Friday, July 1, 2016

The Sagar media brief Daily

Sagar Media in

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Sagar Media Inc - NorthEast United FC welcomes Sasha Aneff, a 25 year old promising Uruguayan striker The former Uruguay U-20 International is the first member of NEUFC’s International strike-force New Delhi, June 2...

Culture, Media & Creative Industries at King's

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chahat - Culture, Media & Creative Industries at King's Postgraduate study The cultural and creative industries, including visual and performing arts as well as the media, publishing and film industries, ar...

Social Media Referral Marketing Program

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Becky Bittle - Conceal and Carry Network has been actively growing our social media presence for several years now.   I'm very active on Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, Google+, Linked-In, and Stubbleupon.   There ...

Kejriwal Leashes The Watchdog! Are These Journos On AAP Payrolls? - Arvind Kejriwal single handedly led the infant Aam Aadmi Party to one of the biggest victories in Delhi’s electoral history, when his party bagged 67 out of 70 seats in February 2015. Mr Kejriwal r...

5 Social Media Mobile Apps That Make Your Life Easy

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Fraseo - Social media marketing doesn’t always happen at your desk. There are times when you want to update your status, send out a tweet or reply to a fan while on-the-go. This is when you rely on social m...

10 reasons to attend the next New Media Europe conference - *spoiler alert* This post contains information about the location for New Media Europe 2017! New Media Europe (NMEU for intimates) is all about “Embracing the New Media World for Business Growth”. ...

Social Media Marketing: Top 100 Influencers and Brands - onalytica - There was once a day when the only way to communicate was to write a real letter, physically talk to a person or dial a telephone. When you got on the bus in the morning, commuters were catching up...
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Ten Social Networking Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Your Business

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Jobclubsnetwork - Business owners worldwide are utilizing various social media platforms to promote products and reach out to consumers. Many companies thrive, thanks to strong web presence. However, some struggle a...

#SocialMediaMarketing - Differentiate Or Die #Content @Charlesfrize #FrizeMedia - Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make And How To Avoid Them Browse All Our Informative Topics InternetBusinessIdeas-Viralmarketing Home Page Social media marketing is an innovative concept, and bec...
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The Sailor Affair Revisited – Sheds light on Iran’s Duplicity

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빙유길 - A media maelstrom erupted last month over the January 2016 capture of two US Navy boats by the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The sailors were released after 15 hours (in which t...
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15 Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

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Fraseo - As digital media continues to integrate into our lives, business executives, freelancers and professionals from all walks have started to use social media to engage in content marketing. And while ...

Facebook to Change News Feed to Focus on Friends and Family

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Mary Lou Kayser
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18-Year-Old Matthew Espinosa Discusses Hollywood’s Shift In Consciousness

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@mind_fantasy - Conventional media is heavily censored and controlled to showcase what governments and other institutions want you to watch. As a result, media outlets have you learning about the latest Hollywood ...

How to Create a Successful Visual Social Media Marketing Campaign: Case Study

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Jennifer Smyth
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EU referendum — views from Oxford

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Angie Harris - We share views from six Oxford academics in response to the EU referendum result, including social media’s role in the debate, the future of immigration, the language of the Leave campaign, and the...
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How to Use Social Media Automation in Your Marketing Strategy

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Jennifer DalCin - Hear that? It’s the collective groan that two-thirds of all marketers are making. The cause? Social media overload. As social media speeds along at a lightning pace, marketers feel the pressure to ...

5 Simple Tips To Increase Engagement with Social Media - Jeffbullas's Blog

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The Startupper

This is How You Create a Community in Social Media

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Patricia Nguyen

6 Ways to Expand Your Social Media Reach

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Dhirendra Verma
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