Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Research Report: A Circular Economy in India: Rethinking growth for long-term prosperity Press Invite for Launch event, 5 December 2016 at 12.00 noon, at the Imperial Hotel, Delhi.

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Dear Naresh,

We were delighted to invite you to the press launch of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s latest research report 'A Circular Economy in India: Rethinking growth for long-term prosperity' at The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi.
Please follow the links below for further information on this new research, which was produced with UNCTAD as knowledge partner.
Read the news release: https://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/news/circular-economy-india
Download slides: here
Download report in English/summary in Hindihttps://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/publications/india
View the report microsite: http://sites.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/india

For further information related to the report, please contact Clare Mucklow (clare.mucklow@ellenmacarthurfoundation.org).
Kind Regards,
Sven Herrmann
Project Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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