Saturday, December 13, 2014

Raghuram Rajan NO IDEA of Engineering, Management & Banking

December13, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh

Indian Economists are so DULL GRADE & Confused that they don’t even
learn from Global Experiences, in Emphasizing MADE FOR INDIA without
support of IPR and FDI still wants Open Economy, Low Taxes on Imports
in some other lines, Don’t Want Subsidies to SMEs but Don’t CUT
Subsidies to Big Companies, Don’t Want to Collect Taxes & Recover
Outstanding Credits & Middlemen Free INDIA.

Three Himalayan Omissions from India Economic Agenda are - 1.
Promoting IPR Based Companies Serving World Market, 2. Export led
Growth, 3. Absence or Neglect of Manufacturing and Weak Push for FDI
in Manufacturing.

It is horrifying first at IGNORANCE of RBI Governors, that in of $76
trillion World GDP and Foreign Trade of Goods alone is $38 trillion
[IPR & Services Addition] –  Yet Raghuram Rajan was absolutely
shocking in persistently Opposing all Three.

91% of EU Exports are IPR based indicates importance of Patents,
Trademarks & Design. India is totally neglecting IPR. World IPR value
alone is $20 Trillion approx.

Service component World GDP exceed 64% or Nearly $50 trillion. India
has no program to serve Global Services Market other than BPO.

Composition of US GDP    Gross World Product
In $ Trillions

2013    74.90
2012    71.83
2010    62.22
2005    43.07
2000    41.01

Global Wealth Data Book 2014
    Wealth 2000    Wealth 2014    Median 2000    Median 2014    Growth    Percent
China    $ 4,664b/ 4%    $21,404b/8.1%    $2703    $7033    $4330    160%
India    $1,163b/ 1%    $3,604b/ 1.4%    $588    $1006    $418    71%
World    $117t    $263.2t    $1740    $3641    $1901    109%

When India could manage to increase Global Wealth Share by 0.4%, China
in comparison captured 4.1% or Ten Fold in 2000-2014 period, similarly
Median Income Per Adult growth was $418 for India against $4330 for
China and $1901 for World Average. Since there is 30% growth in
population real gains are just 0.1% in 14 yrs.

China’s Median Wealth Growth was 133% more than World average Growth

Wiseman Always Learn From Others Successes & Own Failures
But Unwise Don’t Learn At All, Have No Idea of What They Want.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
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Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power,

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