Thursday, June 23, 2016

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TO APOSTLE SULEMAN: WAS THAT A THOUGHT; A PROPHESY OR MEDIA PROPAGANDA WITH YOU? - TO APOSTLE SULEMAN: WAS THAT A THOUGHT; A PROPHESY OR MEDIA PROPAGANDA WITH YOU? By Ifeanyi Chijioke For Family Writers Apostle Suleman, I did not read in details the comment credited to you, I onc...

Hillary Clinton May Have Conspired With The DNC To Engineer Media Blackout Of Bernie Sanders, Leaked Documents Suggest - Hillary Clinton may have worked with the Democratic National Committee to shut Bernie Sanders out of getting media coverage, new leaked documents from within the DNC’s own servers seem to suggest. ...

50+ Tools for Differentiating Instruction Through Social Media

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Joan Queraltó - Imagine a world where resources were limited to what was found in the classroom or the school closet known as the "Curriculum Materials Room." Picture a world where students wrote letters with pen ...

How Academics and Researchers Can Get More Out of Social Media

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Meemim - In today’s digital age, social media competence is a critical communication tool for academics. Whether you’re looking to engage students, increase awareness of your research, or garner media cover...

Top 35 Bloggers & Social Media Real Estate Power Players - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate

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Cory Kessenich - We live in a world where things start and often end with the Internet. Real estate is no different in that people looking to buy or sell a home begin their search online. Whether searching for info...

Top 100 Most Followed SEO Experts On Twitter For 2016 | Josh Steimle

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Digital Life - I maintain a Twitter list of SEO experts and recently wondered who the most followed SEO pros were on that list. Using Tweepi to build the list, Electoral to export it, and Google Sheets to do some...

3 Unusual Lessons We Learned by Studying Over 16 million Posts (And 100,000 Brands) on Social Media - The Buffer Blog

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Over The Top - At Buffer, we love to see new stats and research about how to best share to social media and drive engagement. And as a brand on social media ourselves, we know just how challenging it can be to po...
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4 Ways Visual Content Improves Social Media Results : Social Media Examiner

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Jeff Swan - Want better engagement for your social media campaigns? Wondering how visual content can help? Using visual content to support your messaging makes it easier to grab your audience’s attention. In t...
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This Harvard study is a powerful indictment of the media’s role in Donald Trump’s rise

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S.Rasheem - (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters) I've written repeatedly — and self-righteously — about my belief that ascribing the rise of Donald Trump in the Republican primary race to media complicity is ridiculous. A...
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Sickness: The Media and Republicans Have Done the Orlando Killer's Bidding | BNR - June 12, 2016, Pulse nightclub, Orlando, Florida. The deadliest single attack on the LGBT community in U.S. history was carried out by a hateful young American male. In the aftermath, the national ...

Decoding Bernie Sanders’ #ArtfulSmear of Hillary Clinton

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SophieCT - 1) A disinformation campaign, 2) a coordinated attack encompassing social media and liberal news shows, and 3) a preemptive assault accusing Hillary Clinton’s campaign of doing the former is how Be...
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#PlaceYourAd - #Advertise With #FrizeMedia #Camping #Caravanning #Glamping - Marketing with digital media such as, social media, videos, newsletters if performed in an effective way can benefit you by driving website visitors to  take the next step. The next step might be p...

#Social - Creating A #Corporate Image Through #SocialMediaMarketing #FrizeMedia

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How To Succeed On Social Media (7 Quick Action Steps)

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Robk News - Have you ever wondered what separates successful social media marketers from those that struggle? Or why one business will succeed on social media while another staggers along? The answer isn’t as ...

Create A Winning Social Media Marketing Plan

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6 New Social Media Marketing Tools the Experts Use. You Should, Too.

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