Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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Viktor Korchnoi, the Last Knight from Leningrad

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Siddharth - The Siege of Leningrad began on September 8, 1941 when invading German forces cut off the city from the rest of the Soviet Union. It was one of the most horrendous sieges in history. At its worst, ...

The Vadra Deception: BJP and the Fine Art of Calibrating Action in Corruption Cases

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Dr. Anand Kumar - It is becoming increasingly clear that the Narendra Modi government only wants to use Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra, as a whipping boy to damage the political credibility of the Gandhis a...

There's a lot of anger among Bundelkhand migrants: Yogendra

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Dr. Anand Kumar - The Sarai Kale Khan flyover in New Delhi has become a refugee camp for drought-hit migrants from Bundelkhand. Recently, social organisation Swaraj Abhiyan concluded its Pad Yatra to the drought-aff...

Une faille de Facebook Messenger permettait de trafiquer les conversations

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TechSharer - Imaginez qu'une personne modifie discrètement vos conversations pendant que vous dormez… Une vulnérabilité dans Menssenger rendait ce risque plausible. Roman Zaikin, chercheur en sécurité chez Chec...

This is the most farmer-unfriendly govt in independent India: Yogendra Yadav

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Dr. Anand Kumar - New Delhi: Back from a walk through drought-affected parts of the country, Yogendra Yadav, political scientist and co-founder of non-profit Swaraj Abhiyan, speaks on state compliance of Supreme Cou...

Trump and the teleprompter: A brief history

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TechSharer - Using teleprompters, Donald Trump delivers a speech about his vision for foreign policy on April 27, in Washington. | Getty 'We should outlaw teleprompters … for anybody running for president,' say...

‘Udta Punjab’ will set a dangerous precedent: Say goodbye to realism in Indian films

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Dr. Anand Kumar - Punjab does not have a drug problem. Corrupt officials and politicians in the state do not provide protection to the narcotics trade. The existence of de-addiction centres is as mythical as studies...
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World Bank cuts global growth forecast on weak demand, commodity prices

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India News Now - ANCHORAGE, Alaska The World Bank slashed its 2016 global growth forecast on Wednesday to 2.4 percent from the 2.9 percent estimated in January due to stubbornly low commodity prices, sluggish deman...

Mike Kelly commits to Barton Highway upgrade

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ABC News - The Labor Party has responded to the Federal Government's promise to upgrade the Barton Highway by pledging $76 million. On Sunday, the Coalition announced it would spend $50 million on the highway...
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Is the web full of nasty tricks? - BBC News

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TechSharer - Ever signed up for something online and then found it very difficult to unsubscribe? Then you've been to a roach motel - one of many web design tricks employed by some firms to drum up more trade. ...

Honda Navi: Something really new

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India Today - Honda has been a pioneer in introducing new motorcycle genres and their steps have been quite daring in the past. When the company brought the iconic Cub to America, even dealers refused to accept ...
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