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Sagar Media Inc - Britain has voted to ‘Leave’ the European Union, and David Cameron has quit as prime minister.Voters in Wales and the English shires have backed Britain exit from the EU in large numbers. The pound...


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Edwin awah - TO APOSTLE SULEMAN: WAS THAT A THOUGHT; A PROPHESY OR MEDIA PROPAGANDA WITH YOU? By Ifeanyi Chijioke For Family Writers Apostle Suleman, I did not read in details the comment credited to you, I onc...

Decoding Bernie Sanders’ #ArtfulSmear of Hillary Clinton - 1) A disinformation campaign, 2) a coordinated attack encompassing social media and liberal news shows, and 3) a preemptive assault accusing Hillary Clinton’s campaign of doing the former is how Be...

Top 35 Bloggers & Social Media Real Estate Power Players - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate

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Cory Kessenich - We live in a world where things start and often end with the Internet. Real estate is no different in that people looking to buy or sell a home begin their search online. Whether searching for info...

Hillary Clinton May Have Conspired With The DNC To Engineer Media Blackout Of Bernie Sanders, Leaked Documents Suggest - Hillary Clinton may have worked with the Democratic National Committee to shut Bernie Sanders out of getting media coverage, new leaked documents from within the DNC’s own servers seem to suggest. ...

The Necessity Of Social Media Marketing

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Qatar Click - Social media marketing has become a necessity if you want to stay even or exceed the efforts of your competition. Our society literally functions tuned into social media each day, and if you are no...

#Social Networking And Media - Hiring #DigitalMarketing Consultant #FrizeMedia - Social Networking And Social Media: If you are considering Internet and Social media marketing but lack the experience in this type of marketing,it is worthwhile to consider hiring a consultant to ...
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44 Impressive Ways You Can Use Social Media to Grow Your Business Overnight

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Evan Church - It may even be the number one form of communication in the world. Are you using it to its full advantage? The phrase “social media” creates a diverse range of responses. Some feel at home and thril...

Social Media Service

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Bianca DeCicco - Are you ready to get social and energise your marketing... ...enter your website's domain name to get started today: Please click play on the video below for an overview of our social media service...
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How Academics and Researchers Can Get More Out of Social Media

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Laura Pasquini - In today’s digital age, social media competence is a critical communication tool for academics. Whether you’re looking to engage students, increase awareness of your research, or garner media cover...

Using Twitter as a data source: An overview of current social media research tools

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Sara Bentivegna - The popularity of social media sites and the ease at which its data is available means these platforms are increasingly becoming primary sources for social research. Wasim Ahmed presents a quick lo...
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How #CatsAgainstBrexit could save the EU

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Slava Polonski - THE GIST: #CatsAgainstBrexit has taken the Internet by storm just a few days before the EU referendum. How did the Remain camp succeed in leveraging the Internet’s mightiest weapon for an effective...

Sickness: The Media and Republicans Have Done the Orlando Killer's Bidding | BNR

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Pre-Primary News Coverage of the 2016 Presidential Race: Trump’s Rise, Sanders’ Emergence, Clinton’s Struggle - Shorenstein Center

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US News Network - A new report from Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy analyzes news coverage of the 2016 presidential candidates in the year leading up to the primaries...
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How an Archive of the Internet Could Change History

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ARSC - A few years ago, the Brooklyn Museum put on a Keith Haring exhibition, with a focus on his early career. There were videos of Haring at work, feverishly painting his way across an enormous scroll, ...

5 Reasons You Should Build A Personal Brand - Marji J. Sherman

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haşim polat
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How To Succeed On Social Media (7 Quick Action Steps)

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Biking Kitty - Have you ever wondered what separates successful social media marketers from those that struggle? Or why one business will succeed on social media while another staggers along? The answer isn’t as ...
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