Monday, April 3, 2017

Failed Irrigation Projects Funded, 16 VITAL Projects Stopped
April03, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

It was horrible BJP government who promised ‘Har Khet Ko Pani’ irrigation supplies to all farms had lately came up with a program to complete 99 pending projects out of 326 spill over projects from 11th Plan which were largely supposed to be ready by March2017.

But precisely nothing was achieved in first three years when 16 Vital Projects which could Store and Regulate over 20 BCM to 30 BCM waters were not funded at all.

When you have Combination of Congenital Dullards, Bharti, Panagariya, Chand, Kant – as Can Be Read in the minutes just two years before next election is due 1. Had no idea of the Water Crisis, Requirements for Crop Production and Deficiency, 2. Didn’t invest in Storages and 3. Wanted to invest in Failed Projects in the past.

[16. The Adviser (PMKSY), NITI Aayog made a presentation on the draft roadmap for PMKSY highlighting the gap between the irrigation potential created and utilized. He informed that project prioritization had been placed at the core of the road map. Details of projects prioritized for implementation during the period 2015-16 to 2019- 20 were also presented. The Additional Secretary (Knowledge and Innovation Hub), NITI Aayog, expressed the need to accord highest priority to projects under Command Area Development & Water Management (CAD&WM) in order to utilize the already created potential (varying between 40 lakh to 70 lakh ha). The Additional Chief Secretary, Irrigation Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh, observed that absence of CAD&WM projects was not the only reason for the gap between Irrigation Potential Created (IPC) and Irrigation Potential Utilized (IPU); there were many other factors which required analysis. The Chairman advised that the area expected to be covered under assured irrigation with CAD&WM projects and the funds required for completion of these projects may be re-assessed and affirmed soon. The Secretary, MoWR,RD&GR informed that the CWC had been assigned to re-assess the existing status of all the pending irrigation projects and the actual fund requirement for their completion.]

As Per ‘Handbook on Water & Related Information 2016’ P-36 – of 326 On Going Projects, some since 1976 against Original Estimates of Rs.64,734 Cr, Revised Estimate is Rs.206,978 Cr, Rs.1,80,186 Cr was spent upto XIth Plan, Rs.1,46,839 Cr more need be invested. Of the 105 BCM Live Storage Potential, 6.4 BCM Live Storage Was Created BUT Over 15 BCM Live Store was Lost to Siltation in XI Plan.

No Gain in Net Live Storage Capacity is EXPECTED from Present Government. More documents for study.

THERE IS NO DIRECT FUNDING OF THE IRRIGATION & STORAGE PROJECTS – AMOUNT NOT EVEN PEANUTS – GOI Furiously investing in Bullet Trains, Air Travel, Expressways, Power, Transmission Lines, Oil & Gas etc. But on Food Production & Food Security.

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