Sunday, October 2, 2016

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Taj Mahal with Ganges in Varanasi Tour,Taj Mahal Tour with Ganges

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SP Holidays - An itinerary includes India’s most religious and historical cities like Varanasi, Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. It also offers India’s most frequented attractions such as the Ganges, temples, Ghats, Red ...

It’s not easy for women to own land in India. One woman died fighting for hers. - Leena Sharma’s land is seen at dusk. (Annie Gowen/The Washington Post) SOHAGPUR, India — It was her land, she said, and she was tired of her uncle planting his wheat and grazing his cows on her pro...

The four country boycott of the SAARC summit led by India is very significant

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Anish Raju - Timing and settings are necessary but not sufficient conditions in diplomacy for signals to be received and action to follow. Besides, the two rarely synchronise on a national and international lev...

10 Modern Religious Buildings - Design Milk

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Design Milk - When thinking of religion in general, modern doesn’t usually come to mind, does it? Just because religion is steeped in tradition doesn’t mean that they can’t be practiced or appreciated in modern ...

How this Startup is Delivering Great Religious and Spiritual Travel Experience through Technology

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Rachna Gulati - Religious tourism in India is one of the earliest and ancient forms of tourism. Religious tourism in India has existed since antiquity and it has grown manifold and yet continues to grow. Religious...

10 of the Oldest Cities in the World - We all know that travel can educate, but some places truly take you back in time. To walk through the ancient ruins of Greece or Egypt is to absorb history, not just admire its traces. Here are ten...
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The death of a family: Tracing the lives of the Bansals

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Saqib Siddiqui - Before officer Bal Kishan Bansal, his wife and children killed themselves, Bansal Bhavan, near Gandhi Chowk in Hisar, had been shaken by another suicide. Bansal’s nephew Sanju had ended his life, a...
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How IIPM and Arindam Chaudhury used the defamation law to hide the truth

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dwarika uniyal - In March, the former president and publisher of the Outlook group and founder of Careers360 magazine described how he won the legal battle against the Indian Institute of Planning and Management’s ...
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Aam aadmi gives Swaraj budget a thumbs up - The Times of India

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Palki - NEW DELHI: The Delhi government's first set of meetings to prepare a participatory budget started off with a high level of scepticism from residents, but ended on a positive note. The three hours g...
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What if there were a fifth dimension

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3tags - By now we’re used to the idea that the world has four dimensions: three spatial and one temporal. But what if there were a fifth dimension – what would that dimension look like, and how would it re...
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