Sunday, November 20, 2016

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Did Facebook Play a Part in the Election of Donald Trump? - Non Profit News For Nonprofit Organizations | Nonprofit Quarterly

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kcwineguy - Many people are playing the blame game in light of Donald Trump’s electoral victory, and while it seems no one has been spared, Facebook is taking a particularly hard hit. Critics argue the social ...

The Trouble With Facebook’s Fake-News Data

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arianna ciccone - A new analysis from BuzzFeed fake-news expert Craig Silverman demonstrates that in the final three months of the election, the most successful posts about fake viral news “generated more engagement...

Should Facebook Buy Snopes?

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TinyTechCorner - A lot of what’s on Facebook isn’t true. Maybe that’s not surprising, because a lot of what’s on the internet at large isn’t true, and Facebook is a place for people to share what they’re thinking, ...

Article: The Washington Post vs. "Fake News": Pot, Meet Kettle

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opednews - "Freedom of expression is a bedrock of American democracy," the Washington Post's editorial board writes in a November 18 jeremiad, "but its irresponsible exercise can distort and destabilize our p...

Nächster US-Präsident: Donald Trump baut sein Kabinett: Diese Positionen sind bekannt |

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Julleyju - New York | Der designierte US-Präsident Donald Trump hat nach übereinstimmenden Berichten erste Entscheidungen für zentrale Positionen seiner Regierung getroffen. Der ehemalige General Michael Flyn...

Benefits of Newsjacking - A Case Study Into 2500% More Traffic - Over lunch on a Thursday I took twenty minutes to bang out a post about some breaking news in the social media industry. Over the next few days, that post received over 20,000 views. Let's dig a bi...
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Facebook Tinkers With Users’ Emotions in News Feed Experiment, Stirring Outcry

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John Maksuta - Facebook routinely adjusts its users’ news feeds — testing out the number of ads they see or the size of photos that appear — often without their knowledge. It is all for the purpose, the company s...
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