Friday, December 9, 2016

Vishva Divyang Diwas Krida Samaroh -10th Dec. - Bharti College C block, JanakPuri, New Delhi.

(University of Delhi).

" International Disability Day"


Requested You to please Include in Your 

Events  Tomorrow 
"Vishva Divyang Diwas Krida Samaroh" 
" International Disability Day"

Athletic Meet of  around 2,000 Special Children
from 72 NGOs', School & Organisations.
As detailed below ---
Date - 10th December Saturday
Time - 10 am to 2pm
Venue - Bharti College, C block, JanakPuri, New Delhi.
(University of Delhi).

Awaiting Your benign Presence, 
on this Social Event for a Noble Cause.
a  Reply / Confirmation, highly Appreciated.

 Jai Hind !

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