Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Obama words of unity to the nation

US President Barack Obama spoke to the nation with an aggressive tone.The US and allied forces with 13k sorties reducing ISIS combating its lowest level and millions of dollars being spend to reduce the ISIS growing violent influence.
ISIS violence in the name of religion is now to its loest ebb.Young genmuslin now aware and find this terror activity is not on religious but are pity criminal acts for their selfish interest. Most of their big  commanders has fallen pray to sorties.
Quality of their combat is now below the normal levels.This is due to their financial accounts are freezedacross world  and their supplies are disconnect by various waring nation efforts to decimate this global menance.
US President  election campaigning to be one up using slogan Radical Muslims Islam had been lambasted by Barack. He said, US stand, one nation on its value of  US holistic unity.
Muslim which are fighting to save us we should not degrade our US Muslim national with one sweeping statement of Radical Muslim Islams. We not need to ostracised all muslims in socity and put them on survelliance.Slogan of separation spread and  repeated by presumptive Republic nominee of US presudent candidate is not in good taste.
Barack further caution campaigning on this, community hatred will not be good for unity of the nation. US Young Muslims need empathy not hatred as they remain part of united US and fight for us  for our collective safety.

Monsoon Delayed by 10-15 Days At Present, Rainfall (-) 22%


You can read more on the loopholes in this modelhere.


Hillary: Here’s how Trump responds to a crisis, Naresh

Naresh, after this weekend’s horrific shooting in Orlando, Donald Trump showed us exactly what kind of president he would be.
First, he went on Twitter to congratulate himself for calling the shooting an act of “radical Islamic terrorism.”
Second, he implied that President Obama secretly sympathizes with terrorists.
Third, he doubled down on his proposal to ban all Muslim people from entering the United States.
And last night, he stripped press credentials from the Washington Post so that their reporters will no longer be allowed to cover his campaign events.
Trump’s behavior in the past 48 hours is a direct preview of what he would do if he’s elected.
And right now, there’s only one thing standing between Trump and the White House: all of us. Chip in to the Stop Trump Fund, get your free Team Hillary sticker, and let’s build a campaign strong enough to beat Trump this November:

Christina Reynolds
Deputy Communications Director
Hillary for America

Six States ,‘The Great India Run’


Obama, Clinton & Trump Speeches – 2014 LS Elections Inspired

June15, 2016 (C) Ravinder Singh
We could see reflections of Indian 2014 LS Election debates in US
Presidential Elections – but unlike Chiawala as Challenger to Ruling
Party US Presidential Contestant is billionaire businessman worth
$4.5b – Donald Trump.
There many similarities On Issues Being Debated that President Obama
had to intervene post a rejoinder are Clipped in pdf.
Most of the Debates are on ‘RADICALISATION’ – like we have in India.
Can you say that Good & Services 3% of GDP Deficit Balance is poorly
performing economy?
China’s growing exports was the Major Concern flagged by Donald Trump
therefore I examined this in detail. US has just 10% deficit in Goods
& Services trade but just under 3% of US GDP.
There is large deficit in goods Trade, there substantial Surplus in US
Services Trade. US Exports of Services to China are $48b but Imports
are $15b. Indian Exports of Services to USA are $37b and imports from
USA are $18b.
Exhibit 1. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services in $b
TRADE    Goods
Exports    Goods
Imports    Exports
Services    Imports
Service    Total Good
& Services    Balance
Good & Services
2015    1,510    2,273    751    489    5032    – 500
2000    773    1,223    295    215    2506    -370 ,
Top Trading Partners – January-December 2015 in $b
US Trade    Exports    Imports    Balance    Total Trade    US Share
India 2015    21.451    44.791    -23.339    66    1.8%
India 2000    3.667    10.686    -7.019    14.353    0.57%
China 2015    116.071    483.244    -367.172    598    16%
China 2000    16.185    100.018    -83.833    116.203    10.1%
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9871056471,
9718280435, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power,

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FC Pune City sign up Rahul Bheke

Pune, 15thJune2016: – The Rajesh Wadhawan Group and Hrithik Roshan co-owned Indian Super League club FC Pune City signed up Rahul Bhekeon loan from Kingfisher East Bengal Football Club for the 2016 edition of the league.Bheke, a defender, will become FC Pune City’s first signing from their region.

FC Pune City CEO Gaurav Modwel said, “Rahul is first son-of-the-soil Maharashtra player we have on board. Besides being a strong defender, he impressed one and all with his long throws creating attacking opportunities in last ISL. We are thankful to East Bengal for allowing Rahul to continue his development with our club and he will surely be an asset to us.

Bhekerepresented Kerala Blasters in 2015 season of ISL. The 25-year old started his professional career with Air Indiain 2011after a stint with U-19 squad of Mahindra United. The Mumbai lad signed up with Mumbai Tigers in January 2014 after Air India was expelled from I League. After two seasons with his home-town team, he was snapped by East Bengal in 2015.

Head coachAntonio Habassaid, “Rahul is the one of those young talents in the ISL who has impressed me with his defensive skills. Also he is one of the most featured Indian outfield players playing in the ISL last season, which means he was crucial in the scheme of things at his former club. I hope he continues to show the same commitment and grows to become a better player with us.”

Bheke was excited with this new development. “It’s good to represent a team from your own state. With coach Habas at helm of things, I am excited to be a part of this club and hope to contribute as much as I can to take the club to its ultimate goal,” said Bheke.

Co-owner and Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan welcomed the addition of the defender. “I wish Bheke all the best and welcome him to the FCPC family. He is incredibly fit and his addition to the squad will be truly invaluable for us.”

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