kumar has verysuccessfully balanced both the worlds. Shri Goyal acknowledged thatyoga, meditation and spirituality are the new mantras forde-stressing mind and body. He said that a comprehensive study hasbeen done by Balvinder Kumar and presented in a coherent manner forthe readers. Shri P.K. Sinha applauded the credentials of the authorand said that he has woven the book like a guided tool to attaininner peace and inner happiness.
Sharinghis experiences, Shri Balvinder Kumar said that most of the time weare completely identified with our mind and thoughts and we fail toobserve our thinking pattern. This book traces the reason why wethink, behave and react the way we do and why fear still rules thehuman cycle. He added that the book allows the readers to exploreand investigate various aspects of nature and inner working of themind. All human minds, he observed, are intimately interconnected.And this connectivity is increasing sharply leading to collectiveconsciousness and thereby taking us to higher level of consciousnesswhich may also be called spiritual awakening. The book delves uponthe theme of new age spirituality that advocates, ’we are thesole architect of our own life’ besides touching a variety ofissues that are central to addressing common problems like anger,over thinking, negative thoughts in the day-to-day life.
The book carries the messagesof blessings from Jagadguru Sri Shankaracharyaji of Kancheepuram andSri Sri Ravi Shankerji. |This is the second book by Shri BalvinderKumar. Earlier, he had penned his thoughts on “Man’sSpiritual Journey – Understanding the Purpose of Life” whichhad attracted wide acclamation from readers.
TheMind – The literal meaning of “MIND” – “theelement of a person that enables them to be aware of the world andtheir experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty ofconsciousness and thought.”
BalvinderKumar is a senior civil servant belonging to the IndianAdministrative Service and is currently posted as Secretary to theGovernment of India. Besides a regular practitioner of transcendentalmeditation (TM), he has varied interests including in painting,writing and reading with special focus on cosmology, quantummechanics, consciousness and spirituality. He has been an ardentfollower and believer in new age spirituality.
Hehas held art exhibitions at the Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, and inLucknow, where more than a hundred oil and acrylic ‘abstract’paintings on canvas have won him wide recognition.
Hisfirst book entitled Man’sSpiritual Journey – Understanding the Purpose of Lifeexplores many contentious issues that are central to the spiritualjourney we undertake during our lifetime. Various subject matters ofgreat importance such as ‘interconnectedness and inseparabilityof the physical world at the deeper level’, ‘man’sinherent nature of goodness’, ‘how free is the free will’and ‘Is reality illusionary in nature’ have been dealt inthe book. It also attempts to facilitate better understanding on ourinherent spiritual nature and the journey we perform. The bookattracted wide appreciation from the readers of various walks oflife.
Whileassociating themselves with their own mind and experiences, thereaders can explore and investigate various aspects of nature andinner working of the mind. It. This book traces the reason why wethink, behave and react the way we do and how fear still overruleshuman psyche. Readers can, in simplistic ways, learn and experienceways to quieten their mind under stressed and distressed moments. Toaddress common problems like anger, worrying, overthinking andnegative thoughts in our day to day life, this book may act as aguiding tool.
Sincewe are mostly identified with our mind and thoughts, we fail toobserve and be aware of our thinking pattern and that’s thereason we, many a times, are badly trapped into psychosomaticproblems of varied nature. This book further proves to be useful inhaving a broad understanding on the central theme of New AgeSpirituality that advocates ‘we are the sole architect of ourown life’. It also touches a variety of issues that are centralto empowering and awakening of our mind, leading to inner peace andhappiness in our life.

“Discover Central Europe Roadshow 2016” to be held on 1st October,

You are cordially invited for “Discover Central Europe Roadshow 2016” to be held on 1st October, 2016 at PHD House, New Delhi.
We look forward to welcome you on the occasion.
A line of confirmation from your end is kindly solicited at the earliest at:  / /
Yogesh Srivastav
PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Protest held outside the UNHRC on human rights violations

Protest held outside the UNHRC on human rights violations against minorities in Pakistan
On September 20, 2016 a demonstration was held outside the UN Human Rights Council to protest against the human rights violations in Pakistan. Representatives from Pakistan Administered Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Sindh participated, seeking the attention of the UN and the international community to the grave violations committed by the Pakistani government and the military against the minorities in the country.
Jameel Maqsood, Belgium Representative of the United Kashmir People’s National Party, while speaking on the occasion said that the Pakistan intelligence service and the Army had thwarted the basic right of expression of the people of Pakistan Administered Kashmir, and an environment of fear and persecution prevailed in the area. He charged the Pakistani government of supporting Islamic fundamentalist forces and using them to spread terror.
Junaid Qureshi, a prominent Kashmiri human rights leader, also participated in the event. He raised the demand for Arif Shahid, deceased political activist from Pakistan Administered Kashmir, to be declared a martyr. He stated that even though Arif Shahid never raised a gun against the Pakistani State, he was killed by the country’s security services for raising his voice against Pakistan.
The protestors also raised their voice against the Pakistani government’s policy of looting the natural resources of Gilgit –Baltistan and against the Chinese presence in the province and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Senge Sering, Chairman of the Gilgit Baltistan Institute, was present at the protest.
Raising the issue of targeted killing of minorities, including Christians, Hindus and Shias in Sindh, Sindhi leaders including Lakhu Luhana, President of the World Sindhi Congress called on the international community to put pressure on Pakistan to stop persecution of minorities.
The prominent banners displayed on this occasion read ‘Stop Killing of Minorities in Pakistan’, ‘Stop Persecution of Christians in Pakistan’, ‘We resent Chinese presence in Gilgit-Baltistan’ and ‘Arif Shahid is a Martyr’.

AAP pays tributes to the Uri Bravehearts

The Aam Aadmi Party leaders and volunteers held 70 shraddhanjali sabhas in each assembly constituency of Delhi to pay tributes to the 17 martyrs who laid down their lives defending our nation’s borders. The 17 brave hearts laid down their lives and 19 others were grievously injured in the terror strike on an army camp close to the headquarters of the 12th Brigade at Uri in Baramulla district on 18th September 2016.

AAP members lit candles, paid homage and observed a two minute silence to commemorate the valiant sacrifice of our soldiers, who laid down their lives defending our borders, so that rest of us can sleep safe. The 17 martyrs hailed from every corner of the country, a true epitome of the unity of India.

At a tribute meeting at the Party headquarters. AAP Delhi Convenor Dilip Pandey said “The sacrifice of our martyrs must not go in vain. Pakistan has been sponsoring terror in India and it should be held accountable for this dastardly act and given a fitting response. We feel that the excessive encouragement given to Pakistan by the Lahore visit and the slap given to our national integrity by calling ISI to Pathankot has emboldened Pakistan’s attacks on India. Narendra Modi had made a number of statements on a tough stance against terror and against Pakistan’s blatant involvement before he became Prime Minister, but every since he has assumed the highest office he is putting the nation’s security at risk by his overtures to woo Pakistan. To add to this our Defence Minister is forever occupied in Goa and has no time to monitor the country’s borders. If this government does not have a cohesive policy to safeguard our borders and to manage our neighbours then it has no business to continue in office.”

AAP implores the central government to show some humanity and ensure that the martys’ families are not humiliated by paltry amounts of compensations. They are ‘shaheeds’ and their families welfare and well-being is now the responsibility of our government, and eery care and respect must be extended to them in this dark hour.

Indian eSports Championship kicks off unique gaming platform Café Warz

Mumbai, September 03 2016: Indian eSports Championship, an initiative by Essence Transmedia Pvt Ltd. and Neon Gaming Studio today, announced the launch of Café Warz, a unique six days LAN event. The event which is exclusively designed for Café Owners saw a participation of over 100 gamers divided in 46 teams competing against each other in CS:GO and DOTA 2 games.

The 6 days long gaming carnival scheduled from 1st to 6th September is a preliminary phase of the 48 days long mega tournament. The event will allow the gamers to play for a café owner at different venues and dates and a chance to win a prize pool of INR 70,000.

Ashish Jain, Chief Development Officer of Essence Transmedia said “We are excited to announce the launch of Indian eSports Championship through the kick-off of our first competition – Café Warz. We are confident that Indian eSports Championship will create an unforgettable experience and a viable ecosystem for the Indian gaming industry.

Our aim is to set the base and then the real action will kick off. The IeSC quality, structure and consistency will boost the local and national esports scene, as professionals and amateurs will be playing across cities”

Harsh Kothari, CEO and Founder of Neon Gaming Studio said We hope that more and more brands in India will start realizing the potential of eSports as not gaming but a sport. Through Café Warz, we wanted to create a proper structure to the fragmented yet strong gaming market in India.”

The teams will be divided into four groups where each team will play against other teams in their group in the league format. The winner from each group shall then qualify for semi-finals.

About Indian eSports Championship: Indian eSports Championship, a gaming Extravaganza for 48 days is an initiative by Neon Gaming Studio and Essence Transmedia Pvt Ltd. It is a mix of online and offline tournaments where gamers play video games via LAN that is facilitated by electronic systems.
The event has key focus on holistic development of gaming community by creating enriching experience for gamers and other stakeholders. The Championship is all geared up to be conducted in four stages i.e. Café Warz, The Uprising, Proving Grounds (Knockout & League Stage) and Ground Zero For more information, please visit
For further details, please contact:
Ridhi Chaudhary I PR Manager I E: I M: +91 9833363497

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