Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I am a Rajya Sabha MP and I want to keep our children safe. Your signature will help convince PM Modi commit to a roadmap to protect children from sexual abuse.

Trigger Warning: Content about Child Sexual Abuse
Dear Naresh,
15-year-old was stripped and photographed by 4 young men. Unable to bear the burden she took her own life.
3 year-old-child was raped. She was assaulted in school by an employee who was supposed to be taking care of her.
Both these incidents took place in my hometown of Bengaluru. I am shocked and ashamed. We are not doing enough to protect our children.
I am a Rajya Sabha MP and I want to use all my resources to keep our children safe. I am askingPrime Minister Modi to commit to a roadmap to protect our children from sexual abuseSign my petition.
Naresh, your support on this petition will help me make a strong case to PM Modi. Help me reach 50,000 signatures this week.
We think our child is safe, something like this will never happen to anyone I know. Sadly, that’s not true!Sexual abuse is a risk all our children face all the time. At school, in our own neighbourhood and even at home.
Our children deserve a safe childhoodSign my petition.
Thank you for taking action,
Rajeev Chandrasekhar
Rajya Sabha MP

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