Monday, August 25, 2014

Protest outside Harsh Vardhan's residence to demand his resignation
From: AAP Media Cell  Mon, 25 Aug '14 5:54p
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                                       Monday, August 25
Please find enclosed the photographs of the protest by the residents and volunteers of the Aam Aadmi Party’s Krishnanagar Vidhan Sabha assembly segment, outside union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan’s residence.
The protest was organised against the health minister’s direct compromise with corruption by shunting out whistleblower officer, Mr Sanjeev Chaturvedi from the post of Chief Vigilance Officer of AIIMS.
The protestors displayed placards and posters demanding the health minister';s resignation for victimising an honest officer at the behest of BJP leaders, who were angry with Chaturvedi for exposing corruption at AIIMS.
The health minister is changing his stand everyday and is making false statements in a desperate bid to wriggle out of his unjustified and untenable decision to compromise with corruption by having shunted out a honest officer on the instructions of BJP leadership.
The health minister had tweeted on Friday (August 22) that Chaturvedi had been twice rejected by the CVC and that his continuation as CVO of AIIMS was “irregular and indefensible”.   
The minister on Saturday changed his stand from rejection to opposition by the CVC in 2012 and 2013. The AAP dares the health minister to put in public domain any document which has support his claim.
The fact is that the CVC did not either reject or oppose Chaturvedi’s appointment as the CVO of AIIMS, a clarification sought by the commission is being twisted and wrongly presented by the health minister to mislead the country in a desperate bid to divert attention since his direct compromise with corruption now stands fully exposed.

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