Monday, May 26, 2014

Modi for smaller cabinet, smart governance is it so

Modi hints smaller cabinet, smart governance
Modi the 15 th PM of India is all set to be in the news for both positivism and negativity too  as he is opting out his political mentor Mr L K Advani and Sr Colleague Dr MM Joshi to be not part of his cabinet as per the impressions from the media hence his first solo may be out of against all ethical norms.His visiting Raj Ghat is welcome step. Modi has not only put the dynastic politics to null and quelled its emergence by not making two generation together in his cabinet. His efforts to call his mother to see her son take oath is welcomed too but his wife remains  deprived of husband becoming the PM any thought on this. Modi call to all SAARC leaders to participate in today’s mega events is also welcomed by the intellect. A tea vendor to meditater at the Himalayas, helper at RSS to preacher to  CM of Gujarat and PM of India helps this leader to understand the pulse of the people and act accordingly to his religious heights could bring glory to this spiritual nation of the world. In another moot point Modi to take on the reign of India the sovereign,republic but he wants his cabinet to work as his student,his act marveled to reduce the opposition to decimation is not healthy for progressive democracy when politics sovereign diminish could bring disintegration effect fast in his coterie and glory.
Narendra Modi is opting for major changes in the structure of the government, a statement issued by his secretariat in New Delhi tonight said that “focus is on convergence in the activities of various ministries where one cabinet minister will be heading a cluster of ministries which are working in complementary sectors”.
Modi is eventually aiming at “smart governance” where the top layers of Government will be downsized and there would be expansionat the grass root level.

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