Sunday, August 21, 2016

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A nun who wanted to quit a Kerala church, now faces criminal cases, branded mentally unstable

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Jeetendra Singh - The Church preaches charity, kindness, and compassion towards everyone but Sr. Mary Sebastian, a 45-year-old nun, is afraid that the very institution that she has served for 25 years might harm her...

UN News - INTERVIEW: Funding to prevent cholera is crucial to advance development in Haiti – UNICEF’s Marc Vincent

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UN News Centre - 19 August 2016 – Earlier today, the spokesperson for United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke about how the UN system is actively working to develop a package that would provide material ...

Too clever idea! She build her own house. You won’t believe the inside

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Ferhide - Claudie Dubreuil works for a Canadian construction company. It's no surprise that she got really creative when it was time to build her own home. Day after day Claudie builds dream homes for her cu...

Pakistan ranks third on list of countries with worst reputation - The Express Tribune

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Sanat Sharma - The Reputation Institute in its annual RepTrak index has named Pakistan in the list of countries with the worst reputation. Pakistan sixth most dangerous country for Christians The index is calcula...

PM's Jan Dhan Yojana should make women smile - The New Indian Express

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V K SHARMA - Stastics are boring. But findings from global consultancy Intermedia has the potential to be transformative for Indian women. It states 358 million women (61 per cent) now have bank accounts, up fr...

5 Tips to Better Enjoy Boracay | Live Learn Venture

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Mark Crone - If you’re planning an adventure to Boracay, you’re in for a lot of fun! Having spent a few days on this island in the Philippines, I was able to have a relaxing and enjoyable time! You may be looki...

Port Adelaide bans fan indefinitely for throwing banana at Indigenous star

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ABC News - A woman has been banned indefinitely from attending Port Adelaide football matches after she racially abused Adelaide Crows footballer Eddie Betts in last night's AFL Showdown match. The fan was fi...
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3 reasons to fight covert Christian 'spycraft' - Covert missionaries say one thing to one group and something entirely different to another. They tell churches back home they're going "over there" to convert people. To government officials, local...

4 reactions by ‘liberals’ around Kashmir issue, and the narratives being planned

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radha raju - Of late, “liberals” in India are quite active on the Kashmir issue. It started with supporting ‘bharat tere tukde honge’ slogans at JNU and went on to mourning death of terrorist Burhan Wani, who w...
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Use Big Data to Create Value for Customers, Not Just Target Them - Big data holds out big promises for marketing. Notably, it pledges to answer two of the most vexing questions that have stymied marketers since they started selling: 1) who buys what when and at wh...

NHIS: Poor implementation threatens health care

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NigeriaRetweeTs - The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is a body set up under Act 35 of 1999 by the Federal Government, to improve the health of all Nigerians at an affordable cost through various prepayment ...
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Reasons of Australia is place of horror

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Ferhide - Giant spiders, stinging trees and eye-snatching magpies: the world has some seriously messed up stuff in it. From the look of the photos below, a lot of that messed up stuff hangs out in Australia....

Want the Secret to Happiness? Never Stop Doing This

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Five Trends that are Transforming Healthcare Marketing

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What a Growth Hacker Would Do if She Were In Charge of Your Blog

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Alok Chitre

SPOT, Un Satellite Pour Occuper Toulouse ? Mission accomplie !

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How You Can Become a Morning Person (Even if You Hate to Get Up Early)

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40Billion - Like it or not, even if you're the "mightiest" of night owls you probably have to function as a morning person. Whether it's your job, your employees, your customers...people aren't willing to wait...

This one’s going to blow your mind! Woman disappears during live interview

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5 members of Mumbai bizman’s family joined Islamic State in June - Times of India

What to Look for in Your First 5 Hires

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Glass House, a photographic publication

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Don’t Visit These Countries (They’re the Worst!) | Gogobot

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Mark Crone
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Ruth Beitia, un oro de mucha altura para el atletismo español - SPORTYOU - Los dioses olímpicos han repartido justicia en Río de Janeiro. El esfuerzo y trabajo de Ruth Beitia durante todos estos años por fin ha obtenido su recompensa. La atleta española se ha colgado la m...

Y Maracaná lloró... de felicidad al colgarse el oro en fútbol

All the gold medals for India, please #Rio2016 – Intellectual Anarchy!

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Nicola Adams repite oro en Río 2016

Saudi, Egypt, Iran and now India: Women at Rio are smashing patriarchy

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Dipa Karmakar's coach reveals past 'conspiracies' against her

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