Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rajiv Kumar lays down FICCI assignment

October 23, 2012
Dear Mr. Sagar,
You may already be aware that I will be laying down my office on 24th October, 2012, after two most intense, exciting and challenging years at FICCI.  I was fortunate to have worked in an institution whose history is entwined with business development in India for nearly a century. During these two years, I learnt a lot, made some excellent relationships and got an amazing insight into the working of industry and trade not only in India but in the region and globally as well.  I want to sincerely thank FICCI for this opportunity and thank you for your graciousness and help in making this learning possible.
I earnestly hope that my efforts for fulfilling FICCI’s true potential, which are truly immense, will have borne some results.  I hope to remain in touch with you so that we could  together be witness to   FICCI’s further progress. 
For the immediate future, my coordinates will be as follows:
Mobile: +91 9871371498
Hoping to remain in touch with you and with warm regards,
Rajiv Kumar
Dr Rajiv Kumar
Secretary General
Industry’s Voice for Policy Change
Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi 110 001
T: +91-11-23357364, 23320717
F: +91-11-2332 9369

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