Monday, June 11, 2012

Thein Sein announces a state of emergency

Myanmar’s President Thein Sein has announced a state of emergency in the western province of Rakhine. There is escalating violence between Muslims and Buddhists.The state-run television station on Sunday reported that the president had declared the emergency in Rakhine as violence spread to the state capital Sittwe.   Telecast said that the president had  issued a curfew between 6 PM and 6 AM in Sittwe while ordering the military and police to contain the clashes.Violence is escalating between the two groups in Rakhine after a Buddhist woman was raped in May by what is believed to be a Muslims group. Local authorities say more than 10 people have died in violence.
Thein Sein has been promoting ceasefires between government forces and armed groups of ethnic minorities since the nation’s military government relinquished power in March 2011.The latest clashes may hinder such reconciliation efforts.

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