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International Day for preservation of Ozone Layer being observed today

The International Day for the preservation of the Ozone Layer is being observed today. The day marks the commemoration of the date of signing of the Montreal Protocol in 1987 on substances that deplete the Ozone layer.
Substances like Chlorofluorocarbons, halons, Carbontetrachloride are responsible for depletion of ozone layer . The Ozone layer is a fragile shield of gas which protects the Earth from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun and thus helping preserve life on the planet.
Countries were invited to devote the Day to promote activities in accordance with the objectives of the Protocol and its amendments. This year, the theme for Day is Ozone Layer Protection: The Mission Goes On.
The UN Secretary General Ban Ki- Moon in his message has said, recent scientific findings reveal the importance of the Montreal Protocol.
Without the Protocol and associated agreements, atmospheric levels of ozone-depleting substances could have increased ten-fold by 2050. Concerted action has prevented millions of cases of skin cancer.

India spacecraft to enter Mars orbit on September 24

India to enter Mars orbit on September 24
An Indian spacecraft will enter Mars on September 24 for scientific exploration of the red planet after a 300-day voyage through inter-planetary space.
“After cruising through 666-million km across the solar orbit, for over nine months, our spacecraft will be inserted into the Martian orbit Sep 24 at 7.30 a.m., Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scientific secretary V. Koteswara Rao said at a preview of the mission’s tryst with the celestial object.The orbit insertion will take place when the spacecraft will be 423 km from the Martian surface and 215 million km away (radio distance) from the earth.
The ambitious Rs.450-crore ($70 million) Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) was launched Nov 5, 2013 on board a polar rocket from the spaceport Sriharikota off the Bay of Bengal, about 80 km north-east of Chennai.
“India will be the first country in the world to insert a spacecraft into the Martian orbit in its maiden attempt if the operation succeeds and also the first Asian country to reach the red planet’s sphere,” Rao said.
The state-run ISRO will be the fourth space agency after National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US, Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA) and European Space Agency (ESA) to have undertaken a mission to Mars.
Incidentally, NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Orbiter (MAVEN) will enter the red planet’s orbit Sep 22.
In the run-up to the D-day, the mission scientists will do course (trajectory) correction Sep 22.
As on Monday, the 475 kg (dry mass) spacecraft is 13 million km away from Mars, having cruised 98 percent (201 million km) of the radio distance from the earth and 653 million km of the sun’s 666 million km orbit.
“The course correction has been postponed to Sep 22 from Sunday (Sep 14) to conserve the precious liquid fuel weighing (852 kg) and ensure the orbital insertion takes place when the spacecraft is closer to Mars for smooth transition from the sun’s orbit,” Rao said.
Scientists at the spacecraft’s control centre have started uploading commands since Sunday and will verify them late Monday.
During the Orbiter’s long journey, mid-course correction was carried twice – Dec 11 and June 11 – but skipped in April and August as it was cruising in the solar orbit as intended.
“The liquid apogee motor (LAM) or fuel engine at the bottom of the spacecraft will be fired Sep 22 for four seconds to enter the Martian sphere of influence and the course correction will consume about 500gm of fuel,” Rao said.
The speed of the spacecraft will also be reduced to 2.14 metre per second from 22.2 km per second for enabling smooth transition into the Martian orbit from the sun’s orbit Sep 24.
The insertion operation will begin at 4.17 a.m. by first activating the spacecraft’s three antennas for receiving and transmitting signals between earth and Mars.
At 6.56 a.m., the spacecraft will be rotated towards Mars and five minutes later when sunlight is not falling on the Martian surface causing eclipse, the thrusters beneath the engine will give the Orbiter altitude control.
“The liquid engine will start firing at 7.17 a.m. and at 7.21 a.m., Mars occult begins. A minute later at 7.22 a.m., telemetry (radio signals) will be off or out of receiving radars on the earth,” Rao pointed out.
Scientists at the space agency’s deep space network at Byalalu, about 40 km from Bangalore, NASA’s Earth station at Goldstone on the US west coast, the ESA’s Earth station at Madrid will confirm the insertion into the Martian orbit 24 minutes later at 7.54 a.m.
“Telemetry signals resume and Doppler measurements will provide first signals about the successful insertion of the spacecraft into the Martian orbit,” Rao added.
The spacecraft, with five scientific instruments, will be placed in an elliptical orbit, with the nearest distance from the Martian surface being 423 km and the furthest 80,000 km, to rotate around it in a duration equivalent to 3.2 earth days.

India, China relations go beyond plain arithmetic: PM

India, China relations go beyond plain arithmetic: PM

A day ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s arrival in Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday hailed the ties shared between India and China. With a conversation with Chinese journalists based in New Delhi, the PM said, “India and China are bound by history, connected by culture, and inspired by rich traditions. With conversation with Chinese journalists based in New Delhi, the PM said, “India and China are bound by history, connected by culture, and inspired by rich traditions. Together they can create a bright future for the entire mankind.”
PM further described the India-China ties as moving ahead from “Inch (India and China) towards Miles (Millennium of Exceptional Synergy)”.
He said that every inch we cover can rewrite history of humanity and every mile we cross will go a long way in making this planet a better place.
The PM further hoped that together India and China cover several miles. Several miles that take not only the two nations forward but also all of Asia and humankind towards the path of progress and harmony, Modi added.
Further referring to the large population base of India and China, Modi said that when the two Asian countries gain, almost 35 percent of the world’s population benefits; when India and China strengthen ties, almost 35 percent of the world’s people come closer; when economic cooperation between India and China increases, the lives of almost 35 percent of the world’s population undergoes qualitative changes.
Responding to a question on how he foresees India and China relations developing, the Prime Minister explained that our relations go beyond plain arithmetic.
“The arithmetic and chemistry of our relations convince me that together we can script history and create a better tomorrow for all of mankind.”
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will set aside protocol and himself receive Chinese President Xi Jinping when he arrives in Ahmedabad on Wednesday.
Xi will become the first world leader to begin an India visit from Gujarat.
Modi will himself receive Xi on his arrival from Colombo on Wednesday afternoon.

BJP wins Vadodara, SP bags Mainpuri, TRS takes Medak

Sep 16,
BJP has retained the Vadodara Lok Sabha seat in Gujarat while Samajwadi party won Mainpuri seat in Uttar Pradesh and in Telegana Medak Lok Sabha seat went to Telangana Rashtra Samithi. The counting began this morning.
Uttar Pradesh, ruling Samajwadi party got a shot in the arm as its Loksabha candidate declared victorious a short while ago. Grand nephew and Samajwadi Party candidate Tej Pratap Singh Yadav defeated his nearest rival of BJP Prem Singh Shakya by three lakh twenty one thousand one hundred forty nine votes at the prestigious Loksabha seat of Mainpuri which was vacated by SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav.
BJP has won the Lucknow East Vidhan Sabha seat by over twenty five thousand votes. Ashutosh Tandon, the son of veteran BJP leader Lalji Tandon has defeated his nearest Samajwadi Party rival Juhi Singh. BJP has also won NOIDA seat defeating SP candidate by a margin of over 25000. Whereas BJP’s Bimla Botham has won the NOIDA assmebly seat by the margin of over 58000 votes defeating her nearest rival Kajal Sharma of Samajwadi Party. The saffron party has also won the Saharanpur seat where its candidate Rajiv Gumber defeated SP’s Sanjay Garg by 26000 votes.
Official Media  reports that out of 11 assembly seats ruling Samajwadi Party has won 7 seats whereas it is leading on Rohania seat. All the seats were vacated by BJP and its ally Apnadal as their MLAs were elected as MPs in recent Loksabha elections. Now the result of only Rohania assembly seat is awaited.
Gujarat, BJP has won prestigious Vadodara Loksabha seat vacated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. BJP candidate Ranjanben Bhatt has won Vadodara Loksabha seat by more than 3 lakh votes over her nearest Congress rival Narendra Rawat. On nine assembly seats, the BJP won six seats, while the Congress has won three seats. AIR Correspondent reports, the Congress has snatched Khambhaliya, Mangrol and Deesa Assembly seats from BJP, while BJP retained Maninagar, Talaja and Tankara, Limkheda, Anand and Matar Assembly seats.
In Medak Lok Sabha bye elections, TRS candidate K. Prabhakar Reddy won the Medak Lok Sabha seat by a huge margin of 3,61,277 votes over his nearest congress candidate Sunita Lakshma Reddy. The congress candidate polled 2,10,523 votes. the BJP-TDP candidate stood third in the elections.
In Rajashtan, all four results have been declared. Congress won three and BJP won in one seat. In Surajgarh, Congress candidate Shravan Kumar defeated Dr Digambar Singh of BJP with a margin of 3270 votes and in Weir Congress Candidate Bhajanlal defeated his nearest rival of BJP Gangaram Koli with a margin of 25,108 votes. In Nasirabad, Ramnarayan Gurjar of Congress has won with his nearest rival of BJP Sariga Gena with a margin of 386 votes. In Kota South assembly seat, BJP candidate Sandip Sharma defeated his nearest rival of Congress candidate Shivkant Nandwana with a margin of more than 25,000 votes.
In West Bengal, BJP candidate Mr.Shamik Bhattacharjee has won in Basirhat South assembly by-election. Mr.Bhattacharjee defeated his nearest Trinamool Congress candidate Mr.Dependu Biswas over a margin of 1400 votes while the ruling Trinamool Congress has retained the Chowringhee seat in Kolkata. AIR Kolkata correspondent reports that the BJP has opened its account in the state assembly after 15 years.
In Andhra Pradesh, Tangirala Soumya of Telugu Desam Party has won the by-elections for Nandigama Assembly Constituency. Two other independent candidates K. Pullaiah got 941 votes while M. Pulla Rao secured 647 votes, while NOTA had 1,177 votes.
In Assam, out of three assembly seats, Congress candidate Rajdip Gwala won the Lakhipur seat by 9172 votes. Official announcement is yet to come. In Silchar BJP’s Dilip Paul is leading by 36,000 votes. In Jamunamukh assembly constituency, All India United Democratic Front candidate Abdur Rahim Ajmal is leading by 19,000 votes.
In Sikkim, an Independent Candidate Rup Narayan Chamling has won the Bye-Election of Rangang-Yangang seat in south district with margin of 706 votes. He has defeated the Sikkim Democratic Front candidate Kumari Manger. While the BJP candidate Bikas Basnet secured third position. Rup Narayan Chamling who is the younger brother of the Chief Minister, Pawan Chamling has got total 4749 votes.

Philippines orders evacuation near powerful volcano


Philippines orders evacuation near powerful volcano
Philippines authorities today ordered people living close to a powerful volcano to evacuate, warning a dangerous eruption may occur within weeks.
Magma has reached the crater of Mayon volcano, in a coastal and farming area 330 kilometres southeast of Manila, according to the director of the state volcanology agency, Renato Solidum.
“A hazardous eruption is possible within weeks,” Solidum said in a text message.
Residents within the volcano’s six-kilometre radius, already designated as a “permanent danger zone,” will be forcibly evacuated immediately, regional civil defence director Bernardo Alejandro said.
The volcanalogy agency raised the danger alert for Mayon to three, on a five-level scale.
Level three means there is “relatively high unrest”, and five means an eruption is occurring.
Local officials were meeting on Tuesday to discuss their response to a possible eruption, Alejandro said in a text message.
It was not immediately clear how many people lived within the danger zone, but a local official told a televised press conference that 120 people had already been evacuated.
Mayon and its surroundings are also a popular tourist destination. Mayon, one of the Philippines’ most active volcanoes, last erupted in May 2013 when it spewed a giant ash cloud and a hail of rocks, killing four foreign tourists and their local tour guide.
The 2,460-metre Mayon is famed for its near-perfect cone but has a long history of deadly eruptions.
In 1814, more than 1,200 people were killed when lava flows buried the town of Cagsawa.
An explosion in August 2006 did not cause direct deaths, but the following December a passing typhoon unleashed an avalanche of volcanic mud from Mayon’s slopes that killed 1,000 people.

Lessons To Be Learnt from J-K Floods

Lessons To Be Learnt from J-K Floods
Dr. Rajiv Kumar
Today at 4:17 PM
Dear Mr. Sagar
I am forwarding my column in Mail Today of Monday 15th September. The Indian army has done stellar work in flood relief in the Valley. And as always there are remarkable accounts of volunteers and civil society organizations rendering selfless service. It is therefore important to bridge the gap between the State and the civil society rather than reinforce the existing the gulf between ‘Us and Them’. We have to make the important shift from the ‘Mai Baap Sarkar’ to ‘Meri Sarkar’.
Your comments are most welcome as always.
Best regards,
Rajiv Kumar

Lessons to be learnt from J-K floods, says Rajiv Kumar

The deluge and consequential human tragedy in Jammu and Kashmir is unprecedented. Hundreds of lives have been lost and the misery continues unabated with more to come as disease and pestilence start to spread in the wake of receding floodwaters
Even more heartrending is the loss of self-dignity and utter feeling of helplessness felt by the citizens, who could have never imagined such a catastrophe befalling them. The disaster has obliterated all distinctions but how one wishes that the beautiful people of Kashmir with their glorious syncretic traditions will come together in happier and hopeful circumstances. For these happier times to come about, all of us, especially the political leadership, have to recognise that business as usual (BAUD) will not do.
The mighty Indian State, ever eager to gobble up more resources, and claim special status with its red beacons and Z-class security and freebies at taxpayers’ cost, does not show any contrition as it admits to be palpably incompetent in the handling of, let alone, preventing the crisis. On this occasion this has crossed all imaginable scale as the chief minister, almost proud in being candid, declared that the floods have simply washed his government away. This was the easiest way to wash off all responsibility from one’s hands.
This should prompt us to ask the question as to why do our administrative systems fail so completely and with sickening regularity? Why is the National Disaster Management Authority an institutional disaster and why do we have to rely so quickly and abjectly on the armed forces, which are surely not meant to be an auxiliary system for disaster management. We also do not question the chief ministers of disaster-stricken states, whether it is Bihar and Uttarakhand in the yesteryears and Jammu and Kashmir this year to own the moral and managerial responsibility for these preventable catastrophes. The fact is that the misery wrought by nature on the hapless and helpless Indians or the miserable conditions in which we are forced to exist after nearly seven decades of our independence is simply no one’s responsibility.
I am afraid this attitude of complete lack of accountability and zero responsibility towards generating the needed employment and jobs in our country will hurtle this country into a historical nightmare that will be difficult to come out of.
Long ago we had coined the term ‘Predatory State’ to characterise the government, which acts against the national and peoples’ interest to serve the petty vested interest of its cronies and components. From all accounts emerging from Srinagar, Jammu, Lucknow and Kolkata, to name some, such a predatory state continues to survive across regions of the country.
How can one otherwise explain complete disregard to on going environment degradation and the spread of urban squalor in J&K, which has contributed to the present tragedy; the cynical instigation of communal savagery in Uttar Pradesh; or the active connivance of the political class in the drug addiction and decimation of an entire generation; the lack of regulatory action against female infanticide; or the continuation of bride burning, dowry deaths, child labour or manual scavenging after more than five decades of all these being declared illegal. The State has not only abdicated its responsibility but has actively used the apparatus at its disposal to fulfil very petty, selfish and sometimes malafide interests. This must change if future tragedies are to avoided or at least their horrific impact has to be minimised. The silver lining amidst this gloomy picture have been reports of heroic deeds of volunteers, some of whom put their risk lives at risk to protect others. This has been a running theme in our country. When the state breaks down, as it did in 1947, or when it is implicitly asked to remain a mute bystander or actively connive with the perpetrators of heinous crimes, many within the civil society rise to the occasion. Neighbours provide succour and protection to those facing the threat to their lives from either natural catastrophe or inhuman violence. Civil society organisations come forward to mobilise financial, material and food assistance that quite often is much larger in volume and more efficient in delivery as compared to that undertaken by the official agencies.
But then on occasions such as now being witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir, the civil society is either hugely divided, or mistrusted by the government or simply unable to act in the face of a tragedy that has enveloped them all at the same time. At such times clearly, the State has to take the vanguard role and not let the people down by its chief representative throwing up his hands and declaring helplessness.
I hope that after the Kosi disaster in Bihar, the Uttarakhand tragedy and now Srinagar, we are serious about initiating some measures to reduce the probability of such calamitous events and minimising human costs in case they do occur. The two necessary conditions for developing this new approach, that is badly needed, is to re-establish the trust between the people and the government and secondly to jettison as soon as possible the BAUD mindset. To begin with the government must right away stop the practice of painting all CSOs with the same brush and denigrating them as foreign agents, money laundering mechanisms or worse still being simply anti-national. I really wonder if this State, with its repeatedly demonstrated inability of safeguarding human lives, has the legitimacy to charge any other organisation as anti-national.
The government has to change from being so dependent on the bureaucracy and ignoring, and in some cases being hostile to the civil society. This sustains the engrained trait of ‘us and them’ within the population and does not allow a participatory approach to development and disaster management. The people have to be given the self respect they deserve and not be subjected to government charity or aid that is thrown at them from helicopters as they scurry to retrieve the packets being air dropped. This requires the strengthening of civil society organisations and not their decimation as some tend to mistakenly believe. It is time that the ‘mai baap sarkar’ is supplanted by ‘meri sarkar.’

Akhilesh Yadav: People of the state have given a befitting reply to the communal forces

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday said people of the state have shown the door to divisive and communal forces.
“People of the state have given a befitting reply to the communal forces and have expressed intention that they need harmony and brotherhood,” he told reporters.
The chief minister thanked people of the state for “failing” the communal powers. “Communal forces tried to gain mileage by spreading hatred, but the people by their power of vote defeated them,” he added. Akhilesh said the SP government in the state only concentrates on development works and has been working in this direction from day one and after by-polls it would continue to work more responsibly.
“We want to thank the people that at such a time, they have supported the Samajwadis and the direction in which the SP wants to take the state,” Akhilesh said.
समाजवादी पार्टी के तरफ से सभी उमीद्वारो को जीतने पर हार्दिक बधाई
मैनपुरी – श्री तेज प्रताप सिँह यादव
निघासन – श्री कृष्ण गोपाल पटेल
बिजनौर – श्रीमती रूचिवीरा
हमीरपुर – श्री शिवचरण प्रजापति
सिराथू – श्री वाचस्पति पासी
बलहा – श्री वंशीधर बौध
ठाकुरद्वारा – श्री नवाबजान खान
चरखारी – श्री कप्तान सिंह राजपूत

HICC invitation: Oil Paintings by Jenő Balogh – Inauguration on 23 Sept,Tues,6 pm at HICC

HICC invitation: Oil Paintings by Jenő Balogh – Inauguration on 23 Sept,Tues,6 pm at HICC
hicc.delhi New Delhi
Balogh Jenő mblack@t-online.hu
Titkárság – DEL
Today at 12:03 PM
Dear Friends!
I take this opportunity to invite you to the opening of an Oil Paintings exhibition ‘Planetary Consciousness’ by a Hungarian spiritual painter Jenő Balogh onTuesday, 23rd September, at 6.00 pm at the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre (HICC).
The show will be inaugurated by Prof. Om Prakash Sharma, an eminent artist andformer Principal of Delhi College of Art, University of Delhi, in presence of  the Artist Mr. Jenő Balogh.
Kindly save this date in your calendar. Please, do find the e-invite below.
Looking forward to your gracious presence at the event!
With best regards,
Johanna Balchandani
Senior Cultural Adviser
Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre
1-A Janpath, New Delhi – 110 011
Tel: 00-91-11-2301 4497, 2301 1152, 2301 4992
Fax: 00-91-11-2379 3161

“Khoobsurat” actors Sonam Kapoor & Fawad Khan in Delhi

“Khoobsurat” actors Sonam Kapoor & Fawad Khan promoted their film in Delhi
Pakistani actor Fawad Khan and fashionista Sonam Kapoor visited Delhi and promoted their film in PVR Director';s cut, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. On the occasion versatile actor Kirron Kher also accompanied then at the press meet. Khoobsurat is a  Hindi Romantic comedy film, directed by Shashank Ghosh and produced under the banner Walt Disney Pictures, UTV Motion Pictures & Anil Kapoor Films Company. The is stars Sonam Kapoor & Fawad Khan in the Lead roles and the film is set to be released on 19th September,2014
On the event, Pakistani actor who is debuting with the film, Fawad Khan said, “Its quite a fun working in bollywood, and It was a great opportunity that I got to work with such veteran actors like Kirron Kher & Ratna Pathak and Sonam is fun to work with. The film is very entertaining and worth spending money”

The Engagements


Media – Invite

Requests the pleasure of your company at the grand launch soiree
On Tuesday, 16th September, 2014 1:30 pm onwards
Over Hors d';oeuvre
Anmol Jewellers adds an alluring stroke of glam and glitz to your festivities by launching its uber chic store in Delhi.

Guest of Honour: Glamorous diva of B-town Shilpa Shetty
Address: M – 18, M – Block Market, G.K. – I, New Delhi, Tel: +91-11-40823366

Shakti Raj : + 919711118189

Best Regards,
Shakti Raj Vidyarthi
M @ 9711118189 / 9871487598
Email:- shakti.vidya@gmail.com
S. S. Media Communications
Czech Castles In Kolkata- 18th September
It is a great pleasure and honor for us to invite you to the opening of  inauguration of the Exhibitions Czech Castles” that will be inaugurated by H.E. Mr. Miloslav Stasek, Ambassador of the Czech Republic, and Mr. R.S. Fonia, Joint Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India, on  September 18, 2014, at 18:30 Hrs at the Currency building in Kolkata. 

H. E. Mr. Keshari Nath Tripathi, Honorable Governor of Kolkata, will grace the inauguration as the Chief Guest.
Wishing you all the best and hope to see you in the Currency Building for the „Czech Castles“ Exhibition Inauguration on September 18, 2014.
Please find Press Release  and Invitation attached.With best regards

Andrea Kučerová
Deputy Head of Mission / Political Affairs
Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi
Tel: +91-11-24155200
Fax: +91-11-24155270
50-M, Niti Marg
Chanakayapuri, New Delhi – 110 021
launch of India New Born Action Plan by Dr Harsh Vardhan
Please refer to the attached invitation for the launch of India New Born Action Plan by Dr Harsh Vardhan, Hon';ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India on Thursday , September 18, 2014 at The Manison';s Oval Room, Hyatt Regency, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi. 
The launch programme starts at 10:30 AM,
Tapping the Latent Potential of a Billion+ Market”

A galaxy of leading names from the world of Football
will debate on this topic

DateTuesday, 16th September 2014 
Time9.30 am – 6.00 pm 
VenueSilver Oak RoomIndia Habitat Centre
Gate no. 3, Lodhi Road
New Delhi

We look forward to seeing you.
“The CEO Series:Leading in the 21st Century” with Uday Kotak.

The event will take place at
WWF Auditorium, 172-B, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi-110003
onTuesday, September 16, 2014, 11:00 AM  – 12:30 PM.

Dear Sir/Madam,
                         You are requested cover the following event as per the programme below:
Event:              Shri Thaawar Chand Gehlot, Union Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment will brief the Media
Date   :            16th Sept, 2014 (Tuesday)

Time  :                      12.00 pm

Venue:          PIB Conference Hall , Shastri Bhawan
Dear Sir/Madam,
National Museum of Natural History, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change is observing 16th September as “International Day for the Preservation of Ozone Layer”. Minister of State (Independent Charge) Environment, Forests & Climate ChangeShri Prakash Javadekar will be present on the occasion as per the following schedule:
DATE:Tuesday, 16th September
TIME:11:45 AM
Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, Jor Bagh, New Delhi
Dear Sir/Madam,
Shri Prakash Javadekar, Minister of State (Independent Charge) Environment, Forests & Climate Change will deliver the inaugural address at the 21st Meeting of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Governing Body as per the following schedule:
DATE:Tuesday, 16th September
Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre,
 New Delhi
Dear Sir/Madam,
                        You are cordially invited to cover the following:


:Agriculture Minister Shri Radha Mohan Singh will inaugurate the National Conference of State Ministers of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries.


A.P. Shinde Symposium Hall, National Agricultural Science Complex, Pusa, New Delhi-110012


:Tuesday,  September 16, 2014


10.00 am
Dear Sir/Madam,
National Museum of Natural History, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change is observing 16th September as “International Day for the Preservation of Ozone Layer”. Minister of State (Independent Charge) Environment, Forests & Climate ChangeShri Prakash Javadekar will be present on the occasion as per the following schedule:
DATE:Tuesday, 16th September
TIME:11:45 AM
Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, Jor Bagh, New Delhi

Le regioni d’Italia al cinema/ Italian Regions in Cinema
Dal libro al cinema/From Book to Film
13 Agosto / August – 17 Dicembre / December 2014
Tutti i mercoledì / Every Wednesday @ 19.00

Mercoledi/Wednesday, 17 Settembre/ 17th September @19.00

Dal libro al cinema: GIOVANNI VERGA
From Book to Film:     GIOVANNI VERGA

MALAVOGLIA / The house by the Medlar Tree
Drammatico / Drama
2010, 94 min.
Regista / Director: Pasquale Scimeca

Le alterne vicende di una famiglia di pescatori siciliani costretti a combattere per la sopravvivenza contro ogni tipo di avversità./The alternate happenings of a Sicilian fishermen family forced to fight for survival against every adversity.

Venue: Tessitori HallItalian Cultural Institute, New Delhi
Entry Free: For security reasons please show your valid Photo Identity Card.
For more information, please visit our websitewww.iicnewdelhi.esteri.it/IIC_Newdelhi

Italian Embassy Cultural Centre
50- E, Chandragupta Marg (Entry from Nyaya Marg)
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110 021
Phone: 0091-11-26871901/03/04

CBI Diary Issue Mishandled, CBI Dishonesty in KG Basin Case

Ravinder Singh
presidentofindia@rb.nic.in manmohan@sansad.nic.inspeakerloksabha@sansad.nic.in supremecourt@nic.in websitemhaweb@nic.in and 33 more…
Today at 5:10 AM
CBI Diary Issue Mishandled, CBI Dishonesty in KG Basin Case
September16, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh
Some of my followers are confused by my defending of former PM but
fact is MMS was forwarding all my hundreds of petitioned mailed to PMO
were diligently forwarded to all concerned ministries but UPA-II
Ministers with substantial support in parliament WERE never serious.
In the case KG-D6, CD with scores of documents in 2009 and were
forwarded to CBI but matter was entrusted to an Inspector even as the
National Resources allocated to RIL were in $Trillion. After some time
some messenger came to my house and asked to appear on a particular
day at 5PM. For a minute I thought I was likely to Penalized to
Complaining against RIL.
Reception has no information about my appointment. Inspector asked me
about my information sources and documents etc and even after one of
talking ‘Didn’t Record My Statement and gave a copy of it’.
Second time again I was similarly asked to appear for Investigation of
my Complaint on Nov14, 2011 – this time a Sub-Inspector was engaged.
He also brought in some Friend which I am sure was some RIL top
executive with a Laptop Recording Talk. They asked me irrelevant
things and instead tried to gauze depth of my Knowledge & Skills.
Much before 2005 I was puzzled by DELAYS in executing KG-D6 project
and found RIL engaged World’s Most Powerful Drilling Rig – when for
development of Discoveries required Basic Subsea Rigs. As given in the
above picture this Rig Can reach 45,000 ft horizontal length – enough
to Extract Oil & Gas discoveries made by PSU ONGC and GSPC. CAG in its
reports in 2011 and 2013 reported RIL was Drilling in GSPC blocks and
ONGC discoveries are Claimed by RIL.
Strangely People Who Have Clear Evidence of $Trillion PSU Robbery Have
No Access to DG CBI or Even IPS Officer but DG was Meeting Accused at
Home at Midnight Secretly.
At all VIP residences Visitor Register is maintained expect Suresh
Prabhu like MPs who have no security and any one can meet him.
I noticed Visitor Register were not securely kept and anyone can Copy
or Steal the register – DG had huge personal staff and anyone
disgruntled could do it for any motive.
Here again Court favored Accused by asking Complainant to Provide
Source instead of asking the ACUSED to give AFFIDAVIT to give Correct
List of Visitors.
Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.

Smaaash Master Blaster School Cricket Championship witnessed participation of 102 schools on day 1


Mumbai, 15th September, 2014: The 2nd edition of the Smaaash Master Blaster School Cricket championship saw participation from 102 schools across the city. Out of the 252 teams formed, 76 teams were seen testing their batting skills while facing international bowlers at the first-of-its-kind 360° cricket simulator.
The championship follows a knock-out format and is organised for both boys and girls in the U-14 and U-16 category consecutively. The second edition of the simulator inter-school at Smaaash will continue till 20th September at SMAAASH and the winners will be awarded by ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar at the Finale ceremony.

China Come With Money, Technology & Labor, Japan M+T

Ravinder Singh
presidentofindia@rb.nic.in manmohan@sansad.nic.inspeakerloksabha@sansad.nic.in supremecourt@nic.in websitemhaweb@nic.in and 33 more…
Today at 4:08 AM
China Come With Money, Technology & Labor, Japan M+T
September16, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh ravinderinvent@gmail.com
China is largest exporter of high tech products for over ten years as
such Technology Offered by China is definitely best in the world
suitable for India.
China has huge unemployed work force like India and china Specialize
in offering ‘Turn Key Projects – Infrastructure of all kinds.’
China will come with Money Technology Labor and Operate Most Projects as well.
100 Gujarati Thalis = $100b Investment
China is open to Foreign Investment and or Technology and Labor is
generally local. Here Indian companies weakness – Most have no
technology and if some have like Hero Motors have no intellectual
property could run in to IPR disputes sooner or later.
China are Fastest and Most economical developer of Infrastructure –
Indian housing company may develop a project in 5-8 years, Chinese
companies shall do it better in 2 years. Thus saving of interest rate
alone is 40-50% cost advantage to china.
GOI in this situation is not likely to restrict any Chinese Drive in
to Indian Infrastructure Sector.
China presence in India shall Completely Indian Companies who never
cared for the consumer. Here in the picture is 30-40 years old 11KV
cable for power supply – already has 100 joints – There were several
breakdowns and after almost a month BRPL detected the fault. First a
lone digger came and opened up the cable. Some other day some
Electrician cut the cable and another day a Cable Jointing Kit maker
was engaged to fix the joint. Digger shall visit again to cover it but
not restoring roadside pavement.
Japanese are least intrusive – will send reluctant Officers on short
assignments, take years to Plan and Execute the projects with local
workforce as in Delhi Metro.
My concern is that India misled so far to Promote Indian IPR will
completely forget it that shall be the tragedy.
China engaged 10 engineers where Japan employed one and quickly
acquired technologies.
Obviously India should offer Best International Foods than 100 Gujarat
Thalis as reported in press.
My relations who visit India always relish Butter, Butter Milk, Makki
Roti, Saag etc but there children born abroad always seek KFC, Subway,
McDonald etc.
At all International Conferences there are Foods to the liking of
Invited guests – likewise foreign missions also offer Indian cuisine
along with their native specialties.
Best wishes to GOI.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant,

We need your help to improve our campaigns.

Burma Campaign UK
Sep 15 at 8:33 PM
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Dear friend
We’re working to improve the emails we send you and would really appreciate two minutes of your time.
Together we have successfully campaigned to free political prisoners, get life-saving aid to people fleeing conflict, and persuaded governments and the United Nations to take action to improve human rights in Burma.  Actions you have taken have helped save lives.
We need to make sure our emails are as effective as possible. Our one-page survey takes less than two minutes, and the information you give will help us to better target the emails we send you. All fields are optional.
In the form you’ll be able to let us know:
  • which country you’re in so that we can send you actions that are relevant to where you live.
  • if you’re involved in your local community, for example your church or local Amnesty group, so that we can let you know about actions your group can take, like a new letter writing campaign.
  • if you’re a trade union member, so that we can send you the latest actions on trade union issues in Burma.
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Many thanks for your support. It’s only by working together that we can make a difference.
All the best
Burma Campaign UK
Our mailing address is:
Burma Campaign UK
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LondonN1 6HT
United Kingdom

Upcoming EBTC and Steinbeis workshops September 2014

Upcoming  EBTC and Steinbeis workshops
September 2014
Steinbeis – IamSMEofIndia Centre for Technology and Innovation, and the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) invite you to take part in two special workshops.
We hope you will be able to join us and please do share this information with anyone that might be interested.
Kind regards,
The EBTC team
Workshop on plastic technologies
18th – 20th September 2014
10 am – 5.30 pm, Hotel Park Plaza, Sector 21-C, Faridabad, Haryana
The purpose of this workshop for plastics is to bring together the plastics industry in India. The workshop will help these industries understand their problems better and thus resolve these to make them more efficient and enhance their productivity.
The workshop will cover:
  • Thermoplastics – types and uses.
  • Principles of injection moulding machines.
  • Mould design.
  • Moulding process parameters.
  • Moulding defects.
Read more and register:          
Workshop on strategic business management for linkages with European SME’s
24th – 25th September 2014
10 am – 5.30 pm, Delhi
This workshop will answer questions pertaining to Indian organisations regarding strategy formulation and implementation, particularly with reference to collaborations with German and other European organisations (SME’s). This workshop is supported by GIZ.
The workshop will cover:
  • Profitability.
  • Customer assessment and customer needs.
  • Product assessment, life cycle and strategy.
  • Customer assessment: 9 field matrix, etc.
  • Driving forces in industrial development.
  • Success factors of German SMEs.
  • Industry 4.0.
Read more and register:  
Mr. Monish Verma, verma@ebtc.eu
Steinbeis India:  
Ms. Manju, 2etech@steinbeisindia.com
Ms. Uma, tech-bde@steinbeisindia.com
Contact us: www.ebtc.eu | info@ebtc.eu | Follow on:  LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Indian women fall short of medal hopes in Spain


New Delhi, 15th September 2014: The eighth day of the 51st ISSF World Shooting Championship being held at Granada, Spain, saw the Indian women contingent fall short of medal hopes in the qualification rounds.  The only Indian shooter so far to have earned a medal as well as a quota place from India, for the 2016 Rio Olympics is Army marksman Jitu Rai, who finished with a Silver medal in the 25M Rapid fire pistol round, the first ever pistol medal for India in the World Championships till date.
In the 50M Rifle prone for Women, Kuhelika Gangulee shot 619.4 to finish 26th while Lajja Goswami and Raj Chaudhary who shot identical scores of 615.4 to finished at the 47th and 48th positions respectively.
 In the 10M Air Rifle Jr Men’s category, the Indian trio of Satyam Chauhan, Ekambir Singh Mandi and Prashant missed out on the start list for the final, finishing at the 22nd, 29thand 32nd positions with scores of 618.2, 616.8 and 616.2 respectively.
In the 50M Rifle Prone Jr. Women events, Team India finished ninth. The Indian team that consisted of Elizabeth Susan Koshy, Priyal Keni and Anjum Moudgil finished 28th, 34thand 43rd shooting a total of 612.3, 609.4 and 604.8 respectively.





Orlando, Fla., September 15, 2014 – Hero MotoCorp Ltd, the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, will be the Title Sponsor of the prestigious World Challenge 2014.

The 16th-annual Hero World Challenge, will be held between December 3-7, 2014 at the renowned Isleworth Golf & Country Club in Orlando, Fla. US, and will have 17 of the PGA TOUR’s best players compete for the $3.5 million top prize. The 72-hole, stroke play event is co-sponsored by the PGA TOUR and benefits the Tavistock Foundation and the college-access programs of the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Announcing this at Orlando on Monday, Mr. Pawan Munjal, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Hero MotoCorp Ltd, said, “This title sponsorship of the Hero World Challenge is reflective of Brand Hero’s rapidly expanding global footprint. Having been associated with the game in India for over two decades, and being the title sponsor of the Hero Indian Open for both men and women for several years, it is only befitting that we should be stepping on to the global arena of golf with the Hero World Challenge. It is also our passion for the game, that we have come on board for the Hero World Challenge This is just the beginning. Going forward, we will certainly look at further cementing this relationship.”

Mr. Tiger Woods, said, “This tournament has been an integral part of my foundation since 1999 and has raised $25 million for my foundation and local charities. We are thrilled to partner with Tavistock Group to make the tournament an even stronger platform for the game of golf and I am very excited to welcome Hero MotoCorp as title sponsor. They are a global brand and a great fit for the Hero World Challenge.”

Mr. Andrew Odenback, Vice President – Sports Ventures, Tavistock Group, said, “The Hero World Challenge features the strongest invitational field in golf. We are honored to build on its strong history and welcome the players, sponsors and fans at Isleworth Golf & Country Club.”

Synonymous with some of the marquee sports partnerships in India as well as globally, Hero MotoCorp has for long had a steadfast commitment towards promoting various disciplines of sports including golf, cricket and hockey. Most recently, the company has also become the title sponsor of the India Super League – the first-of-its-kind franchise-based football league in the country. Hero is also the Title Sponsor of the Hero Hockey India League.

The Hero World Challenge will continue to raise funds and awareness for the college-access programs of the Tiger Woods Foundation and will also benefit the Tavistock Foundation. The Tiger Woods Foundation provides educational opportunities for underserved youth nationwide, with the mission to break the cycle of poverty. Seven Tiger Woods Learning Centers nationwide offer STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) courses such as robotics and graphic design, while the Earl Woods Scholarship Program is an unyielding support system of mentors, funds and workshops to help send students to universities including Georgetown, USC, UC-Berkeley, UCLA and Harvard.

The Tavistock Foundation is dedicated to supporting communities in which the Tavistock Group has significant business interests, with a focus on funding education and medical research programs. In the last decade, the Tavistock Cup provided direct charitable contributions to Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association, First Tee and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  The Foundation was also instrumental in the development of the Lake Nona Institute, and has contributed to Lake Nona Medical City partners, including Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute and the University of Central Florida.

In 2013, Zach Johnson forced a playoff with five-time Hero World Challenge champion Tiger Woods after he holed out a 58-yard shot from the drop zone on No. 18 at Sherwood Country Club. He then secured the victory when Woods lipped out a five-foot par putt on the playoff hole. The two dueled in 2011, when Johnson fell to Woods by one stroke. This year’s winner will join a prestigious list of past champions including Davis Love III (2000), Padraig Harrington (2002), Luke Donald (2005), Vijay Singh (2008), Jim Furyk (2009) and Graeme McDowell (2010, 2012).

About Isleworth Golf & Country Club

Nestled amongst the Butler Chain of Lakes, this 600-acre community has more than seven miles of shoreline and is highlighted by a championship golf course. Conceived by Arnold Palmer, designed by Ed Seay and recently enhanced by Steve Smyers, the course was built on rolling terrain and features generous, undulating and fast greens. The 18-hole course was selected as one of the Top 100 courses in the country in rankings by Travel + Leisure Golf, WSJ/Golfweek and LINKS Magazine. For information about the community, please visit www.isleworth.com or call Isleworth Realty, (407) 876-0111.


The PGA TOUR is the world’s premier membership organization for touring professional golfers, co-sanctioning more than 130 tournaments on the PGA TOUR, Champions Tour, Web.com Tour, NEC Series-PGA TOUR Latinoamérica, PGA TOUR Canada and PGA TOUR China.

The PGA TOUR’s mission is to entertain and inspire its fans, deliver substantial value to its partners, create outlets for volunteers to give back, generate significant charitable and economic impact in the communities in which it plays, and provide financial opportunities for TOUR players.

Worldwide, PGA TOUR tournaments are broadcast to more than 1 billion households in 225 countries and territories in 32 languages. Virtually all tournaments are organized as non-profit organizations in order to maximize charitable giving. In 2013, tournaments across all Tours generated more than $133 million for local and national charitable organizations and in early 2014 the TOUR’s all-time charitable contributions surpassed $2 billion.

The PGA TOUR’s web site is PGATOUR.COM, the No. 1 site in golf, and the organization is headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.


Divij Krishna

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