Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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Who Cares About Inequality? It's 'Fat Cat' Wednesday In U.K.

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David Doughty - "Inequality" made the headlines a fair amount in 2016, yet the world of business, it seems, is a world unto itself. Despite the rising emphasis on corporate governance and concerns about both absol...

What energy stories did you like in 2016?

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Lauri Kinnunen - 6.   Eyes In The Sky Help Track Rural Electrification Electricity is integral to people’s well-being across the world. But how can we know who has electricity and who doesn’t? Now, there’s an app f...

The Retreat-Planning Playbook: A Starter's Manual

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40Billion - For a day and a half each year, our team members turn off computers, ignore email, wear matching T-shirts and play ridiculous games. No, we're not crazy -- we're focusing on team development and co...

Three Mini-Bubbles Are Bursting - The world has gotten so used to ultra-low interest rates that even economists and money managers seem to be shocked by what happens when rates start creeping back towards normal levels. Some of the...

11 African Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the Business Landscape

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40Billion - Africa is not a country. It is a continent bursting with jewels and ingenuity. Boasting several countries with the fastest growing global economies, the Sub-Saharan African region is a vast busines...

Raids dig up empire of PC’s son

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Sucheta Dalal - Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti has built a huge empire for himself in different parts of the world by making investment in real estates and engaging in other business activities ...

Indian Banks Slash Interest Rates As Cash Shortage Leads To Manufacturing Contraction, Economic Shockwaves - Over 50 days after Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi stunned India's population when he announced on November 8 he would unexpectedly eliminate 86% of the existing currency in circulation in what ...
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Venezuela military is making money off country’s diminished food supply | Toronto Star - After opposition attempts to overthrow him, the late President Hugo Chavez began handing the military control over the food industry, creating a Food Ministry in 2004. His socialist-run government ...

Two young adults in Turkey get arrested for 'making a call for - Following the deadly armed attack at a nightclub in İstanbul, for which ISIL has claimed responsibility, a group of young people had wanted to send across a message ‘promoting secularism’ and ‘warn...
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9 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Circles Under The Eyes

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Disney - Dark circles under the eyes is a problem that’s familiar to almost everyone. There are dozens of reasons why they appear, but there are also a lot of ways to get rid of this nuisance. A consultatio...

How to Get Rid of Bad Habits - The Isha Blog

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Raj Kundra - specially at the beginning of a new year, one question that frequently comes up is how to get rid of bad habits. There is no such thing as good habits and bad habits – all habits are bad. Habit mea...
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4 Digital Marketing Tools That Will Improve Your Strategy - Monday Tips is a short list of the best finds across the internet to start your week off right. Today I have some digital marketing resources to help you improve your strategy online. Here’s four l...

Nouvelle année: Eclipses, fusées et satellites, tout ce qui va se passer dans l'espace en 2017

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CNES - ESPACE - En 2016, il s'est passé de nombreuses choses au dessus de nos têtes. Certaines, comme l'arrivée de la sonde Juno autour de Jupiter ou l'envol de l'astronaute français Thomas Pesquet, réjou...
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There's too much cricket now: Bob Hawke

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ABC News - Former Prime Minister and cricket fanatic Bob Hawke has admitted an overloaded fixture list has made him less enthused with the game than he once was. Mr Hawke joined the Grandstand commentary team...

Exclusive HuffPost-CVoter Poll: Aam Aadmi Party Wave Is Sweeping Punjab

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Tennis: Erratic Serena Williams stunned by Madison Brengle in Auckland

Ganguly dismisses suggestion he is front-runner for top job

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The Hindu

Azhar, Younus stall Australia in Sydney - Times of India

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TOI Sports

What Personality Type Suits Online Workers? |

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Bill Belew
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30 Photos That Reveal The Strength Of The Human Spirit

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Disney - People often find it hard to imagine what life is like in other countries. To some extent we all live separately from the outside world. But there are some things which unite all of humanity. We al...

Here Are All The Horror Movies We’re Excited For In 2017

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7 Ways to Leave the World a Better Place

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Mr Modi’s warrior trolls

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Ankit Lal

The Best of Indian Cinema in 2016: A Perspective

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Manoj Bajpayee

Tasmania's firefighting capabilities now world class, says Ridding

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ABC News
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Unsolicited Advice: 6 Letters Every Content Marketer Needs to Read - This is a common dialogue I have with my daughters when they make mistakes — as we all do. I’m a big fan of not aiming for perfection but rather trying to be the best version of yourself. Of course...

So much social media, so little time - Angela Sargeant

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Summer Vacation Packing List: For More Fun in the Sun!

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Caroline Watts - If you’re planning for a summer vacation, you’re likely starting to get really excited about your upcoming adventure! You’ll want to make sure that you’re fully ready for your trip! With this summe...

Visiting hohensalzburg-castle-with-kids • Wyld Family Travel

4 Tips for Dealing with Holiday Loneliness Abroad | Live Learn Venture

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Caroline Watts
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