UPA has ruled for two terms because the President of the party could project the DREAMTEAM and their first turn definitely showed they are in business of business of politics.
Ultimately the dream team of UPA vicarious knowledge to govern the nation soon weird out. The people with change of technology and activism found that the governance community were looking after their own interest rather than public interest.
With selective interest and nepotism at its best still some states made headway and progress were achieved in non rule Congress states. An easy-business for domestic companies and foreign companies were found welcomed with easy approach and opportunities offered in variety of ways to their business.
Modi looked for an opportunity to change the saffrons narrow ideas to national ideas and thus found his way into the national scene .His events organsational ability to hold national and international events made him an international personality where the world see him perform. To perform both at national and international level one has to gear up the force of meritocracy but BJP rank and file has the same standards of political class. In order to gain status of developed world -both people and ruler must work for the nation which can be achieved in China because of the power embedded in government and the will of government.In democratic set up of Indian imperial and feudal style whether we can achieve this dream is rare possibility.

Interesting when we take bird view of elections viz Before election the leader knows everything has the solution of everything but when it come to actualize the ideas he automatically begins to learn to be ignorant as the same bring more glory,power and richness.As in power get to the statement either to navigate for being clean man.
Each political parties either in person or through their websites or arbitrarily seeks good ideas but who shall give them ideas because they use other mans ideas as their own and try to show that the rest are trash. With such thinking on governance attitude the nation has feeble chance to emerge a strong regional or world power. However after the team come an individual and after the individuals come team for growth of states in Q when we study the history of the world.