Monday, November 9, 2015

Shatrughan Sinha meet Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

Shatrughan Sinha meet Bihar CM Nitish Kumar
Shotgun as called by his fans is on his way to quitBJP and Join JDU-the celebrated leader misses his mix with Modi and so cant
take more affront lying down.
Shatru is great friend but will not tolerate that He shall be ignored and donot play an active role in building Bihar. BJP like Congress play the same game and is likely to make more enemies rather than friend in disguise of their success.Each party woker,leader has its role and when the chief of the party ignore the dedicated ones the party falls flats may be more than 130 yrs old or 35yrs old BJP . BJP has come to power on the dormant and inertness of congress towards the common man and so if the BJP runs on the same frootprint the writing is on walls. But the moot Qs is new generation of eloquence rich and action rich leader must come at the fore-front.
Whenever success comes in form of business,politics or academic the individuals think it is his mind but he forget that his placement and power vested by powerful now need the high action as the socity falls from grace.
Bihari Babu heads to Nitish’s house : BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha leaves to meet Bihar CM Nitish Kumar at his residence in Patna.
Yesterday, Sinha hit out at his party, and called the JD(U)-RJD win a victory for democracy and the people of Bihar. “I salute them,” he said after the Grand Alliance achieved an emphatic win in Bihar.
“It appears that the issue of Bihari vs Bahari (and Bihari Babu’s absence) has been settled once and for all,” Shatrughan Sinha said.
Wishing luck to “victorious friends” and appealing for introspection within his own party, Sinha said, “the writing was always on the wall.”
Earlier today, BJP general secretary P Murlidhar Rao, making evident the party’s displeasure with its own partymen, said, “RK Singh and Shatrughan Sinha have betrayed us, action should be taken against them.”BJP MP, who has openly critical about his party, met the Bihar CM at this residence today.
Yesterday, as the BJP’s fortunes in the state crashed, Sinha sent out a series of tweets:
“It appears the issue of Bihari vs Bahari (and Bihari Babu’s absence) has been settled once and for all,” he tweeted, following it up with “Wishing great luck to our victorious friends and appealing for introspection to our people. The writing was always on the wall”.
Once among the BJP’s star campaigners, Sinha has been sidelined by the party leadership. He has often taken potshots at the party for the way it has conducted the campaign in Bihar.
Nitish Kumar had made “Bihari vs Bahri” one of his main campaign themes, terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah, two most prominent NDA campaigners, as outsiders as he asked people to choose him, a Bihari.
Sinha sent out four tweets hours before the Bihar election results were official. Speaking to TV channels Sinha also said, “I’m sad my party has not done well, we could have done better. I was not part and parcel this time (for campaign). I was left out of the campaign. Accountability must be fixed.”
He also tweeted, “The call of the day is introspection, modified and better strategy, teamwork and coordination in the future. Salute once again to Biharis.”
The BJP will also discuss Sinha’s continuous jibes at the party at the Parliamentary Board meeting.

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