Sunday, August 31, 2014

Is Modi image has taken retreat

  1. Bihar bypolls results not as we had expected it to be,as state leaders we take responsibility : Shahnawaz Hussain,BJP 
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     Is Modi image has taken retreat or the Modi sarker has not been able to perform according to expectations of people who has shown excellent  liking for the Modi eloquence and his promises. with the results of assembly bye election in five states prove the point. Congress and its allies UPA II proved that they cared for themselves and NDA leader Modi on spring board assured pan India would work for the masses but in 100 days his methodlogy and his wheel of development moved in snail pace and thus these results in backdrop exhibits that people are in no mood to give NDA full marks.
    Hope these bye election  be an eye opener for the new PM who comes from humble background and prove his metal by giving momentum to the nation by his professional wisdom to make people belief that there is real force who can navigate the nation in hours of need to better heights. Modi who has taken enough time to make his plan but remember ” people don’t plan to fail they just fail to plan “his movements with the executives who are  not professional and are responsible for development not reaching the last mile because of their inherent nature of taking masses as common people who deserve  nothing. The two PM  Mr Rajiv Gandhi and Mr MM Singh has admitted their failure, will Modi, “‘ the hopes of billion” would also lay lame excuses .
    Modi not meeting people or holding darbar is another weakness for the Prime Minister Modi who shall remain cut off from the ordinary people and their aspirations the party or RSS would not be able to read pulse of the people but would shed their sermons.
    Most of political analyst believe that this is the time of professional to enter into governance and the developed countries have shown exemplary advancements by employing, adding the professional in all around governance of the states or in center.
    This is high time that professional who have been outclassed from governance from last two decades are given the right opportunity to step in for the development of this great nation.

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