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India lose to defending champs China; still in the hunt for QF berth

FIBA Asia U18 Day 2- India lose to defending champs China; still in the hunt for QF berth
New Delhi/Bengaluru, 23rd July, 2016: Coming off a promising opening win against Thailand yesterday at the 24th FIBA U18 Men’s Championship 2016 underway in Iran, the Indian U18 Men’s Team faced a surging China on Day 2. The defending champions China were still riding high on their own Day 1 victory over Iraq, where they had managed to separate themselves by 65 points.
As the game got underway, India held its own in the first quarter, taking a 3-point lead. It hit 3 of their 11 3-pointers in this period alone, compared to China’s solitary shot from downtown. India was also neck and neck with China when it came to points in the paint, with both sides scoring 12 points each.
China used the second quarter of the game to really separate itself, outscoring India by 20 points. The Indian lads put up a fight in the 3rd quarter and managed a smaller deficit, but it was not enough as the side eventually fell short, 66 to a 106.
Tamil Nadu shooting guards Hariram Ragupathy and captain P Baladhaneshwar were the bright spots in today’s competition. They scored 31 and 25 points respectively and had 3 assists a piece. They, along with centre Vishal Kumar Gupta played the entire 40 minutes of the match. Additionally, Hariram finished the game hitting 6 out of 15 3-pointers, managing 40% accuracy.
India shot better from the 3-point line, shooting almost 30% to China’s 25%. The damage though, was done on the inside. China ended the contest with 20 more rebounds (38-18) and with 76 points in the paint.
The game will likely serve as a learning experience for a young squad that is on the rise in Asia. With a 1-1 record, India is still in the running for a quarterfinal spot despite this small setback.
The side will take on Chinese Taipei tomorrow (24th July) at 5:00 pm IST.
China (J Taruike 20 pts 4 rbs, J Man 18, Z Fan 13 pts 9 rbs) bt India (Hariram Ragupathy 31 pts 8 rbs, P Baladhaneshwar 25 pts) 106-66 [27-21, 30-10, 26-18, 33-17]

Indian Squad for the 24th FIBA U18 Men’s Championship 2016
Family Name(s)
/Last Name
First Name(s)
/Given Name
Date of Birth
Place of BirthHeight
(ft and inches)
Weight (Kg)Position
5 Hansraj04/03/1999New Delhi178
(5’ 10”)
9SayyedSaqlain Jamir15/02/1998Kada, Maharashtra190
(6’ 2”)
11 Rachit16/09/1998Delhi186
(6’ 1”)
13GuptaVishal Kumar04/01/1998Village Chapar, Uttar Pradesh199
(6’ 6”)
14 Mohammed Ali06/04/1998Samo Ki Dhani, Rajasthan194
(6’ 4”)
15 Deepak13/04/1998Israna, Haryana185
(6’ 1”)
24PoiyamozhiBaladhaneshwar07/12/1999Ullikkottai Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu180
(5’ 10.8”)
25RagupathyHariram24/04/1998Chennai, Tamil Nadu184
30Arthur WilsonDaniel Richards25/10/1998Chennai, Tamil Nadu180
(5’ 10.8”)
32BennyGineeb09/03/1998Potta, Kerala194
(6’ 4”)
52NoushadMuhammed Shiras04/07/1999Alappuzha, Kerala190
(6’ 3”)
55 Sahil02/02/1999Kalkha, Haryana184
*PG – Point Guard / Feeder, G – Guard, F – Forward, G/F – Wing, PF – Power Forward, C – Centre, PF/C – Pivot
13) Team Manager: Mr. Ashok Sahu
14) Physio: Dr. Kannan Ratinasamy Bose
15) Head Coach: Mr. Dilip Gurumurthy
16) Assistant Coach: Mr. Paramdeep Singh
17) Referee: Mr. Imran Ali Baig
18) Referee: Mr. Ramesh Koppanathi

About the 24th FIBA U18 Men’s Championship 2016

Venue: Azadi Sports Complex, Tehran, Iran
There are 12 participating teams that have been divided into two preliminary groups:
Group A – China, Chinese Taipei, India, Iraq, Philippines and Thailand.
Group B – Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea and Lebanon.
Each team shall play all the other teams within its own group and the top 4 teams from each group qualify for the quarter-final round, followed by the semi-finals and finals. Additionally, placement matches will also be held for positions 3-8.
The significance of this Championship is that the top three teams progress to the FIBA Under-19 World Championship that will be held in Cairo, Egypt from 1 to 9 July 2017.

India’s Upcoming Schedule [Timings in IST]

vs Chinese Taipei – 24th July, 5:00 PM
Rest Day – 25th July
vs Iraq – 26th July, 9:00 PM
vs Philippines – 27th July, 9:00 PM
Rest Day – 28th July
Knockout & Placement Rounds – 29th to 31st July
All the matches are expected to be streamed live on

Championship History

The Asia U-18 Men’s Championship was first held in 1970 in Seoul and has since been held every 2 years (or 3 years in certain cases). China is the most storied team at the Asian level, having won gold 11 times, followed by Philippines (6) and South Korea (3).
Coming into this edition, China is the defending champion, followed by Iran (silver) and South Korea (bronze).
For info on all time medallists, see:

India’s Record

Prior to the upcoming edition, India has participated in the Asian Championship 18 times, with its best finish coming at the 1972 Championship held in Manila, Philippines, where the side finished 4th.
As hosts, India had conducted the 1998 and 2004 iterations in Kolkata and Bengaluru respectively. From 2006-2010 and in the last 2014 edition, India finished in 13th place, while in 2012, India managed a higher 10th place finish.

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That’s why I picked Joe Biden — and it’s a testament to Hillary’s character and integrity that she chose a man like Tim Kaine.
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There aren’t a lot of elected officials in Washington whom people like even more when the cameras are off than when the cameras are on. But Tim is that kind of guy. He’s a man who’s risen to the highest levels of government but still lives in the same neighborhood he did as a city councilmember in Richmond. You just can’t find anyone with a bad thing to say about him, from the staff who’ve worked for him to the Republicans who’ve served alongside him.
Simply put: Tim is a good man. He’s a true progressive. And he will make a great vice president.
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