Sunday, November 29, 2015

Suu Kyi warns her party’s new MPs that wrongdoing will not be tolerated

Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi has warned newly elected Members of Parliament that she will not tolerate poor discipline or wrongdoing.
Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy party took nearly 80 per cent of contested seats in the November 8th election, promising change after decades of alleged corrosive and corrupt army control of the country.
The current Parliament is due to sit until at least January.

Russia announces economic sanctions against Turkey

Russia announces economic sanctions against Turkey
Nov 29, 2:16 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced economic sanctions against Turkey, following the downing of their warplane by Ankara on the Syrian border on Tuesday.
The decree published on the Kremlin’s website yesterday came hours after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan voiced regret over the incident.
Mr Erdogan had said that Turkey was truly saddened by the event and wished it hadn’t occurred.
The Russian sanctions covers imports from Turkey, the work of Turkish companies in Russia and any Turkish nationals working for Russian companies.
The decree also calls for an end to charter flights between the countries.
It also urges Russian tour operators to refrain from selling packages to Turkey, while Turkey’s Foreign Ministry has warned its citizens against non-essential travel to Russia until the situation becomes clear.
Mr. Erdogan’s expression of regret was the first since Turkish F-16 jets shot down the Russian jet on grounds that it had violated Turkish airspace despite repeated warnings to change course.
He renewed a call for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of a climate conference in Paris, saying it would be an opportunity to overcome tensions.

India: Paris conference need to work on Green technologies at affordable prices.

India: Paris conference need to work on Green technologies at affordable prices.
India says, Paris conference should enable access to climate relevant technologies at affordable prices.Ahead of the Climate Change Summit beginning in Paris tomorrow, India today said that the outcome of the conference should enable access to climate-relevant technologies at affordable prices.
In its official twitter handle for the Summit, the government said that Paris agreement should enable countries to collaborate in development and large scale deployment of climate friendly technologies.
It said that the outcome of the Summit must support adaptation and development to affordable technologies balancing intermittent supply of solar and wind energy.
The tweet also said, India has submitted Intended Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris conference and pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 33 to 35 percent of its GDP by 2030 from 2005 level.
Over 150 heads of state will participate in the Conference tomorrow to strike a deal on global warming.
The high participation makes the Summit one of the largest diplomatic conferences ever organized, besides the United Nations General Assembly Sessions in New York.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave for the Conference shortly. He will unveil India’s Strategy to contain global warming and its serious consequences.
The summit is being organized under tight security measures in the wake of the recent terror attacks in Paris that claimed 130 lives and injured many others.
AIR correspondent, covering the Summit, reports that 1.28 lakh security personnel have been mobilized for peaceful conduct of the Conference.

P V Sindhu win Macau Open

PV Sindhu
PV Sindhu: Facebook
P V Sindhu completed a hat-trick of women’s singles title at the $ 120,000 Macau Open Grand Prix Gold after defeating Japan’s Minatsu Mitani in the finals, in Macau, on Sunday.
Sindhu produced a dominating game to notch up a 21-9, 21-23, 21-14 win against sixth seed Mitani in a women’s singles match that lasted an hour and six minutes. Sindhu dominated the proceedings right from the start as she rode on the errors of Mitani to reach 11-5 at the break. Sixth-seeded Mitani came up with an aggressive rally and sealed it with a down the line smash but she failed to curb her errors and most of her returns went wide and long to allow Sindhu lead 17-6 in a jiffy.


PM Spoke Like Vivekananda First Time – Enlightened in Bihar
November29, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh
I have been watching PM speak since 2002 and in all 13 years was not
impressed at all – i.e. When he talked of ‘Linking Rivers’ I knew as
expert there is too little water allocated for Gujarat in Narmada
Basin that very little will be available for diversion to other rivers
for a huge state – four times larger than Punjab. ‘Check Dams’ shall
Induce Floods, Reduce Water Flows in to Dams, would lead to shortages
than abundance of water – impact agriculture. Change of heart was
induced by –
First debacle in Bihar in spite of ‘All Out Effort’, ‘Huge Publicity’,
‘Huge Promises’, ‘Change of Strategy in Every Phase of Election’ and
use of derogatory words.
Second within hours ‘Yashwant Sinha led Coup to De-stabilize His
Government’ asking PM to ‘Own Up Failure in Bihar’ made him realize
‘He is Responsible For Progress of 1250m Indians not His Ungrateful
Third even as his rivals within talked against ‘Critical Provisions in
the Constitution Like Reservation, Secularism & Socialism, Section 370
and Hitler etc’ –
He turned the table on all of them with this brilliant ‘Vivekananda
Like Speech’ and Expressed Full Faith in the Constitution of India,
ruled out any change in it.
He quoted Joseph Story – ‘The constitution has been reared for
immortality if the work of man may justly aspire to such a title.’ And
further added ‘In a nation where all the world’s 12 religions, 122
Languages, and 1600 plus Dialects it was difficult to Formulate the
Constitution which now UNITES us all 1250m Indians.’
He began by saying ‘Spirit of Constitution is not I and You but WE’ –
and promosed to Run The Government on the Basis of  CONSENSUS Than
Constitution guarantees ‘Dignity for Indian and unity for India’.
‘If we wish to maintain democracy not merely in form, but also in
fact, what must we do? The first thing, in my judgment we must do, is
to hold fast to constitutional methods of achieving our social and
economic objectives. But where constitutional methods are open, there
can be no justification for these unconstitutional methods. These
methods are nothing but the grammar of anarchy and the sooner they are
abandoned, the better for us.’
‘The Constitution is a fundamental document. It is a document which
defines the position and power of the three organs of the State –the
executive, the judiciary and the legislature. It also defined the
powers of the executive and the powers of the legislature as against
the citizen, as have done in our chapter dealing with Fundamental
Rights. In fact, the purpose of a Constitution is not merely to create
the organs of the State but to limit their authority, because, if no
limitation was imposed upon the authority of organs, there will be
complete tyranny and complete oppression. The legislature may be free
to frame any Law; the executive may be free to take any decision; and
the Supreme Court may be free to give any interpretation of the Law.
It would result in utter chaos’
‘In a democratic country like India which is governed by a written
Constitution, supremacy can be legitimately claimed only by the
Constitution. It is the Constitution which is paramount, which is the
law of laws, which confers on Parliament and the State Legislatures,
the Executive and the Judiciary their respective powers, assigns to
them their respective functions, and prescribes limitations within
which the said powers and functions can be legitimately discharged.’
Dr Ambedkar Said ‘I feel, however a good constitution may be, it is
sure to turn out bad because those who are called to work it, happened
to be bad lot. However bad a constitution may be, it may turn out to
be good if those who are called to work it, happened to be good lot.
The working of a constitution does not depend wholly upon the nature
of the constitution.’
PM Attempted to Put the BJP’s Uncontrolled, Directionless Politics, On
Rails Of The Constitution.
Constitution is for Unity and Progress of all 1250m Indians, ‘Sabka
Bharat Mission’.
I wish him all success.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9871056471,

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The global climate march is happening everywhere RIGHT NOW! Join the virtual march, Avaaz’ll deliver our numbers to leaders in Paris — let’s make sure they know how many of us want urgent action!
Security concerns mean the people of Paris can’t join our global march on the eve of the biggest climate summit this decade. Instead, the shoes of each missing marcher will be lined up on the march route as a symbolic representation of their marching feet. Let’s show the world they are not alone and we all stand as one. Click to join the virtual march and send an image holding up your shoes:
Dear amazing Avaaz community,The French government has just announced that with security still a major concern in Paris, we’ll have to cancel our massive climate march there on November 29th.
This is heart-breaking for our Paris members, who have had enough heartbreak already, but hundreds of thousands will be marching all over the globe. And in Paris, people are donating their shoes to be lined up on the march route as a symbolic representation of their marching feet.
If we all join them by sending thousands of photos of us with our shoes,Avaaz will display our images in Paris to show Parisians they are not alone, and tell the world we all stand as one. Click below to join the virtual march now!
The biggest global climate summit of the decade is going ahead in Paris the day after the march. We have to make sure that the people speak, and leaders hear us, before they gather. Momentum is with us, but some countries like India and Saudi Arabia are making ominous moves to block global progress. We need a massive global outcry for a 100% clean energy world, to pressure the blockers, and bolster champions like Germany not to give in.
Paris was the biggest march planned, but the attacks there make it impossible. Once again, the actions of the few threaten the welfare of us all. But not if we rise to this moment. Humanity is wildly imperfect, but if we all join together we can shine our brightest in the darkest of times. On November 29th, everywhere, let’s shine our light. Join the virtual march now:
The fight to stop catastrophic climate change is not just about stopping a few more storms or a bit of sea rise. Scientists are screaming from rooftops that we are playing with uncontrollable tipping points and feedback loops in our fragile biosphere that could cause rapid, out of control climate change — the kind that could mean the end of the human journey. How strangely fitting that our greatest moment of rallying to save ourselves, the divisive and violent forces of our past would rise to try to take this moment from us. Let’s show who we are, and rise to this moment, with all the love and hope we know we’re capable. For the sake of everything we love.With hope and gratitude,
Emma, Alice, Danny, Rewan, David and the whole Avaaz team.
No plan B if Paris climate summit ends in failure, says EU climate chief (The Guardian)
With Climate March Canceled, Advocates Ask For Shoes Instead (New York Times)
Apple, Microsoft, Google and other US firms to commit $140bn to address climate change (International Business Times)
People’s Climate March: the Revolution Starts Here (Ricken’s OpEd in The Guardian)

One person has died and three others, including a regional Independent Election Commission (IEC) chief, were wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up in Kabul on Saturday, Afghan news agency Pajhwok reported.
Earlier this month, Taliban militants wearing Afghan army uniforms launched a suicide and gun attack on a police headquarters near Kandahar, killing one soldier and injuring three others. The attack lasted 30 minutes before six assailants were killed, police told AFP.

Arun Jaitley: KPs,Sikhs banished, No human rights ON  JUNE 22, 2018  BY  NARESH SAGAR LEAVE A COMMENT EDIT Arun Jaitley @arunjaitley...