Monday, December 26, 2011

Tower of Fame of Maharshi Dayanand soon in Delhi

On the eve of 85th. “Balidan (Sacrifice) Diwas” of Swami Shardhanand ji, a Great Social Reformer, Freedom Fighter and a Symbol of Hindu Muslim brotherhood and Unity. A Grand “Shobha Yatra” of 4-5 Kms. started at 10am on 25 Dec. from Naya Bazar, to Chawri Bazar, Nai Sarak, Chandni Chowk and held public meeting  at Ramlila Ground. EveryYear around 10,000 to 12,000 Aryas from around 300 Arya Samajs, Gurukuls, DAV Educational Institues, Schools Participate. Homage is Paid to the Great Swami Shardhanand ji,at Ramlila Ground. Ho'nble Minister Dr. Ramakant Goswami announced Delhi will soon have Maharshi Dayanand Kirti Stambh,Tower of fame to be erected close to Akshardham temple. Maharshai Dharmpalji,Pressident Dr Vinay,Dr Mahesh and Rajiv Arya general secretaryalong with other dignitories were present in the FunctionTo Day
Saraswati, Dayananda, 1824-83, Indian religious reformer, founder of the Arya Samaj movement. He was a Brahman from Gujarat who became the major spokesman for the 19th-century Hindu revival that placed exclusive authority in the Vedas. He condemned idol worship, untouchability, child marriage, and the low station of women, which he said were not sanctioned by the Vedas. In 1875 he founded the Arya Samaj [society of nobles] in Bombay to spread the doctrines of the newly reinterpreted Vedas. Although he was little concerned with politics, his message reawakened the Hindu traditionalists and reinforced the division between Muslim and Hindu in India.
Vedas are the fundamental base of vedic culture. These are the source of knowledge, Science and Religions etc. Vedas are the eternal knowledge provided by God which consist of all the preaching related to duties and karmas. Vedic culture is the universally adaptable culture. All the science and knowledge which we see in the world is extracted from the Vedas only. This is the reason that all the Rishies-Maharshies and Acharyas have sung the hymns of the significance of Vedas. Maharshi Manu declares as

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