Sunday, October 23, 2016

Domestic Air Travel Growth 50% in Two Yrs, Railways Negative
October23, 2016 (C) Ravinder Singh

When PM predicted Air Travel Passengers to exceed 350m from 80m in
2015 in 5 years was STUNNING – Quadruple Investment On Imported
Jetliners & Fuel.
It turned out that Domestic Air Travel growth in 2015 was 20.34% and 9
months of 2016 even faster at 23.17%. Domestic Air Passenger Numbers
were 67.4m in Yr2014, Next Year was 81.1m and last nine months had
already 72.7m – could touch 100m by December31 for this year or almost
50% growth.

When NDA-II took over monthly Domestic Air Travel numbers were 5.689m
June14 – latest numbers for Sep2016 – 8.23m – 44% in 27 months and

But passenger travelling by Trains had declined in two years.

Under Suresh Prabhu – Indian Railways is THOROUGHLY CORRUPTED & EVEN

India Promotes PETROLEUM GUZZLING Transport –
Cars, Trucks, Jetliners >> little Support for Public Transport
& Efficient Railways, Electric Vehicles, Trams.

NDA-II had increased Railway Fare By 40% But AIRLINERS Have Reduced
Fare By About 40% - Care For 2%-3% Indians & Air Travelers, Neglect
Railway Passengers Serving 95%.

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