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Conspiracy to thwart CAG audit of discoms
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                                                                                  Saturday, June 28
The Aam Aadmi Party cautions the people of Delhi against a joint conspiracy hatched by the BJP and the Congress to prevent the audit of the account books of private power distribution companies by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), which will expose the large scale frauds committed by these discoms over the past decade.
The information available in the public domain so far shows that even six months after the Arvind Kejriwal government had ordered the CAG audit of these discoms, they are denying access of their account books to the CAG despite the fact that all their desperate attempts so far to stall the audit have been unsuccessful so far.
It is a matter of shame that the CAG has been forced to ask the Delhi administration to be “proactive” in ensuring that the discoms cooperate in the audit. This is a clear evidence that the absence of an elected government in Delhi is being utilized to thwart the audit, which can call the bluff of these discoms.  
Following the resignation of the Kejriwal government on February 14, these discoms have been helped by first the Congress-led UPA government and now the BJP-led NDA’s central government in their nefarious designs.
The Congress reluctance in allowing the audit of discoms to proceed is understandable, since the Sheila Dikshit government was hand in glove with these discoms and helped them in repeatedly hiking the electricity tariffs in a completely unjustified manner over the last one decade.
The Shiela Dikshit government was a partner in crime and allowed the discoms to make hefty profits at the cost of the common man and even opposed the audit of their account books on false pretexts, since it would have exposed both of them.
What is extremely shocking is that the Narendra Modi-led central government, which is now indirectly controlling the national capital through the Lieutenant Governor, is equally hesitant in sternly telling these discoms that they have no option than to cooperate with the CAG audit.   
The AAP would like to tell the union power minister Mr Piyush Goyal that the discoms, which were solely responsible for the long and unending power cuts earlier this month are not providing any charity service and they need not be treated with kid gloves.
The role of the central government and the LG is not merely advisory in this matter and the AAP demands that in accordance with the provisions of the existing law, they need to deal sternly with the erring discoms.
It is the right of the people to know the results of the audit, which will result in electricity tariffs coming down in Delhi, and the central government and the LG should not fail in their constitutional duty.
AAP Media Cell

Incident of fire in Tatipaka-Lanco pipeline

28 06 2014
Posted: 27 Jun 2014 07:38 AM PDT
A fire broke out early today along a natural gas pipeline of GAIL (India) Limited at Tatipaka in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Sixteen casualties have happened and thirty injured are being treated in four hospitals in the vicinity.
The fire started at around 5:45 AM today along the Tatipaka – Lanco natural gas pipeline, approximately 50 metres from ONGC’s Tatipaka terminal and about 500 metres from the GAIL terminal.
GAIL’s Crisis Management system was invoked immediately; about eight fire tenders were pressed into service and the fire was brought under control at around 7:00 AM.
Preliminary reports suggest damage to a 1.5 metres length of the pipeline. The exact cause of the incident is yet to be ascertained.
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri N Chandrababu Naidu, Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas (Independent Charge) Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Shri Saurabh Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Shri B C Tripathi, CMD, GAIL visited the incident site and Apollo Hospital at Kakinada to meet the injured.
GAIL is extending all possible immediate support to the persons displaced / affected because of this incident. Suitable compensation is also being extended.
Contractors, construction equipment and spares are available at site for the restoration of pipeline. Restoration job can only be started after getting clearance from district authorities. It is estimated that it would take about 4-5 days for restoration after the site is made accessible to GAIL by the district authorities.
Out of all the 30 customers, normal supplies are being maintained for 29 customers. Only Lanco Power has taken shutdown due to reasons of low pressure. Safety confirmation on a parallel line, which is being inspected, would resume gas supply to Lanco Power at the earliest
Round the clock “Control Rooms” are operational at Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh and NCR respectively. “GAIL Helpdesks” have been set up at Apollo Hospital and Trust hospital at Kakinada, KIMS hospital at Amlapuram and Balbolini Hospital at Rajahmundry to facilitate the families of the injured.

Thai military ruler sets election for Oct. 2015

28 06 2014


Thailand’s military ruler says he expects a parliamentary election to be held around October of next year in preparation for a return to democratic rule.
Thai Army chief Prayut Chan-o-cha is the Chairman of the National Council for Peace and Order. He spoke about the country’s future political process in a televised speech on Friday.
Prayut explained that a team of experts has been working on a draft interim constitution that will be adopted next month.
The general said a legislature will be set up in September to launch an interim government. He added that provincial representatives will launch a council for political reform in October.
Prayut said the process will be completed in 2015 to pave the way for a creation of an elected government. He called for the people’s understanding and cooperation.
The Thai military took power in a coup d’etat on May 22nd. It continues to increase its grip on power by detaining people who protest military rule.

G S Sandhu : union Budget will focus only on growth revival.

28 06 2014
union Budget will focus only on growth revival. Stating this in Mumbai today Financial Services Secretary G S Sandhu said reviving the economy to a high growth path is the single theme driving the Budget preparations.
Talking to reporters on the sidelines of a Banking Summit, Sandhu, said issues of all the important sectors including power, mining, coal, diamond and jewellery and shipping are being examined. Meetings are being held on all sectors.
He, however, added that only a few important things will be covered in the maiden Budget of the Narendra Modi government.
The Budget will be presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on July 10.

35th National Games in Kerala from Jan 31 to Feb 14, 2015

28 06 2014
35th National Games will be held in different venues of Kerala from 31st of January to 14th February,next year. The dates were announced Indian Olympic Association President N Ramachandran in Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday.Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs Sarbanand Sonowal,who was present during the occasion, formally gave approval to the dates.
Speaking on the occasion,Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said construction on the National Games Village,which can accommodate 5000 people is almost complete.He said the Centre has allocated 120 crore rupees for the National Games .The State Government is spending crores of rupees to build up world class sports facilities,for the smooth conduct of the National Games.

Iraq launches operation against militants in Tikrit

28 06 2014
Iraqi troops backed by helicopter gunships launched an operation today aimed at dislodging militants from the northern city of Tikrit. After watching much of Iraq slip out of government hands, military officials sought to portray the push that began before dawn as a significant step that puts the army back on the offensive.
They said the operation includes commandos, tanks and helicopters, as well as pro-government fighters and volunteers. Tikrit residents reported clashes in the city, but the extent of the fighting is not clear.
US military is flying “a few” armed drones over Iraq’s capital in order to defend diplomats and American troops serving there, a senior US official has confirmed.
“For the last 24 to 48 hours, we’ve started that,” media reports
further the decision to attack Sunni extremists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) would have to be sanctioned by President Barack Obama. Therefore, there are currently no plans to use the drones in airstrikes, officials said.
US forces in Iraq are focused on working out the state of the Iraqi military and the Sunni extremists on the battlefield. There are around 500 American military personnel there who are drawn from special operations forces. A fresh batch of 180 military advisors have also just arrived.
In addition to the drones over Baghdad, piloted and unmanned aircraft are carrying out 30-35 surveillance flights a day, some of which include F-18 fighter jets that are flying from the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier in the Gulf.

60th anniversary of Panchsheel treaty

28 06 2014

India has reaffirmed its commitment for stronger relations with China on the basis of Panchsheel treaty. Addressing the trilateral summit meeting to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Panchsheel treaty at Beijing this evening, vice-President Hamid Ansari said India and China which are strategic partners should have a better understanding of each other. He said greater interaction between people of two countries is necessary for stronger bilateral relations.
The Vice-President called upon India, China and Myanmar, signatories of Panchsheel, to raise above their differences and work for common good.
Mr Ansari said India believes that globalization should lead to a federation of friendly and interdependent nations. He stressed the need to evolve a framework to find solutions to the challenges faced by people at global level. In this context, Panchsheel helps to enhance mutural understanding and tackle transnational threats more effectively.
The Vice President said the five principles of peaceful existence of Panchsheel is Asia’s major contribution towards good international relations and is relevant even in the present times. He said Panchsheel was accepted by almost all countries.
Chinese President Xi Jinping in his address said asked India and Myanmar to explore the ways to promote Panchsheel in the new era to tackle challenges such as terrorist, global warming, cyber security. He said the era of domination by any country is no more relevant in the present era and one should respect the sovereignty of other countries.
Myanmar President Thein Sein in his address exuded confidence that Panchsheel would play a major role in the days to come and it forms the cornerstone his country’s foreign policy.
India has rejected Chinese claim on Arunachal Pradesh. Reacting strongly to reports that China has in its recent map shown Arunachal Pradesh and South China Sea as its territory, Spokesperson in the External Affairs Ministry said today that cartographic depiction does not change reality on the ground.
Asserting that Arunachal is an integral part of the country, he said this fact that has been conveyed to Chinese authority at several occasions including at the very highest level.
He also indicated that this may be raised by the Indian delegation, headed by Vice President Hamid Ansari, currently in China. He said it is normal practice to raise all issues of bilateral concerns.
Asked about reports of fresh incursions by Chinese troops in Ladakh region, the Spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied such incident. He said Indian soldiers guarding country’s borders are capable to secure our land.

US: Mexican chopper crosses border

28 06 2014
Mexican military helicopter ventured around 100 yards (meters) into the United States and fired two shots, the US border security agency said Friday in a claim quickly denied by Mexico. The intrusion took place Thursday at 5:45 am (1245 GMT) when “a Mexican law enforcement helicopter crossed… north into Arizona,” said a statement from US Customs and Border Protection.”Two shots were fired from the helicopter, but no injuries or damage to US property were reported.”
The agency said the incident, which occurred some eight miles (13 kilometers) southwest of the village of San Miguel, on the Tohono O´odham Indian Nation, “is currently under investigation.” The Mexican helicopter was on “a law enforcement operation near the border,” it added. Local media reported the helicopter was part of a counternarcotics mission.
But criminal investigator Tomas Zeron de Lucio of Mexico´s attorney general´s office denied the Mexican helicopter had crossed the border, and said it was suspected drug runners who had shot at the aircraft.
“The operation was on the border… I do not think we crossed the border, because we brought our navigation systems,” he told reporters.
Earlier this year, a Mexican helicopter crossed the border near Sasabe, also in Arizona. media agencies

Countdown of launch of PSLV C-23 begins

28 06 2014

Countdown for launch of ISRO’s PSLV C23 carrying a French Earth observation satellite along with four others from Singapore, Canada and Germany on June the 30, commenced at the spaceport of Sriharikota today.
ISRO in a statement said the 49-hour countdown of Mission started at 08:52 AM this morning at Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to witness the launch of the satellite. AIR correspondent reports that ISRO has so far launched 35 satellites of foreign countries onboard its workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

Ukraine asks for concrete steps from Russia

28 06 2014
KIEV: Ukraine on Saturday sought concrete steps from Russia to back up a tenuous truce it extended with pro-Moscow rebels.
President Petro Poroshenko returned triumphant from Brussels on Friday having opened the way to Ukraine´s eventual membership in the European Union by signing the final chapters of a landmark free trade and political association accord.
The 1,200-page tome spells out the minute details of the terms under which the splintered ex-Soviet nation will slip from the Kremlin´s embrace and tie its future to European economic standards and values on human rights.
But Poroshenko had ordered his top security chiefs to meet him at the airport on landing in order to make a fateful decision about prolonging an expiring truce with rebels who have seized effective control of Ukraine´s industrial east.
The 12-week insurgency has killed more than 440 people and is viewed by both Kiev and its Western allies as Russian President Vladimir Putin´s retribution for the February toppling of a leader who had ditched the very EU accord Poroshenko had signed in Brussels in favour of closer ties to the Kremlin.
Poroshenko ultimately decided to extend the shacky ceasefire until Monday evening under the condition that Russia requires the insurgents to return border crossings to Ukrainian forces and set up a monitoring mechanism for a long-term truce.
The Ukrainian military on Saturday reported sporadic attacks by pro-Russian gunmen that resulted in no casualties and appeared to be on the decline in comparison to previous days.

Sarajevo marks 100 years since killing that ignited WWI

28 06 2014
Sarajevo marks 100 years since killing that sparked WWI
Sarajevo on Saturday was to mark 100 years since the assassination that sparked World War I,  WWI began on June 28, 1914 a Bosnian Serb nationalist shot dead the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife,  gave rise  to a chain of events that put  Europe´s great powers into four years of war.
Many nation marked the centenary on the sidelines of an EU summit on Thursday with a low-key ceremony at Belgium´s Ypres, where German forces used mustard gas for the first time in 1915.The deep Balkan divisions stirred up by the anniversary have made it impossible for heads of state and government to come together at the site of the assassination in the Bosnian capital.
Wildly differing interpretations of 20th-century history endure in a region where the scars of the wars that marked the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, unleashing centuries of resentment and divisions, are still fresh.
And a particularly divisive figure is the archduke´s assassin, the 19-year-old Serb nationalist Gavrilo Princip.
Muslim majority in today´s Sarajevo see Princip as a terrorist who unleashed calamity, the Serbs regard him as a hero seeking to liberate the Slavs from the Austro-Hungarian occupier.
Resenting the notion that Serb nationalism was to blame for triggering the Great War, Bosnian Serb leaders have refused to join the main Sarajevo commemorations that will feature a late afternoon performance by the Vienna Philharmonic, the symbolic envoy from the capital of a once-loathed empire. Instead they will hold their own early afternoon ceremonies, unveiling monuments to Princip in a Serb area of Sarajevo as well as in eastern Bosnia and in Belgrade.
Princip´s brazen attack 100 years ago dragged almost half the world´s population into a cycle of violence of unprecedented scale and intensity.  Nearly 52 months, it left some 10 million dead and 20 million injured and maimed on its battlefields, while millions more civilians perished under occupation, through disease, hunger or deportation.
Four of the world´s most powerful empires — Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman — collapsed as the world map was redrawn and Europe´s ruin cleared the way for the rise of a new superpower, the United States.
And World War I fanned the emergence of many of the ideologies that fashioned the 20th century and its conflicts, including anti-colonialism, Communism, Fascism and Nazism.
Media agencies

Saina enters Australian Super series final

28 06 2014

Saina Nehwal enters  Australian super series final beating world no 2  Wang Shixian of China.
Saina beat Chinese  Wang  21:19 , 16:21,21:15 in Sydney on Saturday as per media reports.
Saina  Nehwal ranked six in world won this marathon match which  lasted one hour and sixteen minutes.
Saina Nehwal stands just a win away from clinching her second title of the year after she stunned world number two and top seed Chinese Shixian Wang in a gruelling three-game semifinal contest of the USD 750,000 Star Australian Super Series in Sydney on Saturday.
Sixth-seeded Saina prevailed 21-19 16-21 21-15 in a marathon match, which lasted an hour and 16 minutes.
“Beat world number 2 wang shixian in a tough 3 game match. Through to the final of the Australian Open super series!” tweeted the Indian after recording her fifth overall win against the Chinese nemesis, which took their head-to-head record to 5-3.
Saina, who had ended up on the losing side in their previous two encounters — the most recent being the All England Championships, showed tremendous grit to outsmart the top-seeded Wang. This was evenly-contested battle between the two players, who are pretty familiar with each others tactics.
In the opening game, it went neck and neck till 19-19 before Saina broke away to seal the issue in her favour. Not the one to give up easily, Wang roared back in the second game. The two players were even till the 16th point but Wang broke off from that point to draw level with Saina.
Saina proved in the final battle of attrition and won the deciding third game rather comprehensively to enter the final. Saina had earlier this year won the India Open Grand Prix Gold in Delhi.

World Cup 2014 enters knock out stage

28 06 2014
World Cup 2014 enters knock out stage

Last 16 teams at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil are decided, the knockout rounds get underway on Saturday when Brazil take on Chile. The Round-of-16 of the Football World Cup begins tonight. In the first two matches, Brazil will clash with Chile at Belo Horizonte at 9:30 PM Indian Time, while Uruguay will take on Colombia at Rio de Janeiro at 1:30 AM.
All India Radio will broadcast live commentary on both the matches. It can be heard on FM Rainbow, Rajdhani and national channel. You can also listen to the preview of the matches in our major bulletins at 2 PM and 9 PM.
The  casualties from the group stages include reigning champions Spain as well as Italy, England and Portugal.
Costa Rica were the surprise package in the first round, coming through on top of a group including the Three Lions, the Azzurri and South America’s Uruguay.
Schedule for the last 16, the first stage where a loss categorically means returning home:
World Cup 2014: Last 16 Schedule
June 28 9pm PST Brazil vs. Chile
June 28 1am PST(Sunday) Colombia vs. Uruguay
June 29 9pm PST Netherlands vs. Mexico
June 29 1am PST(Sunday) Costa Rica vs. Greece
June 30 9pm PST France vs. Nigeria
June 30 1am PST(Sunday). Germany vs. Algeria
July 1 9pm PST Argentina vs. Switzerland
July 1 1am PST(Sunday). Belgium vs. USA

Netherlands  so far looked one of the best sides in the tournament, winning all three of their games including a 5-1 demolition of Spain.They take on a strong Mexico side who held Brazil to a draw in Group A—in one of the last 16′s best match ups, which could well go to extra time or penalties.
Colombia will be buoyed by the suspension of Uruguay’s Luis Suarez, per FIFA World Cup, and should see themselves through to the quarter-finals as a result. They have been one of the tournament’s standout teams so far, impressing with their attacking flair.
One of Costa Rica or Greece will also make the last eight, having both upset the odds to make it out of the group stages to the surprise of many.
To some  people’s favourites for the competition, Argentina, face a Switzerland side who have bucked their previous trends in the tournament so far, conceding plenty but also scoring more goals than many had expected.Lionel Messi should have enough to inspire his side to victory but the Swiss have shown their quality and will present a stiff test.
Apart from Spain, most of the pre-tournament favourites still remain and the quality of football is likely to only get better as the competition moves forward and last-eight places are on the line.

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28 06 2014

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