Thursday, January 25, 2018

Senate votes Powell as next Fed chair

US Senate has approved Jerome Powell as the next chair of the Federal Reserve. Powell is to succeed Janet Yellen, whose term ends on February 3rd. The confirmation was made by majority vote on Tuesday.
Powell was an undersecretary of the Treasury Department in the former Republican Bush administration, and later moved to the private sector.
He became a Federal Reserve governor in 2012. President Donald Trump nominated him for the next Fed post last November.

Kawasaki supply metro train NY city subway

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has scored a contract to potentially supply more than 1,600 metro train  for the New York City subway.
The total supply the deal could ultimately run about 3.7 billion dollars, making it the company’s biggest ever rail contract. Kawasaki Heavy Industries is to deliver the carriages from 2020.
The firm already has record supply metro cars with New York City Transit. So far it has supplied more than 2,200 cars for the rail network nearly  30 percent share.
Kawasaki Heavy beat out a Chinese rival among other competitors for the latest tender.

EU fines Qualcomm $1.2 billion

EU antitrust regulators have fined US chip giant Qualcomm more than 1.2 billion dollars.
Officials say the company bribed Apple to use its products exclusively.
The regulators determined Qualcomm employed its market dominance to block competition.
The European Commission says Qualcomm paid Apple billions of dollars to not use LTE baseband chipsets from rival manufacturers.
Such chipsets are vital components for smartphones and tablets. Qualcomm’s devices had a global share of more than 90% at the time. The EU says the practice continued for more than 5 years from 2011.
Chinese and South Korean authorities imposed heavy fines on the firm for charging unfairly high patent

Seine rising in Paris

France’s  weather agency says 15 departments remain on orange alert for floods – the second-highest level of vigilance.
The Seine reached 5.44 meters by Thursday morning at the Austerlitz Bridge in the east of the city. It is expected to keep rising, reaching 6.1 meters by Saturday, a peak last reached in 2016 when floods sent riverside museums scrambling to move artworks from their basements, which was the highest level since 1982.The river flushes out through banks  water flooding in Paris and its water reaches Paris Museum.
Rising Seine flushes out Paris rats as museums go on flood alert 
Rivers across France keep swelling, with more rain expected on Thursday. In Paris, the Seine River is expected to keep rising until Saturday, while regions in the north and east of the country are also under threat, AP said.
Four other departments in central France have been placed on alert for snow and ice. Exceptionally high levels of rain this winter are to blame for the floods, with rainfall in Paris twice as high as normal.

Sagar Media Inc – tweet today

  1. Sagar Media Inc US Prez Tweet reaching Davos narrate booming Economy.Pope fake news Satanic. ASEAN Leaders CG on Repday PM Modi talks.EX CM Lalu now jail term in 3 cases.N Korea call for unification South  India 187 first inning on verge of defeat by S Afri
  2. Sagar Media Inc : Dr Mohammed Yunus efforts brought unique change in rural Bangladesh with financial Inclusion startups and health care his efforts of social business is replicated in CSR of MNC of France,Japan ,Canada US.28 Jan his birthday Social biz day globly. DR celebrate in India
  3. Sagar Media Inc: Dr Mohamed Yunus talked, IIC council meet at NMML org with ADB,IDBI Grammin Foundation on Noble Laureate first hand efforts of social business Rural banks creating eco system for enterpreuner ship for rural business startup in Bangladesh and now by GloballyNGOs
  4. Sagar Media Inc: Noble Laureate Dr Mohamed Yunus talked his efforts ODF,Poverty cause ill health, Nutrition deficiency night blind children in shantytown solution aware about eat vegetables,sell seeds grow veg,prefab toilet low cost for rural.Inculcate enterpreuner ship give loan

M6.2 – Hokkaido, Japan region

Preliminary Earthquake Report
  • 24 Jan 2018 10:51:21 UTC
  • 24 Jan 2018 10:51:21 near epicenter
  • 24 Jan 2018 14:51:21 standard time in your timezone
Location41.122N 142.294E
Depth39 km
  • 90.2 km (55.9 mi) ENE of Misawa, Japan
  • 92.2 km (57.2 mi) ESE of Mutsu, Japan
  • 96.2 km (59.6 mi) NE of Hachinohe, Japan
  • 131.3 km (81.4 mi) NE of Ichinohe, Japan

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