Sunday, October 28, 2012

Protest at Monti meet in Italy

The anti-austerity policy protests in Italy Italian people took to the streets on Saturday to protest austerity measures.

Police and demonstrators clashed heavily in the northern town of Riva del Garda, where Prime Minister Mario Monti was at a meeting. Police used tear gas to bring the situation under control.

Rome, protestors marched carrying a banner that compares German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the Nazis. Italians are angered at German pressure for indebted countries, including Italy, to carry out a strict financial overhaul.

A woman demonstrator stressed the need for a new politics that is not for rich people, saying that there is no democracy in Italy.

Prime Minister Monti has pushed for austerity measures and structural reform to pull the country out of a credit crisis since he took office last November.

Italy's on-going efforts are welcomed worldwide. But the continuing tax increase and pension cuts are seriously affecting Italian people's lives. The unemployment rate has topped 10 percent.

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