Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sanjeev Sabhlok
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Mar 6 at 2:05 AM
See email below sent to me.

AAP is using Sone Ki Chidy as their key story to India even when they are committed to RUINING India with their stupid policies and hooligan antics.
Sone Ki Chidiya Federation ( should issue a press release immediately objecting to this atrocious misleading of India by AAP. 

Can someone please spare the time to draft a press release? We need to show the country how India can become a sone ki chidiya again - not in the manner of AAP's socialist policies and anarchic anti-national HOOLIGANISM.

Their Minister Somnath Bharti was prima facie indicted for committing crimes ( And we know how Arvind Kejriwal was keen to disrupt the Republic Day celebrations. Yogendra Yadav even taunted these celebrations. And how Prashant Bhushan would rather give away Kashmir to Pakistan.

We need to show India that it is the LIBERAL movement for reform, the SONE KI CHIDIYA MOVEMENT, launched on 4 June 2013 with due public notice and atten, that will deliver the India of everyone's dreams. 

It is the Sone Ki Chidiya reform agenda that will save India from continuing disaster, not AAP's socialist nonsense.

Let these IMPOSTERS and ANTI-NATIONAL RASCALS be hung out to dry. 


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