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Bhutan Newsletter June 2014
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Kuzu zang pola (Hello)!

Summer has finally arrived as the yak herders migrating back to the high lands with welcoming of the warm weather, the valley floors flourishes with lush greenery from the rice cultivation. This time of the year will be perfect to see the markets bursting with organic fresh fruits and vegetables in their most vibrant colors.

This month we will focus on the exciting upcoming events on the calendar, feature articles on Bhutan from all around the world and collections of pictures take around this time of the year.
Moving Mountains
A visit to Bhutan proves a breathtaking experience, but the forces of change are starting to be seen in the isolated kingdom. continue reading

Bhutan   A breath of fresh air
Andrew Eames makes the steep ascent to Bhutan's Taktsang monastery.
continue reading
  Bhutan takes light approach to tourism to protect the mountain kingdom's environment and culture. continue reading

Nimalung Tshechu (June)   Kurjey Tshechu(June)
The local Tshechu is held once
a yea in the 5th month of the Bhutanese calendar. Duringthe Tshechu an awe-inspiring Thongdrol (gigantic scroll painting) of Guru Rimpoche isputon display for attendees. continue reading
  The history of the temples at
Kurjey is associated with Sindhu Raja and Guru Rimpoche. Sindhu Raja invited Guru Rimpoche from Nepal to Bhutan tosubdue some evilspirits that had been plaguing the land.
continue reading

Haa Summer Festival (July)
It provides unparalleled insight into the lives and traditions of Bhutan's nomadic herders. Immerse yourself in this one of a kind experience by playing the local sports, sampling the delicious home-cooked cuisine and enjoying traditional songs and dances all while imbibing the heady local liquor (Ara). continue reading


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