Tuesday, August 9, 2016

"This visit seems to me a new milestone in bilateral relations, beginning with a clean slate, and I personally, with all my heart and on behalf of the Turkish nation salute President Putin and all Russians." - Erdogan.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to meet with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in St Petersburg.
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Why eating meat is linked to higher risk of death

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cnn.com – “Our findings have important public health implications,” he added. “They can help refine the current dietary recommendations about protein intake and really get to the point that it is not only th…

SP Salwinder Singh booked in rape case

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Sneha Arora
tribuneindia.com – Punjab » Crime Posted at: Aug 5, 2016, 2:04 AM; last updated: Aug 5, 2016, 4:56 AM (IST) SP Salwinder Singh booked in rape caseIG holding probe into sexual harassment charges Also in this section F…

Saudi Arabia lets women compete in the Olympics, but bans them from playing sports back home

qz.com – As 19-year-old Saudi Arabian athlete Sarah Attar crossed the finish line of the 800m sprint at the London Olympics in 2012, an audience of 80,000 stood to applaud her. The crowd wasn’t congratulati…

The real danger in the South China Sea is repeating assumptions until they become truth

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lowyinterpreter.org – Recently, The Interpreter published another post warning readers of the dangers of China’s intentions and actions in the South China Sea. The piece argues that ‘the real danger’ is that ‘China will…

PM in Lok Sabha: GST is a Great Step by Team India, Great Step Towards Transformation

narendramodi.in – The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today described the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as a “Great Step by Team India,” a “Great Step Towards Transformation,” and a “Great Step Towards Transparen…

Rio 2016 Olympics: Yulia Efimova and the ‘fog of suspicion’

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BBC News (UK)
bbc.co.uk – The Olympics likes to be known as the greatest show on earth. Maybe, after 130 years, it still is. But it is also in danger of being watched in a way that threatens both its present and troubled fu…

What Does It Cost To Win An Olympic Medal?

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Vivek Sengupta
indiaspend.com – While India can be proud of the fact that it improved its medal tally at the London Olympics, could the score have been better had the Government committed more funds and resources? The logical ans…

450 bags of wheat looted in 90 minutes

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Sneha Arora
tribuneindia.com – Punjab » Crime Posted at: Aug 4, 2016, 2:43 AM; last updated: Aug 4, 2016, 2:43 AM (IST) 450 bags of wheat looted in 90 minutes Also in this section Five held with unlicensed weaponsHalf a dozen un…

EU Strength and Weakness Facing China

carnegieendowment.org – The EU this month made important statements within days of each other on two key issues in its relationship with China. One concerns the granting of Market Economy Status (MES) to China, which was …

The country progresses through Jan Shakti: PM Modi

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Bijoy Pradhan
narendramodi.in – The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today described the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as a “Great Step by Team India,” a “Great Step Towards Transformation,” and a “Great Step Towards Transparen…

European Commission – PRESS RELEASES – Press release – Stability and Growth Pact: Council adopts recommendations on Spain and Portugal

europa.eu – These decisions follow entirely the Commission’s recommendations of 27 July. Following its decision on 12 July that Spain and Portugal did not take effective action to correct their excessive defic…

Quiz: What do you really know about women in the Olympic Games?

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unwomen.org – About us About UN Women Directorate Executive Director Governance Guiding documents Accountability Audit Report wrongdoing Evaluation Governance and policy Corporate evaluations Decentralized evalu…

Eddie Obeid’s sentencing for misconduct delayed after ‘acute stroke’

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smh.com.au – Convicted former Labor minister Eddie Obeid has had his sentencing for misconduct in public office delayed by weeks after the NSW Supreme Court heard he suffered an “acute stroke” and was under med…

Ministers share their thoughts on National Day

straitstimes.com – SINGAPORE – With the country taking its first step towards what many hope will be another 50 years of peace and prosperity, ministers posted on social media a mixture of forward-looking messages an…

The Enkaysagar Holdings PLtd Daily

#脱被ばく実現ネット(旧ふくしま集団疎開裁判の会): 2016 8月8日〜14日 「世界社会フォーラム2016inカナダ・モントリオール」に参加・発言します!

fukusima-sokai.blogspot.com –  ※ 参加者(松本徳子ほか)の抱負  ->こちら(松本徳子 ・ 岡田俊子 ・ 柳原敏夫)    広瀬隆さん・井戸謙一さん・星川淳さん からのメッセージ ->こちら    長谷川克己さんほか市民からのメッセージ ->こちら    ちばてつやさん からのメッセージ ->こちら 皆さまへ 8月8~14日に、カナダ・モントリオールで世界社会フォーラム(※)が開催されます。 (※) 世界社会フォーラム…

A good reason for not holding on

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chatsworthconsulting.com – You know that problem that you just can’t figure out? The one that’s keeping you up at night, and dominating your daytimes too? Let it go. You know that challenge you’re not ready to give up on? Th…

Leveling Up Your Emotional Intelligence

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Steven Krohn
psychologytoday.com – One of the hall marks of emotional intelligence is the ability to respond to a situation, rather than react to it. We are at our basest when we react to external situations or events, allowing thos…

FORM Holdings to Acquire Industry-Leading Luxury Airport Spa Business XpresSpa

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finance.yahoo.com – The transaction, which has been approved by FORM Holdings’ and XpresSpa’s respective Board of Directors, is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2016, subject to closing conditions and approv…

Don’t Be a Planker: Why I Stopped Giving Clients the Plank

theinertia.com – It didn’t take me very long to come to the conclusion that I should stop getting clients to do long-duration planks. In fact, when I really began to think about it, it didn’t take me very long to c…

You Can Have The Love You Deserve If You Just Let Go

tinybuddha.com – “Even if it seems like it’s taking too long for what we want to arrive, it’s better to stay with the ache than abandon the desire.” ~Danielle Laporte Last week when I was in the front row of a yoga…

Cómo la muerte de William Holden inspiró la canción más intrigante del pop

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revistavanityfair.es – El 18 de noviembre de 1981 el actor estadounidense William Holden fallecía en extrañas circunstancias en su casa de la ciudad costera de Santa Monica, en el condado de Los Angeles. Aunque las sospe…

The right fasteners are key to building a safe deck

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Steven B.
washingtonpost.com – There are many different fasteners you can use to build a deck. Screws are by far your best choice. (Tim Carter) Recently, a deck collapsed near where I live, and people were seriously injured. The…

Alexander Hold über islamistischen Terror | „Sie wollen unsere Religion vernichten“

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bild.de – Die Terroristen von Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray haben ein weiteres Tabu gebrochen: Sie haben einen 84-jährigen katholischen Priester während eines Gottesdienstes getötet. Vielleicht haben sie, als sie…

“Paris ist heute die Hauptstadt der Welt”

Alexander Hold über den Pakt mit Erdogan | „EU darf sich von Erdogan nicht erpressen lassen“

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Fanfic Hold on Tight – Second Season

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spiritfanfics.com – eu não sei o que dizer pra vc, ou o que dizer sobre hot, mas vou tentar! meu obrigada, obrigada por cada palavra dessa fic maravilhosa, dessa historia, por toda sua dedicação. eu não tenho palavras…

Google Travel será la nueva modalidad para viajar


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Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...