Friday, October 24, 2014

Gross Mismanagement, CORRUPTION & Loot In Power Sector

– Green Power at 50% Tariff Goal
October24, 2014
Honorable Prime Minister
Shri Narendra Modi
Government of India
New Delhi – 110011
Impact in Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab, & Himachal & U’khand
Respected Sir,
India has one WORST Power sector in the world when India like Norway
or France could have Green Power – Indian Power Sector is 1. Most
Inefficient for two Units Consumed One is Wasted in T&D, 2. Most
Polluting highest GHG emission intensity, 3. Most Un-realizable Power
Cuts are Regular at Any Time 4. 50% Indians Without Power and 5. India
pay Twice More for substandard service.
Haryana & Maharashtra defeats were mainly due to Power Cuts that
impacted economy also. Rajasthan lost though added 26%capacity but 6%
growth in  generation. Himachal & Uttarkhand defeats were due to
Bungling in Hydro Power and Punjab was retained because of Highest Per
Capita Power Supply & Performance in India. [Chart Next Page 2 of 5]
Green Clean & Low Cost Power shall IMPACT in 2019 Elections Also.
India’s real problems are TECHNICAL not so much societal or political
this WIPO awarded inventor had been writing this to PMO since 1975 on
Power, Transportation, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture,
Manufacturing, Technologies, IT and Projects. 90% of the economic
success of Developed countries came from TECHNOLOGY alone Business
Ethics and Honesty contributed rest. Example -
PMO Reference – No Multi-purpose Dam On Upper Yamuna Basin
Since 1954 Agreement – 10 BCM/Yr Of Upper Yamuna Water Lost to Sea
No. UYRB/Tech-8/2012/1054-55 Signed by Rahul Varshnay
The States of North India are facing WATER CRISIS, TERRORISM also, due
to failure to develop Multi-Purpose Dams in Himalayas.
GOI need Top Experts to Head Each Department & Expertise Within PMO
for Progress of India – but there is not single suitable for the job
for over 20 years.
Thank you,
Ravinder Singh,
Inventor & Consultant

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