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Rahul's Adani attack mere shadow boxing

Rahul's Adani attack mere shadow boxing
From: Media Cell AAP  Mon, 28 Apr '14 5:57p
                          Monday, April 28

Congress vice-president Mr Rahul Gandhi’s half-hearted attacks on BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Mr Narendra Modi’s links with businessman Gautam Adani have exposed the selective shadow boxing between the Congress and the BJP.
More than two months after the Aam Aadmi Party had revealed the largescale favours given by the Modi government of Gujarat to the Adani group, Mr Gandhi is now speaking about it, but is totally silent on his own UPA government’s undue favours to the Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) of Mr Mukesh Ambani.
It is equally surprising that the BJP is now talking about the illegal land deals of Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of the Congress President Ms Sonia Gandhi, more than 18 months after the AAP had exposed Vadra’s shady deals in Haryana and Rajasthan, but the BJP is completely silent on whether its own state government of Rajasthan will probe the allegations against Vadra.
The ongoing election campaign has made it clear that the Congress and the BJP both, favour a steep in the prices of natural gas with the sole intention of allowing Mukesh Ambani’s RIL to make huge profits at the cost of common man’s miseries.
The Congress, which is fearing its worst election defeat has already informed the Supreme Court through its central government that the RIL should be allowed to double the gas prices, in a clear indication that it has received huge undisclosed election funds from this group.
What is shocking, however, that the BJP is ready to go many steps further to please the RIL and is ready to raise the prices by four times, without bothering to even think about the miseries it will heap on the common man.         
The criticism of the Election Commission’s decision to defer the gas price hike by the Congress and the BJP’s silence provides the crystal clear evidence of both these parties being hand-in-glove to promote corporate interests.
Behind the pointless sound and fury of the selective shadowboxing between the Congress and the BJP lies their real agenda of not allowing the election campaign to focus on real issues concerning the people.
How is it the Congress leadership is raising the issue of illegal snooping of a young woman by Narendra Modi’s Gujarat government in 2009, but is silent on why the UPA government made a u-turn and abandoned its cabinet decision to set-up a commission of inquiry to probe this scandal, in which Modi’s close aide Amit Shah was directly involved.
Equally shocking is the BJP reluctance to take a clear stand on the Vadra probe issue, but both these parties are mistaken in assuming that the people will not understand their match fixing.    

AAP Media Cell

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