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Yashwant Sinha: President’s order disqualifying the 20 AAP MLAs is complete miscarriage

President’s order disqualifying the 20 AAP MLAs is complete miscarriage of natural justice. No hearing, no waiting for High Court’s order. It is Tughluqshahi of the worst order.
Aam Aadmi Party leader Ashutosh has expressed unhappiness over the President approving the recommendation of Election Commission to disqualify 20 of its MLAs.
Taking to Twitter, he recalled former President KR Narayanan returning the recommendations of the Cabinet twice. Mr Ashutosh said, the former president acted as the guardian of the Constitution, and did not act as a rubber stamp.
Delhi HC to hear matter at 4 pm, party urges cadres to be ready for poll, after legal battles.
The former CEC SY Quraishi and renowned Constitutional expert PDT Achary explain why the disqualification of AAP MLAs is completely unjustified in the TV channels.
Time and again it has been brought to the notice of the citizens that the law of the land is different for the Aam Aadmi Party.
When both national parties have had multiple Parliamentary secretaries with high remunerations and benefits why weren’t they penalised for it ?
The problem is these parties know their fake agendas will not see the light of the day if the an honest government functions efficiently.
My dear delhites,
I want to talk to you directly through this open letter today. The mind is sad. I’m not disappointed. Because I trust you. The people of Delhi and the country are my hope.
Three years ago, you made the government of aam aadmi party by choosing 67 out of 70 MLA. Today they sacked 20 of your mlas. They say these 20 mlas were on the post of ” profit
We made these 20 Mlas A Parliamentary Secretary and gave them different responsibilities. Like a MLA responsible for government schools. She used to go to government schools every day, seeing that teacher has come, everything is going well. Where there was needed, there was action. In the same way, a MLA gave responsibility to government hospitals, a MLA responsible for the mohalla clinic. In this way, we gave 20 mlas to different responsibilities. In Return, these mlas did not give any government car, no bungalow, a new money did not salary. Nothing gave up. All these mlas used to work on their own money because they came from the movement and had passion for the country.
When they did not give anything, how did it become ” the post of profit These mlas told the election commission that they should be given an opportunity to say their word. They will prove that they did not get any benefit. The election commission wrote them on June 23, saying that they will be given the date for hearing. After that they were not given any date of hearing, and the central government sacked these 20 mlas without hearing, without hearing, evidence and witnesses.
The Central Government is doing great injustice to the public. Which of the 20 Mlas you selected have been sacked in an arbitrary manner?
The Central Government is not the first time. In the past three years, he did not give any stone to narrow the delhi government you choose. A false trial was arrested against your 18 Mlas. When the court got muscle, the court left everyone. In many cases, the court strongly rebuke the central government for a false trial. Then they got cbi raid on your cm Arvind Kejriwal, but they did not find anything. Then they tried to buy your mlas with crores of rupees. But your MLA was so strong that these people were not able to break one of your MLA. Then he ordered the kejriwal government’s 400 files to be checked. They were expected to get something against kejriwal in these files and they will arrest Kejriwal. But they did not get anything in the office of lg sir’s office for 6 months.
After all, they now sacked 20 Mlas. Why are they doing all this? Why are these people so tight us? What is our fault?
I’ll tell why these people are doing this. Three years ago, you chose the most honest government of the country. In the past three years, your government did a lot of work-in Delhi, the price of electricity in Delhi did not increase the price of electricity in Delhi for three years, free water for free, and in 309 Kālōniyōṁ, the house is home. Till the water brought up, government schools turned back, the fees increased from school schools, made the mohalla clinic, free medicine and tests in all hospitals, have increased the pension of the elders, made many new flā’i’ōvara, built many new roads, many kālōniyōṁ. I made the street and systems. Your honest government did many more work in these three years.
Now 2 years left. In these two years, there are a lot of work. The CCTV cameras in all over delhi have plans to provide free wi-fi in all over Delhi, the plan of sarakārī delivery of government services is going to be implemented, every month the ration is made for the house to reach the house, all of Delhi. It has begun to build water, sewer, street and drain in raw sewers. All these work do in the next 2 years.
They are nervous about this. The way the kejriwal government is working is afraid of the same thing. Kejriwal ji is not only in delhi because of his good deeds, he is being popular all over the country. This Kejriwal does not want the government to work.
The BJP’s own graph is falling fast. The BJP is all angry today-Dalit, farmers, traders, Labour, youth, students, minority-all are angry with them. These people want to prevent kejriwal from working in every situation.
HE SACKED 20 legislators and placed elections on Delhi. Now the code of ethics will be sounded and all government work will stop in Delhi. After that Lok Sabha election will come. Then the code of ethics will be logged and then the government will stop. And after that the election of the legislative assembly will come.
So, on these 20 Legislative Assemblies, the BJP held up the entire development of the entire development in Delhi for the next two years. And in these 20 Legislative Assemblies, your money will be wasted in the fizz.
Isn’t this dirty politics? Is Delhi ok in the elections like this? Is it right to stop all the developmental activities of Delhi for two years? Is it right to dismiss your elected mlas from non-Constitutional and non-legal ways?
I hope you are. You must answer this right and effective answer.
Your own
Manish Sisodia

China:US defense strategy not fair

China’s Defense Ministry has criticized the United States for using a “Cold War” mindset to play up what the US calls the “Chinese military threat”.
Ministry spokesperson Ren Guoqiang issued a statement on Saturday in response to the national defense strategy of US President Donald Trump that was released the previous day.
The strategy names China and Russia as threats to the international order, and says that dealing with the 2 countries is the top priority.
Ren said the strategy is full of unreal assertions of “zero-sum” games and confrontations. He said China does not seek military expansion or sphere of influence and has always been a builder of world peace.
The statement touched on issues in the South China Sea where China and several other parties are involved in territorial disputes.
Ren said it is within China’s sovereign rights to carry out peaceful construction activities and to deploy the necessary defense facilities in islands and reefs of the South China Sea.
He said it appears that certain countries do not want to see peace and stability and are using the banner of “freedom of navigation” to undertake military activities in a tyrannical manner.
He urged the US to view China’s national defense and military development with objectivity.

German SPD-CDU talks are on

Germany’s Social Democrat Party (SPD) headed by Martin Schulz has voted to start formal coalition talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU).
SPD delegates voted 362 to 279, with one abstention, to conduct further negotiations with a view to forming a government.
Poor performance of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) far-right political party during the country’s general election (attracting 12.6 percent of the vote), the European powerhouse has been in political limbo.
Once  SPD-CDU talks are successful, a new government could be formed by March, some six months after September’s Bundestag election

Bomb blast in Yala,Thailand

Three people have been killed and at least 22 others injured after a motorcycle bomb targeted a roadside market in Thailand’s southern Yala province Monday. “The criminals put a bomb in a motorcycle and placed it next to a market cart. The force of the explosion caused three people to lose their lives,” Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) said in a statement. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attac

​RailYatri acqui-hires technology startup YatraChef

RailYatri acqui-hires technology startup YatraChef to strengthen last mile commerce
RailYatri, now becomes the number one aggregator in transit delivery space
New Delhi – 22nd Jan; 2018– Noida based RailYatri, India’s leading long-distance travel app, has acqui-hired Kochi based food-delivery technology start-up YatraChef. The YatraChef team will now manage the pan-India supply side of RailYatri’s in transit delivery business.
With this, RailYatri has further strengthened its supply-side commerce capabilities, as it continues to add new offerings to its travel marketplace. Last-mile capability is becoming a critical piece in commerce marketplaces as companies are able to provide a complete online + offline experience to its users, in addition to creating a premium and differentiated offering. With this association, RailYatri, now becomes the number one food aggregator in transit delivery space.
Manish Rathi, CEO & Co-founder RailYatri said, “YatraChef brings a deep experience of nearly 4+ years in food delivery & vendor management, and have a track-record of delivering outstanding consumer experience to travelers. Their skills will help us jointly develop new offerings that would re-define the traveler experience with RailYatri. We are delighted to have them on board.”
Arun Rajan, CEO and co-founder at YatraChef said “Having partnered with RailYatri for some time now, it was an obvious decision to join hands as we can make a much bigger impact together. We are excited to be part of the RailYatri family and look forward to continue growing stronger than before”.

About is the #1 train travel community in India. Noida-based RailYatri.inwas set up in 2011 with a mission to simplify train travel with Manish Rathi (Computer Science, Western Michigan Univ, US), Kapil Raizada (IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore) and Sachin Saxena (IIT Kharagpur, Stanford) as its co-founders. launched its consumer products in early 2014 and has seen a rapid growth since then.

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